Thursday, December 30, 2004


Ok so two in one night compared to none in a week. I must have a lot to say. I have felt spiritually empty for a while now. A small group that basically just didn't happen, and I wasn't a leader at the last Alpha because it's better to do every other one, so you don't get burned out. So I've not really been connected and have had no one to hold me accountable regularly in a while. Thank God for Christian radio! I was late to work this morning, was under a Perry schedule which has no time frame and no kind of hurry for nothing. So I got to hear most of Focus on the Family which Ravi Zacharias spoke. He has got to be the most amazing Christian speaker I've ever heard. Everytime I am lucky enough to hear him I am in awe that after being a christian for over 25 year I am still able to continue to learn and grow. He's indian and has this super cool accent, and he uses big words and sounds as if he's speaking way over my head. But then I scare myself a bit because I totally understand what he's saying. Which to me has to be because God is speaking through him because otherwise I wouldn't understand a word he was saying. Ha Ha! There is so much he said, I wish my brain could record and play it back whenever I wanted to make a profound point to someone. His topic was Mirror for the Soul. There was so much he said in such a short time. But the jest of what I got was how important it is for us to raise our children to live with a moral code based on scripture. God intended for the bible to be the moral law, he designed it so that we could live by it. Humility, Spirituality, and Faith must be carved into our conscience. My hope is that I am raising my son to fight against the moral decay of our world, and that he doesn't get swept up into it.

Tonight his faith like a child was a true display that I am doing something right. As we watched the 20/20 special on the Tsunami, I was able to see true devastation through the eyes of a 7 year old child. His first reaction was, is that going to come here? I assured him "no".
Perry: "Mommy did all that water take away those peoples houses?"
Me: "yes"
Perry: "What about the kids, did it take away their toys?"
Me: "yes"
Perry: "Did some of them die?"
Me: "Yes many of them died."
Perry: "Oh Mommy, that is very sad, it makes me kind of want to cry.'
As I hug him he says "we should pray for them"
Me: Ok when you go to bed we'll pray for them tonight
Perry: "No, I think we should pray for them right now."
So we held hands and prayed. And his special request was "Please Jesus take that giant wave away and don't let it come back again."
We see so much devastation in movies, and 911 was like watching a movie on TV, as was the Tsunami, it's hard to realize how real it is. Until you are thrown into reality by a child with simple questions about life and why things happen. It was only then that I was able to react as one should and cry for the lives that have been lost.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Whoa it's been a while.

Christmas took over my life and I've not blogged in sometime now. The cat vest story was funny enough to sustain my addoring fans for sometime though. The vest was a big hit and not as dreadful as the story made it sound. I did get my shoes. And there is a lovely story behind that adventure. First off a brief run down of the holiday events. God decided to dump an outrageous amount of snow on us a few days before christmas. Probably all the crazy's praying for a White Christmas, be careful what you pray for. Most everyone was stranded in their homes on Thursday because of the 16" of snow on the ground. Many folks were without electricity. Not us, thank God! So since the snow was dumped on Wednesday I didn't make it to the Christmas play at Church, considering it took me 2 hours to get to my hair appointment, trying to make it to church for the play was not a good idea. It ended up being cancelled anyways. That just started the dominoe effect of things that happen to mess up tradition. We usually go to my cousins in Indiana, well they don't believe in snow plows in Indiana so four wheeling through the back roads of Indiana and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere didn't sound fun. So we ventured out and went to the Movies instead, (not a tradition) Polar Express in IMAX 3D very cool! We then came home and had appetizers for dinner, another non-tradition but fun anyways. Perry went to bed with no arguement so he could quickly sleep to greet his presents from Santa in the AM. Ron and I exchanged gifts finally a tradition happens, we always exchange gifts to each other on Christmas eve after Perry goes to bed. His packages were low in numbers since Mr. Last Minute didn't anticipate the snowstorm, and expected me to finish his christmas shopping to myself for him when I ran around early on Christmas eve. Didn't happen! I did however receive Kitchen aid pots and pans.....woooohooo! They have the non-stick surface and the cushion handles. Lucky Lucky me! And even cooler they are red! I got a cookbook and My Fair Lady on DVD also.

Finally on Christmas day a few traditions began to happen. Had to wake Perry up so we could get an early start. Crazy, what kid doesn't have their internal clock set for 5 am on Christmas morning?? We always did. He was delighted with his parade of toys and none too pleased with the gift of clothing from Santa. "I didn't ask for clothes, those are stupid, why would he give me clothes???" Rotten kid, the even more Rotten Nephew Zack was just as displeased with the clothing he received from Grandpa, both boys flung their clothes to the floor in protest. So we didn't thaw the Turkey for Christmas day, and couldn't find a decent ham, so my brother resorted to Holiday Hamburgers! What??? Yep, Holiday Hamburgers, that he burned. MERRY CHRISTMAS....ha ha ha.....We did have a wonderful Christmas Breakfast which we always look forward to. So all was not lost. And we had Jodi's Potatoes and Pumpkin Crunch, so it was all good. We'll be skipping the burgers next year. This was the second year not going to Grandmas (Ron's) and it still stinks. Theres just something about going to Grandma's on Christmas that just seems so right. But dysfunctional family issues keep us from going. We did however make it to Geegaw Migrages house the day after. In regular people language that would be Grandma Mugrage, which is my best friend Abby's parents house. Love going there because theres always a ton of kids running crazy and Perry just falls right into the mix. Then you just hang out chat, and play a board game usually. Didn't have to miss the Vineyard play completely, they did it on Sunday during church so I wasn't completely disappointed.

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Friday, December 17, 2004

Festive Cat print t-shirt that's going directly back to the store! Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 16, 2004

What the???

OMG.....what's going on? Have I become that person? Has it happened? I went to the mall yesterday evening after work, went to sears got Perry some new Sketchers, and eyed some super cool Sketchers for myself that I did not purchase, but wanted really really bad. They are the bomb, I want the brown ones! Ok so I take Perry's shoe's back and exchange them for the right size today. That was all I was going to do, I looked at my shoes again. And thought Lazarus sells Sketchers maybe they have them on sale. So I go out in the mall. And thought as I crossed the threshhold of Sears and the mall.....Lazarus is way far away from Sears. Do I need those shoes. I always need shoes, but those shoes??? Then I spy a place called CJ Banks...hummm....sells plus sized clothing. Ok time for a side story........
I have lunch with a couple ladies almost everyday, they are 10 years older than me, but I won't hold that against them. They are wonderfully nice, respectable women. They enjoy coconut deserts (yuck) and like to wear festive clothing. Nothing wrong with that, I just look pretty dorky in festive clothing. At least that's what I think. They look, festive in their festive clothing. I own one Christmas sweater, that sometimes I wear during the holidays sometimes I don't. It's not overly festive or flashy, just your average Christmas zip up cardigan. Well these women, and they aren't the only ones. They have all kinds of festive clothing for all kinds of holidays and seasons. I generally recycle the same 5 outfits from week to week, and it wouldn't be uncommon for me to wear Monday's khaki's again on Friday. This I would imagine would be unheard of to them. However I think they are awear of my fashion sense and lack of festive clothing and accept me for who I am, strippedy socks and all. End of side story.......

Back to CJ Banks. Apparently the festive clothing ladies, often buy their festive sweaters at Christopher & Banks. I've been in there once, and didn't see anything I was drawn to, and left, this was years ago. Well now they have CJ Banks which is the same store for plus sized women, apparently the country is getting fatter me included. I had been considering getting a new sweater not necessarily a festive holiday sweater but a new sweater. They had all kinds of nice soft lovely sweaters. Solid colors as well as some prints. A nice sweater with a dog on it, and dog bone buttons....yeah I'll need to pass on that one. I was drawn to this particular rack of sweater vests, that were a brown and black color. It was a christmas sweater vest, with stick figure cats embroidreied on it, they were cool and artistic looking which I usually like, but not on something I am wearing. But this was a cool unique looking holiday sweater vest, nobody would have one like this. So the battle to win me over was on. It looks nothing like the Reindeer Sweater from Brigette Jones Diary so I'm good. They had my size, it was one sale. So I carry it around for a minute. The whole time thinking WHAT AM I DOING? I look for a turtleneck to match, held a few colors up to it and nothing look good. Go to the clearence rack, and well look they have a white long sleeve t-shirth that coordinates perfectly with the cats on the sweater. And it's on sale. So all the sudden I am at the register. And I am buying this coordinating outfit! Oh it gets better. Those of you that know me I don't generally talk to strangers unless I have to. I mean I am not rude, I'll say please and thank you or have a nice evening but generally unless it's appropriate I don't talk to folks. Well this lady, wants to talk ABOUT THE CAT SWEATER VEST.
saleslady: "Oh I think you got the last one."
me: "no there was one more."
saleslady: "it's really cute." (should have been my clue right there NOT FOR YOU)
me: silence
saleslady: "Do you have cats?"
me: "I have a cat."
saleslady: " Yeah me too, well 12 of them."
me: "WOW!"
saleslady : Crazy cat lady laughter
saleslady: "What color is your cat?"
me: (at this point a little bit scared and wondering where I am exactly) "oh she's a tabby, so she's black, brown and white.
saleslady: "oh very pretty, does she have long hair or short hair."
me: "short" (wanting to cry, barf or run out of the place.)
other crazy sales lady: "yeah she pretty much buys anything we have with cats on it."
me: smirk..."oh" Are these people serious???
Crazy cat sales lady starts to fold my items I've somehow purchased against my will. She then pulls out a shelf thing and lays them gently on some tissue paper, folds the tissue paper around the cat clothing and places a sticker neatly in the center to hold it together, then puts it into a lovely bag that looks like a gift bag. Odd.....they don't do that at walmart! I've apparently stepped into a high class store. Total cost for my festive clothing $42 which included tissue paper, gift bag, and a shiny gold sticker. So I call my brother on the way home, just to see if what just happened was really against normal Jodi antics. He immediately started yelling at me that I needed to turn around and take them back. As soon as the words "cat head buttons" came out of my mouth, I knew I was in trouble. I stopped to get Perry from my mom's she thought my sweater vest was very nice, with the matching t-shirt. She would though she wears sweatshirts with doilies sewn on to them, and she owns more than her fair share of festive clothing. Once Perry was in bed I talked to my best friend regarding my purchase, and her comments were. First she gasped as if she was stabbed, and then said it's happened, you've become a festive sweater wearer. This can't happen you need a shopping assistant to keep this from happening. Well when I tried on the sweater vest with the matching shirt underneath, and looked in the mirror. Immediately, I was like what the heck, that looks insane! Theres way too many cats going on. And it says "meow" all over the shirt. I took that off with the quickness. The vest is fine, I tried it on with a red long sleeved t-shirt and it's ok, still a bit flashy so I may have to hunt down my black turtleneck so as not to draw attention to myself. But the t-shirt is going directly back to the store. I just pray crazy cat lady isn't working.
Not to fear faithful friends, I promise to never own, easter, halloween, or valentines day clothing. I'll include a picture of the print that's on the shirt I am returning.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Baby Kylie Posted by Hello

Gotta see the Baby!

Ok my brother and his wife finally had their baby. My sister-in-law makes it appear to be so freakin easy. How does one push out a 9lb 10oz baby and walk out of the hospital 2 days later?? Nuts I tell ya. She beautiful though. I've not been to see her since she's been home. Gotta give some folks some space to get used to having a new critter around, I'll go this week sometime. Oh her name is Kylie Morgan. Good name, but dag how's my brother going to veto, his sisters middle name, not cool little brother. Kylie Joelle would have sounded nice, and looks cool too. Somebody will use it someday. I'll post a picture in a second.

Sunday, November 28, 2004


Wow survived another thanksgiving without incident. I had it at my house this year. Oh and the hispanic gentlemen did not show up. All the drama for nothing. I did however hook up a mean thanksgiving meal. My nephew had PB&J, he did that the last time I had thanksgiving at my house. That's just nutty, or peanutty....hee hee...couldn't resist. We had roasted turkey with herb butter and carmelized onion gravy, which at first I wasn't sure I'd like but when on the mash potatoe's and turkey it was way yummy! I'll be making that gravy again for sure. We all had a lovely time, and played Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit.....which my brother was surprised at how much useless information he actually knows. He was the big winner, we ended early so I (reality TV aholic) could watch survivor. Went to bed early, because I was getting up before the sun on Friday to go SHOPPING. I honestly haven't stopped shopping since 6:30 am on friday. I got a lot of christmas shopping done, and got some major deals. My dad went ahead and got me my present yesterday too, a new digital camera....which came with a free printer. So now we have 2 printers hooked up to our computer....a bit over the top I think, but one prints pictures really good and the other is a scanner/copier we need them both. So here we go heading full speed into the holiday season, christmas letter to be written, cards to be sent, presents to buy, party to plan, gifts to will I ever get it all in....????

I did this pretty cool page tonight, for a contest at a Local scrapbook store. Hopefully I make first place. I thougt it turned out pretty cool. I moved the sticker on the left side over towards the title bar to give it more balance. Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Being a Parent.

In my quest to break the generational curse of being crazy. Craziness on mine and my husbands part. I think I may have driven myself crazy. Sunday mornings are the worse day of the week for me. I mean horrible. Sundays are not good for me until I reach my seat at church and begin to worship, and I close my eyes and allow God to wash over me. Thank God for worship music. My heart breaks every Sunday because I am standing next to a man who doesn't want to be there. I struggle with the fact that I so desperately want him to desire to be there. I can't understand the concept, of feeling so let down by God that you have no desire at all to seek him. Am I wrong for thinking that is selfish? You pray and you pray and you pray for something you want so much, and God just doesn't give it to you for whatever reason. So you acted pissed off at the world, and God. My husbands not the only one in my life who has done this. Honestly it drives me nuts. Am I some freak of nature who when something I pray for just doesn't work out, I might be let down for a day or even less but I pick up and move on and am ready for whatever God has for me next. Should I just be thankful that he's wired me that way? That's great and all, doesn't help when I have to deal with these people who are close to me and are pissed off at God all the time.
So I titled this Being a Parent.....I had another idea in mind before I began to write....something happened. So my idea when I titled it Being a Parent was, my desire is for Perry to NEVER feel forced to go to church as my husband felt his whole life growing up. I want him to feel as I felt, and he grows up going to church every sunday, and when he's old enough to "want to" or not, that he'll chose to want to, and see what it is he's getting there. I don't want him to see me fighting with his father every Sunday because of church. I want him to see a happy family going to church because they want to be there. Part of me just wants to leave Ron at home every Sunday rather than deal with his attitude, but then I know God speaks to him once he gets there and if that stops....I am terrified of what happens next.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Holiday Madness!

Blessed to be a blessing. Thank goodness for WAKW, or I'd be a mess! My mother decided to invite a few hispanic gentlemen to my house for Thanksgiving. This would not be a problem had she ASKED! Instead she just tells me I am bringing Alajandro Lopez to thanksgiving.......that was day one. Next day it's Jose. Theres many days till thanksgiving, and I already need a translator. I am totally fine with sharing my home with people who wouldn't normally celebrate Thanksgiving in their homeland, they should take part in the american tradition afterall they are in america. But if you know my husband, he's VERY shy, and normally isn't a fan of strangers of any kind let alone ones who speak little english, and are in his home. I thought of many ways to present this to him so I waited till he was in his element, working on his trains. It's very important to talk to someone when they are most comfortable. So at first he had a few choice words for my mother, many of which started and ended with the word CRAZY. But anytime Ron is put into an uncomfortable position he usually stands his ground and doesn't back down. This time which is clearly an HG hook up, he became ok with the situation, only aware of hispanic gentleman number 1. He wasn't tense, or freaking out continuously like he normally does when placed in situations beyond his control.

See the thing is I go to the Vineyard, and they pretty much started the whole idea of Servant Evangelism , so having been going there for over 15 years, it should just come natural for me to serve others right? I will say it is easier, however not natural. I think it has a lot to do with how you are wired, and who influences you the most. Which would be my husband. After 13 years you begin to take on some of their little quirks that make them who they are. He wasn't raised to serve others. I wasn't either, so it's still something we have to work on everyday. He more so than I. Sometimes it does come very natural, to help someone, and not expect anything in return. Often times you'll ask someone for help at work or whatever, and you can tell they are thinking.....sure I'll help you but what will you do for me in return. I will say that never cross's my mind. I'm just being real. Do I sound like a horrible person? I am a nice person, really I am, it's just not all that easy sometimes. Sometimes you just wanna do you thing and not have to encounter other people, and be forced to be nice. Thank goodness I am a christian, and want to show God's love in a practical way or I'd be just horrible. LOL........I'm nice, really I am, it's my husband that's not nice, but we're working on that.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Weekend Fun!

Ahhh the weekend, always nice when you have a busy weekend huh? I had a stampin party on friday night, a few of my peeps stayed afterwards to play and hang-out. We made paper bag books that turned out fun. We just did it with no rhyme or reason, just to see if it could actually be done because we had heard of them and wanted to try it. Super easy and really cool. It was fun just to hang out and play.

Saturday, Ron and I attended his cousins wedding. We haven't seen any of his family since his going away party (of which he didn't go) in May, for no other reason than he is pretty much astranged from his parents, so therefor the extended family stays away as well because they don't want to be involved. This could be the reason, Ron was the only cousin who attended the wedding other than the bride, and there are many cousins. They all seem astranged from their parents. Must be some conflict dealing issues all around. We had a very nice time, and as nutty and wierd, or a better way to put it would be complicated the family is, it was nice to spend time with them. And the bride (Amy) and her parents were genuinely glad we came. That meant the most to me, that our efforts to be decent people were appreciated.

Trick or Treating tonight was fun, Ron missed out since he had to work. But my dad came over and we drug a disgruntled trick or treater for what seemed to be miles. And I got lost in my own neighborhood. Somehow we made it back home.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Ok so now that this layout is completed, it's hilarious! That's my best friend Layni attempting to feed the giant deer with her mouth. I actually pieced 2 photo's together to make it look like a giant deer. I may have to submit this one, too funny! Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I got my scrap on this weekend. Did 5 pages, as always had a great time with my peeps! Posted by Hello

Friday, October 22, 2004

Ok cast your vote, should we do retakes, I think his smiles a bit crooked, but Ron thinks they are cute. We'll have a good laugh years to come I am sure. Tell me what you think! Posted by Hello

Monday, October 18, 2004

Everyone else sick!

Now the kid and the husband are sick. Perry's just got a cough and a runny nose, he doesn't really feel bad, acts normal. Ron however is achy and whiney! Probably from lack of sleep, the man doesn't sleep when he can, says he can't. What? I don't care what time of day it is if I am tired and need to sleep I can make myself sleep. But heck if you aren't going to sleep and you are home all day with "nothing" to do, do something domestic, all that crap ain't my responsibility! UGH.....MEN....who trains them like that anyways? While I am on the subject of husband haters. Why can't he just say nothing when he doesn't like something I cook? I made scrambled eggs for breakfast on saturday, and I got fancy and put some cream cheese in them (shhhh he doesn't like cream cheesse). Makes them kind of creamy and gives them a yummy taste. I didn't brown the scrambled eggs, I like them pretty and yellow. He ate them, and said nothing, until 24 hours later, he says as we are leaving church, "were those eggs yesterday over easy?" What? You are 34 years old and have ordered eggs over easy, what kind of crazy question is that? He said "they were kind of runny". I reminded him of the rule if you don't have nothing nice to say don't say it at all. Ok I'm done being a husband hater.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Still Sick!

Ok so I feel a bit better today thanks for the 2 of you who are concerned about my well being. How is it that a man who knows his wife is ill can't put some sheets on a bed? They are clean in the dryer all he has to do is put them on the bed, I didn't ask him to iron them, just put them on the bed. Why am I the only who who notices that a 7 year old can't aim? For the toilet that is. Why am I the only one cleaning pea off the wall? I mean granted I am probably the worlds worse house keeper, why is it just my job? Is it just my husband who thinks his only job is to cut the grass, and that's enough? He is a good husband and father, I will give him that, and he runs on little sleep usually. Which for the lack of sleep I have no simpathy for, because he could get more, but he abuses his free time and doesn't sleep like he should, I ain't complaining cause I do the same thing, but my theroy I'll get all the sleep I want when I'm dead. Ok just thought I'd take the time before the nyquil really kicked in to complain about my spouse, a woman has that right! Feel free to leave you complaint in the comment section.

Monday, October 11, 2004


Man I hate going to the doctor. Ecspecially twice within less than 2 weeks. Last time they gave me the choice to be weighed or not. I know I'm WAY overweight so lets just skip that so my whole days not ruined. This time she said "hop up on the scale".....UGH....why not close my eyes? I didn't and it wasn't pretty. Stupid fat gene, as I break the curse of mental illness from my family, and refuse to be crazy. Why not break the curse of the fat gene? I guess it's impossible to do both, be sane and fat or be skinny and crazy. Not sure which is worse. Well I missed work today, that's 2 mondays in a row. Hopefully they won't hate me. They like keeping employees so they probably won't be too upset with me, but I was up ALL NIGHT literally coughing my full head off. I slept for maybe 30 min total, so I was pretty much useless to anyone. I am going to bed now and it's before 11pm so that's a record.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Well if you read my blog yesterday and tried to click on the fancy links I added, they probably didn't work. It ain't my fault, something went crazy with the blogger folks, I did everything right. So re-read yesterdays blog and it should work the way it's suppose to.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Random Life Stuff

What the? I tell you what I just typed this long long blog, and something crazy happened and it disappeared! Talk about Random life stuff testing my patience! Argh! Tonights alpha talk was on resisting evil. I can hear that same talk a million times and still get something new out of it. Steve Fuller does a great talk on resisting evil. I guess to be able to fight off evil in this world you first have to admit that evil exists and not pretend like it ain't there. Good heavens we are surrounded by it. All that stuff of the world, leaves you with nothing but an empty lifestyle, full of doubt, guilt, and shame, which eventually leads to broken relationships. My thought is all that stuff isn't God testing you, it's satan testing you to see if you are for real about this Christian stuff. Anyways I am sure I've offended a whole lot of folks by now, but I'm just keeping it real. It's just who I am deal with it. You got your thing, this is my thing, I'm just telling you what I know to be true, nuff said. Now you wanna talk about some random life stuff testing your faith....check out my friend Stacie's blog, holy crap that's some serious madness! Oh and can I mention again how amazing Switchfoot is? I figure if I mention it enough everyone will run out and own that CD. My latest obsession is "I dare you to Move." That song is the definition of what it's like to get that good God feeling and then random life stuff happens...and well "I dare you to Move." Great song.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Life just seems so blah, lately. Nothing all that exciting happening. Nothing all that exciting to look forward to really. Could be just my mood I suppose. Theres some good God stuff going on, but nobody to really share it with that gets all that excited about it, like I do.

I guess my problem is nobody seems to "get" me. If I were to tell any of my friends that the reason I cried everyday 2 weeks ago, could possibly be, because the Holy Spirit was working on me, they all might respectfully agree for the moment but then probably later think I was nuts, and clearly in need of some kind of mind altering medication. I so enjoy being involved with Alpha, and seeing the transformation that people go through, how God touches them in such a simple way. It's like you go into it, and the first week you peg folks like "oh yeah this is the time we have people who just aren't going to get it." And I've been at 3 tables now and every single time everyone gets it, and their lives are transformed.

Lots of good God stuff going on at the Vineyard, guess that's something to look forward to huh? Just watch and see the lives that are changed by God's grace, it's as simple as that.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

The colors on this page a way more vibrant in real life. Thought this picture was cute of Perry and his babysitter from this summer. Posted by Hello

Monday, September 20, 2004


Wow what a crazy weekend. Friday was emotional, too much crazy stuff going on at work. I hate leaving a job upset, just gives you and icky feeling. And on a friday, UGH....It was a good weekend in spite of my emotional state. I really feel like God is stretching me spiritually, like making me evaluate a lot of things in my life. It's a good thing I suppose but sometimes it hurts a little. Funny how you feel like you are going through a crisis, and everything speaks to your emotions. My theory on that is it has to be God trying to get you attention and telling you what you are thinking is right or you are on the right track. Couple things hit home with me this weekend. The message at church was on Luke 4, and becoming a Luke 4 church....awesome stuff in there. But the thing that really moved me and made me think, was the things that clutter our lives and preoccupy our minds, like relationship issues, financial issues, road rage (ha), family issues, kid issues, worrying worrying worrying.....all of this is nothing but distractions, and diversions from us thinking about and embracing our true destiny. I suppose everyone would define their true destiny differently. My destiny? I really feel like God has given me a gift of being able to share my life with others in a way that causes them to be curious, and allows them to wonder on their own what is this God stuff, and eventually God draws them closer to them. Nothing flashy or crazy just living my life according to his purpose. I treated myself to 2 new CD's this weekend, even though I am broke, music helps me reach that happy place I was searching for this weekend. I got Nicole C Mullins new one Everyday People, and Switchfoot- The beautiful let Down....awesome. The chorus of the second song asks the questions......."This is your life, are you who you wanna be?" So I am asking you people out there who read my blog...there may be like 2. When you wake up in the morning, to start your life each day, are you happy with who you are?

Please leave comments even if they are anonymous.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Long Weekend! Yipeee...I love it when I can stay up as late as I want to. I forgot the little detail of Perry won't let me sleep in. I'll survive. I did get to scrap tonight. I actually did 2 pages. I've not done 2 pages at home in a long long time. My sister in law should enjoy this page. This is my brother, and this is what I usually get when I take a picture. I love this page, it turned out awesome. To bad he's being obscene which means it probably will never be published except for here. Posted by Hello

Sunday, August 29, 2004

First Collage I've ever made, didn't turn out too shabby. Here's pictures of Perry on his first day of 1st grade. He still seems so little to me. I didn't cry, but I took the day off just incase I did get emotional. His Aunt Abby got him the lobster shirt, which is his favorite, so he had to wear it on his first day of school.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

First Day of School

How do people do this year after year? Off he goes first day of 1st grade, today it's new and exciting for everyone in a few weeks we will be agonizing over 15 minutes of homework each night. 15 minutes doesn't seem long, but in Kindergarten it was torture for all involved, however he seems more mature this year so maybe it won't be so bad. He's still little though, which I suppose will always be the case, I was always one of the smallest in the class. I'll post pictures when they are developed.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Another Fun Weekend

Ok so the past few weekends I've not spent with my family. But I see them all the time! I am getting quite a bit of Jodi time, but I like to maintain a good balance. Keeps me sane ya know! This weekend is almost over, and this coming week school start and so does Alpha! Busy busy....but I tried to keep it not so busy this summer because I know how hectic fall and winter can be, and summer is for resting and resting I did. Got to hang out with the Alpha leaders on Saturday for some training, you just can't get enough training in listening skills, it's always good to refresh, someday I will get it completely. The consensus was we are learning to listen to people we don't know very well, however we don't do so good when it comes to our husbands. We tend to want to "fix it" immediately before we've heard everything they have to say. Hummm....maybe I should work on that huh? It's amazing though how more interesting people are when you really listen to what they have to say. Can't wait for another Alpha, strangers are so dang interesting. Ecspecially when they come hungry to know the truth, and willing to explore and ask crazy questions!

Got some scrappin done this weekend first time in a while. Now I am inspired to get my scrappin room cleaned up and scrap! I did 4 pages and this one was my favorite. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

And the Race Begins

Teenagers or college graduates should be reminded to not get all excited when they are done with school, because if they get married and have children, they gotta do it all over again. Kids in school is such hard work. Perry's only in the first grade, I am already dreading homework everynight, and fighting with him to get it done. Maybe this year will be different and he'll look forward to doing homework and love every minute of it! What do people do who have multiple children? Surely they have moments where they completely lose their mind! Ok so Perry starts 1st grade next week and he's completely excited. The unfortunate thing is his teachers name is Mrs. Emenacker, a respectable name true, but very hard to say for a 7 year old. Hopefully she's a nice teacher. The cool thing is she's coming to the house to meet him and his family. How cool is that? Who does that? What better way to get to know someone than in their natural enviroment. Holy cow that's tomorrow, better go clean!

Friday, August 13, 2004

I am finally finished. Here is a sample of some of the trading cards I made for stampaway this weekend. I made a total of 100! These will be trading for other trading cards other people make or for pins people make out of stamped images it's a lot of fun and done at all rubber stamp conventions. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Crazy Weekend

Wow our Yard Sale was a huge success. We had a blast. We had people come on Saturday only to return on Sunday because we had good stuff, and if we didn't sell in on Saturday they needed to buy it on Sunday. Combined we made close to $1000. We gave away free pop, to show God's love in a practical way. It still baffles me that people are amazed when you give them something for free, even if it's a generic pop. Then on Sunday we gave away free ice scrappers with every purchase. At the end, the very helpful Harold made an enormous pile for the Salvation Army. They too everything even though it was nothing like what I had told them we'd have. I brought very little back into my house which was the goal. I still have a whole lot of crap. I procrastinated and didn't plan very well. This weekend is the big Stampaway rubber stamp convention. I can't wait. All the $$$ I made well not all but almost all, will go towards adding to my evergrowing collection of rubber. Stampaway is insane, it's 2 floors of rubber stamp dealers, it's so much fun. And people make pins or trading cards out of stamped images to trade, so I am making 100 trading cards to trade, I'll post some tonight when I get more done. Gearing up for a crazy rubber filled weekend, woohoo!

Saturday, August 07, 2004


Who knew Yard Sales were so much work??? However running around in the middle of the night putting up signs on telephone poles will always be fun no matter how old you are. If you need any good quality stuff that must leave mine and my best friends homes. Stop by 471 Symmes Rd tomorrow and Sunday 10am to 6pm.........Lots of good stuff and FREE DRINKS...while supplies last.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Confessions of a Reality TV-aholic

There was a need for me to go to Walmart this evening. So after sorting some toys for the yard sale this weekend, and getting Perry ready to go, off we went to Walmart. As I am pulling down the street, I check the time and it's 7:15! How'd it get so late? Then remembered very quickly, it's Trading Spouses night (that sounds crazy). If I go to Walmart, I won't make it home in time to see my show! Any normal person would be like "oh well", but not I. I thought, it's only Tuesday, I got time, I'll just get some food, and go back home. So Perry and I got some Arby's (their new Chicken Salad is awesome!) and went back home. Just another adventure in the life of Jodi. The show was very good. I didn't think it could be as good as the last one but it is, this time the wealthy women is the nice one, and the lower middle class women is a raving lunatic! The second show is really when you get to see their true colors so we shall see next week.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Here's Mr. Einstein. On the previous page when you pull out the tag it reveals his face through a square hole.  Posted by Hello

It sure felt good to be creative tonight this is a Altered Book entry in one of my friends Altered Book. I actually used sponge letter stamps with acrylic paints. Scrapbook stores actually sell stamps like these for a lot of money, my friend found these for cheap at Target. Her theme is "Hip to Be Square". So for some reason I went with Albert Einstein. Gave me a reason to use my brain stamp, and who doesn't love a segmented leg?? Posted by Hello

Loooong Day!

Well we went to Kings Island today, for my sister in law's company picnic. Apparently half a million people had the same idea. So we went to the picnic, Perry rode one ride, we stood around in the HOT sun for 20 minutes watched the parade (well worth the wait, it was very cute). Road the train back to boomerang bay and went home. You know what when theres that many people at Kings Island, you just don't stay, because what's gonna happen is you get all hot sweaty and you just end up being nasty to strangers. We have season pass's so we only paid for the meal anyways. Perry didn't seem to protest, so he was hot and crabby too.

On the way home Ron dropped me off at Carraba's and I met my scrappin peeps (friends who scrap) for dinner. Very nice resturant and the food was very good. There was 10 of us and we always have fun when we get together. We then decided to go over to the Handcraft in Hamilton, since tonight was there last night, after 25 years of business, and they were open till midnight. Surely there was something we could find, and at 70% off. I got some safety pins, and magnet strip, you can always use that. It was fun, seeing pictures from back in the day, and saying goodbye to the Handcraft staff...sniff sniff...Well then we got to talking about some cool ribbon one of my friends had used on something, and had to have some....she got it at Walmart, so off we went to Walmart. I had a fun day spent time with family and friends....

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Life keeps moving.

We have this enormous picture window in our living room, you can see everything that's going on in front of my house without a problem.  Our house is right next to the path that goes back to a park that's right behind our house so in the summer theres quite a bit of activity that usually goes on outside.  I'm sitting on the couch eating my dinner.  (because that's the best place to eat dinner)  and I see this cute little boy maybe 2 yrs old riding along on his radio flyer red bike. With what appears to be his grandma walking behind him.  She's carrying a baby that is maybe 6 months old.  Suddenly I see her try to help the little boy turn the bike around in my driveway, to go back home.  He doesn't want to, he wants to keep going I guess.  Well he starts crying.  Remember she's carrying a baby.  He's on the bike, off the bike, balling his face off. And just standing there.  So she trys to pull the bike, then go back and get him.  He's not moving.  She trys to pick him up.  That's a lot of kid a baby and a solid 2 year old.  And here I am sitting on my couch.  So I go outside (thank God I had pants on) and ask her if she needs help.  Shes saying something about getting him home and his daddy wants to go to a concert, and "if people would close their garages he wouldn't see the toys and want to play with them."  ::::::tires squealing in my head::::::::::::  My inner voice says, um yeah not sure if you noticed but there are very few garages on this street, they all have carports.  My house included which is probably the one she's referring too, since Perry had his little tykes car parked out front.  Inspite of her rude comments, I offer to help.  I'm pulling this 8 inch teeny tiny bike, while she attempts to drag this tantrum having toddler a block home.  That wasn't happening.  He has not stopped crying.  This is the worse fit I've ever seen and I am now a part of it.  Why didn't I stay in the house?  So I look at this pitiful women who had not lost her cool, and say (God help me) "will he let me pick him up?"  What was I thinking?  She muttered something, but didn't stop me, so I pick up this screaming kid who is now being handled by a stranger.  His body goes stiff and he's kicking.  I walk a couple feet and stop to make sure the Grandma is making it ok with the bike the whole time she's yelling his name for him to stop.   While Perry is following behind her with his hands over his ears yelling "this kids driving me crazy"  Yeah right......We get to the corner (I am in the middle of the block) and she hollars for Jeff (the dad) I then put this precious child down, and he trys to follow me home, running from the grandma, still screaming.  I believe the women said thank you, I don't know I was out of there to go home in the peace and quiet, thanking my child for never having a fit like that.  That right there was a strongwilled child for real! 

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Finished the Album for church finally. Posted by Hello

Name that Blog

Ok I need to rename my blog, because well has my first and last name.  I am sure before long word will get out about the amazing blog that I have, then I'll have fan issues.  I'll suddenly have cyber stalkers and we don't want any of that to happen.  So if anyone out there in cyberspace, specifically folks who have been invited to view my blog.  Feel free to leave comments as to what I should call my blog.  Since Ashley Simpson's new single debut today, I can't think of anything else but Pieces of Me.  Which would be a great blog name, but I'd like the title to actually contain a piece of me.  Like at least my first name.  Something fun and original. 

Reality TV resumes:  Trading Spouses was good, if it makes you cry you know you are onto something and it did.  I still think the princess was a plant to make the show interesting because, there is no way anyone is that shallow, and clueless.  I also watched the Amazing Race, 1/2 pound of fish eggs is no joke, that is REALLY gross.  Odd it was only the pretty girls who had issues stomaching it. 

Ok so an anonymous comment maker asked what it is that I love about Breakfast at Tiffany's?  I love the idea of Holly Golightly.  I love the fact that she's not tied down to anything, and that she's so free spirited yet theres a troubled mystery about her.  I loved her apartment, that didn't have much furnature and her no named Cat.  Oh and best of all she was keeping it real when she talked about "the mean reds", I mean really what women doesn't get the mean reds from time to time, I think even men can get the mean reds.  And for those of you who have never seen the movie and don't know what "the mean reds" are.  It's when you are sad and you just don't know what you are sad about.  Slightly on the verge of the mean reds right about now.  I guess to leave comments even though I changed it so anyone could comment you still have to put in your info, or you can leave an anonymous comment, if you don't really want to be anonymous but still want to comment just use the anonymous comments and just put your first name at the end of you comment. 

Monday, July 26, 2004

Keeping Up....

Just wanting to keep up with my blog.  Ok newsflash to those of you who aren't all that close to me.  I am a reality TV junkie!  Seriously even reruns pull me in.  The newest one that has pulled my attention is Trading Spouses.  Oh my goodness could this not be the coolest thing?  They've taken a rich upper class white women who is basically a princess, who isn't even raising her own kids.  She is trading homes with a black lower class lady who is keeping it real.  Holy cow the pampered princess has a rude awakening.  The re-run of last weeks episode was on tonight, the new episode is on tomorrow night.  I love it when they do that, just so we can get a refresher the day before. 

New discovery of the week.  Should be called true confession of a TV-aholic.  I do get outside at least once a day trust me.  Ok so my child takes after both his parents and loves the TV specifically Nickelodian....UGH....a little Spongebob goes a long way.  Well I've discovered.....YIPEEE.... he love Foodnetwork.  So we now can enjoy TV programming together.  Specifically our favorite food show to watch together is Good Eats, and it's educational.  So Spongebob can go take a flying leap into a bucket of Pinesol for all I care, I've had enough of his yellow spongy absorbent self. 

Sunday, July 25, 2004


Ok so I've been debating all evening.  Where exactly do I want to go with this blog thing?  Do I wait and post about my day after I finish a scrapbook page so I can post something?  Do I talk about church?  Does anyone even give a rip about my life, I mean honestly what am I doing with a blog.  I'm just getting over strep throat, and am having issues with my self image, feels a whole lot like PMS, but it's not really.  Not sure what it is?  Guess I'm just having one of those, "feel like hating everyone days."  I am sure everyone has those kind of days, they just don't write about it in a blog huh?  Well I finally put away my organized scrapbook paper, with hopes I would scrap a page, hey it's early it could still happen.  I feel the need to finish this scrappin project I started for church in March actually, only a few pages left to go, then I will feel more free to work on my own stuff. 
   Tim Urmston spoke today at church.  He's awesome!  He's over the ministry I work with at my church ( the ministry is Alpha (  Tim spoke on Galatians 5.  What a great message.  So often when folks know you are a Christian, and trust me I make no attempts to hide my faith.  There are huge expectations that you should live a certain way.  Suddenly your life is under a microscope.  People make comments all the time, "is that how a Christian should act?"  With emphasis put on the word Christian.  Or a true Christian wouldn't say or do something like that.  Not realizing I too am a human being who lives in this world that makes it extremely hard to be a Christian.  I wake up everyday fully intending to serve God and be the person he intended me to be.  Everyday I do something screwy that makes me fall short of reaching that goal.  Does that mean I just give up?  Nope, it means I just keep waking up everyday intending to live out my purpose the way God intended it. 
     So lesson learned today?  Ok so I am (would like to say, "used to be") one of those people who if I see someone I know out somewhere and don't feel like talking to anyone.  I'll have that clueless look on my face, and pretend I don't see them, in hopes they don't notice me.  99% of the time it works.  However, I sure hate it when it's done to me!  Today while at the grocery, I saw 2 people I knew, both had the "clueless please don't notice me look."  I thought to myself "oh hell naw! that did not just happen to me." So my decision today was next time I just say "hi! so and so" and keep walking.  I should be bold and friendly, right?  What have I got to lose, except my dignity, because they'll probably be like, "who was that anyways?" Ha Ha!
Excerpt from the Message:
Galatians 5:16-18
"My counsel is this: Live freely, animated and motivated by God's spirit.  Then you won't feed the compulsions of selfishness.  For there is a root of sinful self-interest in us that is at odds with a free spirit, just as the free spirit is incompatible with selfishness.   These two ways of life are antithetical, so that you cannot live at times one way and at times another way according to how you feel on any given day.  Why don't you choose to be led by the spirit and so escape the erratic compulsions of a law-dominated existence?" 
Man that totally Rocks!  Theres what I decided to do with my Blog....not bad huh?

Saturday, July 24, 2004


Ok I am still testing this thing out.  Why are the times looking all screwy?  I'll figure it out.  This is going to be a great place to discuss reality TV you know.  I can send everyone here to discuss who to hate this week. Ha Ha!

Holy Cow!

Ok this is stinking cool!  Howcome everyone doesn't already have one of these.  It looks nice and imagine the fun I will have.  This isn't the last you've heard of me.  Ok a little something about the picture I just posted.  That is from when we went to Kings Island for Ohio Nationals (my place of employment) company picnic.  We took Maddie (my best friends little girl) with us so Perry would have someone to ride rides with.  They had a blast and this picture is so cute!

Perry and Maddie at Kings Island June 2004 Posted by Hello

Let the fun begin

Ok so my life isn't all that interesting that I would even need a blog.  But who knows every now and then I may have something wonderful to share about my life, or I might even want to just make something up.  Now I have a place to do so.  I'd like to test out if I can add images to this thing because that would be super cool.  Ok I'll have to test that out somemore.  Check back soon and see if I've got anything interesting to say.