Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Public Service Announcement....

This is not to scare anyone off. But because I know who I am, and I like to keep it real, theres a very good chance that I will be talking quite a lot about Nigeria, for the next several months, possibly years, you never know. Specifically Jos, Nigeria. Just keeping it real folks. I'm sorry what's that?.....oh you need a visual...? Ok...There ya go...theres Jos, in Nigeria, which is the country, located in the continent of Africa. Yes I know, I am also geographically challenged, and I too had to figure it all out as well. I got it now. Jos is like a state. So why you ask? Well I'll tell ya, because I have a heart for missions, and I love my church, and my church finally has a world missional purpose. God told me a few years ago, after taking a perspectives course, to "stay and pray", so here I am staying and praying. For Jos, Nigeria. I finally have a continent/Country/state to focus my prayers on. And it's a very cool thing. Do I think I'll always be "staying and praying"? The answer to that question is heck no, because I have a burning passionate desire to go and do when the time is right. Ok so what is it that we're praying for Jos, Nigeria for? I could write a whole bunch of stuff right here, but the Vineyard was kind enough to do that for me, so go there and see what it is I'm talking about. What are my prayer requests in general besides the top 3 listed on the link? Um how about more people for my team, which consists thoughts are since the message on sunday was about this project, people are generally scrambling to go and do, with the quickness, and they ain't ready for that yet. Honestly it would make good sense to cover the land in prayer before sending folks over there with a rig to drill some holes, otherwise they'll drill some wholes and get no water. So to cover the land in prayer we need more prayer warriors to do that job. Intercessors with a heart for world missions, which could generally be anyone but those who like to hear from God would be ideal. Other prayer request that I feel the need to put out there is some administrative help for Kande, this Nigeria project is about to blow up, and her team is already stretched to capacity, so praying for a smart, organized person to help a sister out. Which ain't me, so don't you people get any ideas, my plate is FULL! Plus I'm about as disorganized as they come, and I hate administration crap, of which I do it all day long and I don't like it when I'm doing it. Nuff said, God send someone her way.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Amazing Weekend....

This weekend kicked off me being busy for the next month straight. A whole lot of Good God stuff went on. The kind of God stuff that makes you feel good, and that you are heading in the right direction. Went to the Beth Moore simulcast.....ok baptists in general no offense make me uncomfortable, because they are in your face kind of people, as in yelling in your face kind of people. Beth I believe is a baptist. She is an in your face kind of person, but the difference is she backs it up with an incredible amount of biblical knowledge, you can't help but be intrigued....not to mention she has a huge heart. She has a huge following, but when she says she's been praying for you, I believe it. You can't fake that kind of genuineness. Her simulcast was based on her book Get out of that Pit. During the talk, my mind drifted to others I know who are in a pit and they know it, or some that tend to hang out in a pit and are in denial that they are there. I am not currently in a pit, but have been in the past. I tend to not hang out in the pit for very long, God seems to have always had me on a short leash. Pit or no pit......her talk was flippin amazing, reminding me of my purpose and that God has cool stuff in store for me without a doubt. Some of which I feel is going to happen in the very near future. I can't explain it, I just got that feeling.

The part of the Luke 4 challenge that resonates with me was spoke about in church today. I really felt God speaking to me during the message today, couldn't hear what he was saying, but there was something about the presence, that felt familiar and right. Water just seems like a simple thing for us. Yet in Nigeria, it's the very thing that causes the death and dying. We so take our water for granted. Even our bad tap water....won't kill us. So then going to the All team Nigeria meeting was super cool. Even though I was the only prayer person there....(which was slightly overwhelming)....It was amazingly cool to hear from all the different teams that will make drilling wells happen, so that Nigeria can have clean water. As they are talking about the different aspects of what needs to happen.....knowing all this info is for me to know how to pray....theres a little part of me that is screaming I WANT TO GO....get dirty and help dig a freakin see the people we are doing this for to meet and greet the children and to see their faces as we share the love of Jesus in a practicle way. So maybe someday....God reminds me.....focus...stay and pray...someday you will Go and do....wish it was now...but it's not...Ok God I hear ya. So I mentioned todays message was good stuff....and Bono was mentioned....he keeps popping up in my life. They played an off the hook Bono interview clip at the end of the message. The whole thing is good but if you want to see just the Bono part which will say all that needs to be said....go here. Click on this weeks video and for the Bono part fast forward to 1:01.43.....seriously go do that, you won't be sorry....amazing stuff. According to Bono when asked what the best part of the Lords prayer to him is...he said...."...thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven...." Our purpose as christians is to bring heaven to earth...I want to be a part of that.
"What can I give back to God for the blessings you poured out on me? I lift high the cup of salvation. It is a toast to our father. I'll follow through on the promise I made to you hear my heart." Psalms 116

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Busy, Busy.....

Ok so on the days when I'm not actually that busy, I'm thinking about the busy that's going to happen. Which can become a bit overwhelming. So how about I just not talk about or think about being busy ok? Sounds good.
*operation hug update: Ok so a long while ago, just before or maybe it was after Christmas, I posted that I should be more of a hugger, not sure why, just felt led that I should be more open to the hugging possibility. I'd then give occasional hug updates ect. Truth is I've lost track, but if I had to guess I think I'm up to about 15 or so. Hooked up with some peeps I haven't seen since high school, and I'm sure I got a few there. But today....Julie planted one on me.....AT WORK, she should score extra points for that. People saw this go down, and I didn't pass out or anything.
Generally hugging doesn't go on in the workplace. I'm pretty thankful for that. I mean when we come in, in the morning you don't see folks going around hugging each other good morning...we see each other everyday theres generally no need for that. Can you imagine? I bet that goes on if you work at a church, considering that's where most of the unsolicited hugs happen from random nonfamilymember individuals.'d be interesting to know if that happens. So church employees if you are reading this (Teresa) keep a log of how many hugs you recieve in a day, and report back. Also anyone else who works at a church....not just volunteer...but an actually you get paid.....if you are reading this give us the 411 we need to know this!
Oh Julie hugged me cause I hooked her up with a sweet hot pink Starbucks Mug as a parting gift, she's freakin leaving me, and moving to the Cleveland area. I could say oh so much more here about the job I LOVE. But vow'd never to discuss my job here. Because that's how Dooce lost her job. So we'll not discuss any of that here on the blog. Remember people as far as your blog readers are concerned you LOVE your job.
**Ok apparently Layni, Cyndi and Shelley don't get how this tagging game is played. If you go to Melinda's blog you can see an example of what you do. You do just as I did, list 3 or 4 quirky things folks wouldn't know about you, on your blog for the world to see. Then you tag some folks who you now have blogs, or you can demand that your blog readers list their quirks in your comments section. Now that you know what to do.....CONSIDER YOURSELVES TAGGED!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Dang it I've been tagged....which makes me feel loved, however I've wracked my brain all day to come up with 5 obscure things about me that no one knows. Um I've had a blog for 3 years now I am pretty sure the world knows all my secrets.

1. I secretly wish I still had my 1993 Ford Festiva.
2. I rarely go to bed before 1 am.
3. I like to feel the hem of my shirt. Usually a t-shirt, the softer the better. Therefor I almost
always have a t-shirt on, usually under something. If I notice someone I know has on an old
well loved t-shirt, I have an erge to feel their shirt. Depending on who they are I've been
known to do so. I call those kind of t-shirts feely shirts. (I think I've just revealed the most
quirky thing about me, I now have no secrets...LOL)
4. I was once chased by a whole herd of cattle (true story)
5. I will often sing the first verse of a song over and over for a few days home
outloud, and this drives my husband INSANE. Like this week it's the Lonely Goatheard.
The next few days it could be this.....which I found when I was linked from Stacie's blog to her friends blog....insane how these things happen. But Bono....oh Bono....I and me....Good Lord People I am a married women....sickos, If I could just meet you....Mr. Bono....and converse, that'd be good.....DANG JUST HIS VOICE.....Ok this video is off the hook. I LOVE U2......

Oh yeah I am suppose to tag a few folks....those who need to desperately update their blogs....
How about.....Layni, Shelley, Cyndi, and Melinda....I think Stacie tagged everyone else I know with a blog. Except Theresa....whose link I only have at work, but she has one now you've all been tagged! Get to work, it ain't easy!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Why do people insist on being obnoxious when I take photos? That's ok because then I will continue to embarrass them on my blog for all the world to see. Whatever, if it's not my brother it's my husband. This is how your children will remember you when you're gone. "Yeah theres dad flipping the bird again. Remember Mom she was all the time taking pictures and he'd always be flipping her the bird....yeah she'd get so mad!" Nice!

In other news: We went to the CAC last weekend. It was Fine Arts weekend. So Layni and I took the kids downtown. I love comtemporary art. The Unmuseum is so much fun. Always has fun interactive type art for the kids to touch and feel. Usually some kind of project they can do while they are their. Not to mention the building has some of the coolest archetecture. This Elephant was super cool. It was covered in altered drawers and rigged with sound so when you opened each drawer some sort of noise would happen. It was made for those who might be visually impaired....and everyone else to enjoy it was the coolest.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day Jackass....

Well talk about controversal! Ha! That's what I said to my husband of 15 years as he was going to bed. We like to keep real at the Sexton household. We are not big fans of Valentines day....Hallmarks made up holiday to make a buck or 2. They didn't make a single red cent off of me. Heck no. Last year yes, I purchased the childs valentines much as it hurt I did. The year before we made them as you see here on the right those are Valentine Cards the notorious random fish stamp for Valentines day! This year I let the kid go buck wild with some rubber....(that's rubber stamps).....with a little help from me obviously, can't let him go too crazy, I am quite protective of the rubber. I even thought him how to properly clean a rubber stamp. Using the cleaner and the scrubby thing. It was a moment....and he loved it. So without further adu....

Here is this years valentines. I scanned some of the fronts and backs. Now when we did the tiny paper bag ones, witht he book marks, I did almost all the stamping, and he wrote all the names that was when he only had to do like 22, and that year I made a nice little paperbag book for his teacher to put her valentines in. Sorry to say not a whole lot of love for the teachers this year......dude we stamped 45 valentines......he has 2 class's 2 teachers, 2 teachers we devoted all our time to making our valentines super fancy. He even did the names fancy. Complete with a small drawing for each kid. I asked him at first do you want me to do some of the names and he insisted he was going to do them all....Until he got through half of his first list....he had made me go away so he could concentrate, and he came into my scrap studio where I was doing laundry...(doesn't everyone do laundry in their scrap studio?) and said "Mommy I need a break my hand is getting all cramped from writing so many names fancy." So I said you want me do do the other list? He said yes, and I helped with the other list too, but he made me write fancy like him. And I had to draw pictures.....GOOD LORD! Yes we did use a Sock Monkey stamp with a stamp that says monkey love....when else would we use a stamp like that but for Valentines day?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Original.....

Ah dag, no one's got any love for me since the day I discussed premarital sex. Isn't that just how the world works? Everyones got all kind of love for you till you go and talk about something controversal. I see how you guys are, fairweather friends......that's fine my husband still loves me.....and I made him wait! LOL.....problem is I keep making him wait....ha ha ha ha...sorry now I'll get no visits at all, and definately no comments!

Ok so you gotta love some youtube, you can find anything and everything on there. So because I CAN'T FREAKIN GET THE SONG OUT OF MY HEAD, and I'm driving my family crazy, heres the original. And I promised Perry we'd watch the movie tomorrow. Insane!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Get your Dance On!

We interrupt this blog for WIND IT UP! Now go Dance!

Luke 4 Challenge

So theres this little challenge going on at church. It got Perry to pour all his change he's been saving into a plastic container to donate in a few weeks to help raise ALOT of money. It's easy for Perry to decide what his part in it is, cause that's all the money he's aware that he has. So he just gives it away, not a big deal. What does it mean for Ron and I? We aren't sure yet. I'm sure in a few weeks we'll decide to increase our tithe, just seems like the logical thing to do. But who knows there might something even bigger that will happen? I just know that something stirs up inside me when I pray about it, or when Dave talks about it at church. When Dave had the revelation a few years ago, and he called the whole church to come and pray, I know I pictured in my head not just ministering to the poor like we've done for so many years, but being able to reach the hopeless that aren't necessarily financially poor. And that is exactly what we are doing now. Not to mention the new Student Ministry hook up, will be completed just in time for Perry to be a teenager.

So we'll see what God would have us to do, as part of the Luke 4 Challenge, oh and it's not small, not at all. It's huge....really really huge! The Vineyard never does anything small.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Well after losing 4 hours of my life on Tuesday driving home in "snow is falling from the sky" hell. Wednesday was a snowday, so I snownapped Maddie and Ashton and we went to the best hill in the land, and did a little extreme sledding. We got Perry to go down the ginormous hill one time but grabbing him and throwing him on the back of the sled with Ashton, and shoving them down the hill.....REALLY fast....he wasn't pleased...and he stomped up the hill with clenched fists.

Days like these are priceless. Maddie was so wore out from her extreme sporting. We had a blast. The snow can go away now. We got our fun out of it, and we're done with the cold now. I'd like to wear flip flops, I'm so over the snow!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Haphazard Grocery shopping....

I need a scheduled day that I actually go to the grocery. I used to I'd either go on Saturday afternoon, or Sunday after church. Well the past few weeks I've been going during the week...not to mention procrastinating the whole trip quite a bit. Last week it was on Tuesday, and this past week it was on Thursday. Regardless, Krogers knows when I am coming because that's when they proceed to call the scary people and tell them I'm going to be there and if they could please come and make my trip extra special. NICE!

Ok this one's for the lady who stole my parking spot last week that I was ever so patiently waiting for.

Hi yeah....see maybe you don't know the rules of the road, but when a person is sitting with their blinker on close to a parking spot someone is leaving, they've ALREADY FREAKIN CLAIMED IT. It's not ok for you to come around the corner and pull right in as if I'm not sitting there. I realize I'm quite a bit younger than you, but the thing is you are an abled bodied citizen just as I am and are able to walk in the cold just like me. I can't help it you wore you black loafers with nylons, and it's 10 below zero. That's NOT MY FAULT, at your age you should no how to dress in the cold weather. And thank you for following me while I was in the store so I could pass you the whole time and give you dirty looks while you talked to yourself. I know I am a christian women, but I was following the rules, and it was damn cold outside!

And this one is for the young women with 3 kids, one of which was walking in the isles with his pants down, with his wiener out for all the world to see.

Ok I realize having 3 children is a tough job....but the fact is you had a friend with you to help you. Besides what are you teaching you child that he thinks it's perfectly ok to expose himself in the middle of the grocery store. Ok truth is it was kind of cute because he was like 2. Maybe you could have pulled his pants up before walking him through the grocery store to the bathroom. Just an idea....I'm just saying.

I do believe these are the same people who always show up when I go to the DMV!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sorry Justin....

Something I was reminded I do not want to be "brought back." That would be Sexy....I've seen enough sexy in my life to last me a lifetime. I don't even seek out Sexy. Unless you live in a cave most people are bombarded with Sexy on a daily basis. Think about it. You can't watch your favorite show without being bombarded with Sexy while viewing the show or in the commercials that come on during the show. You can't go to the grocery store without seeing's everywhere. I doubt my grandma had to worry about sexy being brought back while she shopped at the grocery store. Not only that, but I didn't know what Sexy was until I was 16 or so, heck nowadays, girls are worried about being sexy by age 10......UGH....I was still playing with Barbies at age 10, and didn't even notice that Barbie herself was sexy! Being sexy should be reserved for a husband and wife, end of story. We shouldn't have to worry about if our kids are having sex, because THEY ARE KIDS and should not be. We should do everything in our power short of locking them in a closet until they are 20 to allow them to make the right decisions....such as waiting until they are married as it is intended to be. This is how God intended it to be, you can interrpret the scripture however you want to, to make it fit your life...but if you think it says anything other than WAIT.....then you are missing the point. Completely! I pray daily that I am putting the right stuff in my kids head for him to make the right decisions in life. That I am protecting him from things of this world, that cause us to believe things about ourselves that just aren't true. Ok 6 weeks of Beth Moore was enough for me to get up on my soapbox and get LOUD....apparently. Living in a modern day Babylon is hard work, but I'm up for it, bring it on cause I am prayed up and ready! Oh and didn't need to be brought back, it never left you idiot! (that don't mean the song doesn't have a good beat you can dance to....thanks for that!)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I lost 4 hours of my life today. Sitting in my damn car , not moving with many other unfortunate souls who were also trapped in their cars while the White Death fell around us. Why can't we be like the folks in MN or other states where snow is a fact of life and they know how to get it off the road so you can freakin drive. I'm not leaving my home until the roads are clear....this is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!
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Monday, February 05, 2007


Who said I knew anything about Football anyways? Cause I don't. What I do know about is my new all time favorite show....HEROES....Holy crap that show is damn good. I so did not want Nathan to be Claires dad, but he is and I have no control over that. Dang if Mrs. Bennets not going to get some sort of brain rot for all the memory erasing she's been getting. Poor women it's no wonder she has so much love for Mr. Muggles, his brain is the same size as hers at this point. Mr. Muggles is a dog for those of you who don't know what the heck I am speaking of. Yes I've reached a whole new level of nerd class. Somewhat like some sort of sci-fi geek, but I wouldn't go that far. I've read the graphic novels on the website, read the message board, been to the interactive secret website disguised as Primatech Paper, where you can see secret stuff with the right passwords you find on the 9th Wonder message board. It's seriously out of hand. I am hoping my special super heroe powers will be revealed to me in my dreams....soon....very soon, I'll let you know what they are. I just hope they are special enough I won't have to work anymore. LOL!

Seems that March is National do a whole lot of scrapping month. I got some sort of scrappin to-do every single weekend in March and the weekend I don't I'm going to see Switchfoot.....Oh yes it is my birthday month, so I am celebrating right, doing my favorite things every weekend. Feel free to join me on the 3rd at the benefit crop....see banner above.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Holy crap it just dawn on me it would be a very good idea to go grocery shopping right now! The game starts either now or in 15 minutes. So all of America will not be a the grocery store. I'll catch the comercials on You Tube! Which basically means I don't give a crap about Football!
*Edited to Add: Ok so Stacie posted her pick for the Dorito's superbowl Commercial contest...which I love her pick, but this one made me fall out of my chair with the music and I love a good old fashion ass whooping!

Um.....I think the Bears are going to win....just a hunch.
Now go watch some Football!