Sunday, November 28, 2004


Wow survived another thanksgiving without incident. I had it at my house this year. Oh and the hispanic gentlemen did not show up. All the drama for nothing. I did however hook up a mean thanksgiving meal. My nephew had PB&J, he did that the last time I had thanksgiving at my house. That's just nutty, or peanutty....hee hee...couldn't resist. We had roasted turkey with herb butter and carmelized onion gravy, which at first I wasn't sure I'd like but when on the mash potatoe's and turkey it was way yummy! I'll be making that gravy again for sure. We all had a lovely time, and played Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit.....which my brother was surprised at how much useless information he actually knows. He was the big winner, we ended early so I (reality TV aholic) could watch survivor. Went to bed early, because I was getting up before the sun on Friday to go SHOPPING. I honestly haven't stopped shopping since 6:30 am on friday. I got a lot of christmas shopping done, and got some major deals. My dad went ahead and got me my present yesterday too, a new digital camera....which came with a free printer. So now we have 2 printers hooked up to our computer....a bit over the top I think, but one prints pictures really good and the other is a scanner/copier we need them both. So here we go heading full speed into the holiday season, christmas letter to be written, cards to be sent, presents to buy, party to plan, gifts to will I ever get it all in....????

I did this pretty cool page tonight, for a contest at a Local scrapbook store. Hopefully I make first place. I thougt it turned out pretty cool. I moved the sticker on the left side over towards the title bar to give it more balance. Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Being a Parent.

In my quest to break the generational curse of being crazy. Craziness on mine and my husbands part. I think I may have driven myself crazy. Sunday mornings are the worse day of the week for me. I mean horrible. Sundays are not good for me until I reach my seat at church and begin to worship, and I close my eyes and allow God to wash over me. Thank God for worship music. My heart breaks every Sunday because I am standing next to a man who doesn't want to be there. I struggle with the fact that I so desperately want him to desire to be there. I can't understand the concept, of feeling so let down by God that you have no desire at all to seek him. Am I wrong for thinking that is selfish? You pray and you pray and you pray for something you want so much, and God just doesn't give it to you for whatever reason. So you acted pissed off at the world, and God. My husbands not the only one in my life who has done this. Honestly it drives me nuts. Am I some freak of nature who when something I pray for just doesn't work out, I might be let down for a day or even less but I pick up and move on and am ready for whatever God has for me next. Should I just be thankful that he's wired me that way? That's great and all, doesn't help when I have to deal with these people who are close to me and are pissed off at God all the time.
So I titled this Being a Parent.....I had another idea in mind before I began to write....something happened. So my idea when I titled it Being a Parent was, my desire is for Perry to NEVER feel forced to go to church as my husband felt his whole life growing up. I want him to feel as I felt, and he grows up going to church every sunday, and when he's old enough to "want to" or not, that he'll chose to want to, and see what it is he's getting there. I don't want him to see me fighting with his father every Sunday because of church. I want him to see a happy family going to church because they want to be there. Part of me just wants to leave Ron at home every Sunday rather than deal with his attitude, but then I know God speaks to him once he gets there and if that stops....I am terrified of what happens next.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Holiday Madness!

Blessed to be a blessing. Thank goodness for WAKW, or I'd be a mess! My mother decided to invite a few hispanic gentlemen to my house for Thanksgiving. This would not be a problem had she ASKED! Instead she just tells me I am bringing Alajandro Lopez to thanksgiving.......that was day one. Next day it's Jose. Theres many days till thanksgiving, and I already need a translator. I am totally fine with sharing my home with people who wouldn't normally celebrate Thanksgiving in their homeland, they should take part in the american tradition afterall they are in america. But if you know my husband, he's VERY shy, and normally isn't a fan of strangers of any kind let alone ones who speak little english, and are in his home. I thought of many ways to present this to him so I waited till he was in his element, working on his trains. It's very important to talk to someone when they are most comfortable. So at first he had a few choice words for my mother, many of which started and ended with the word CRAZY. But anytime Ron is put into an uncomfortable position he usually stands his ground and doesn't back down. This time which is clearly an HG hook up, he became ok with the situation, only aware of hispanic gentleman number 1. He wasn't tense, or freaking out continuously like he normally does when placed in situations beyond his control.

See the thing is I go to the Vineyard, and they pretty much started the whole idea of Servant Evangelism , so having been going there for over 15 years, it should just come natural for me to serve others right? I will say it is easier, however not natural. I think it has a lot to do with how you are wired, and who influences you the most. Which would be my husband. After 13 years you begin to take on some of their little quirks that make them who they are. He wasn't raised to serve others. I wasn't either, so it's still something we have to work on everyday. He more so than I. Sometimes it does come very natural, to help someone, and not expect anything in return. Often times you'll ask someone for help at work or whatever, and you can tell they are thinking.....sure I'll help you but what will you do for me in return. I will say that never cross's my mind. I'm just being real. Do I sound like a horrible person? I am a nice person, really I am, it's just not all that easy sometimes. Sometimes you just wanna do you thing and not have to encounter other people, and be forced to be nice. Thank goodness I am a christian, and want to show God's love in a practical way or I'd be just horrible. LOL........I'm nice, really I am, it's my husband that's not nice, but we're working on that.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Weekend Fun!

Ahhh the weekend, always nice when you have a busy weekend huh? I had a stampin party on friday night, a few of my peeps stayed afterwards to play and hang-out. We made paper bag books that turned out fun. We just did it with no rhyme or reason, just to see if it could actually be done because we had heard of them and wanted to try it. Super easy and really cool. It was fun just to hang out and play.

Saturday, Ron and I attended his cousins wedding. We haven't seen any of his family since his going away party (of which he didn't go) in May, for no other reason than he is pretty much astranged from his parents, so therefor the extended family stays away as well because they don't want to be involved. This could be the reason, Ron was the only cousin who attended the wedding other than the bride, and there are many cousins. They all seem astranged from their parents. Must be some conflict dealing issues all around. We had a very nice time, and as nutty and wierd, or a better way to put it would be complicated the family is, it was nice to spend time with them. And the bride (Amy) and her parents were genuinely glad we came. That meant the most to me, that our efforts to be decent people were appreciated.

Trick or Treating tonight was fun, Ron missed out since he had to work. But my dad came over and we drug a disgruntled trick or treater for what seemed to be miles. And I got lost in my own neighborhood. Somehow we made it back home.