Friday, June 29, 2007

You've Got Everyday!

You've Got Everyday!, originally uploaded by Yoda0419.

Holy crazy packages Batman, friends, family, teachers, co-workers and random scrapbooking peeps, went above and beyond the call of duty. The P-man was the hit of Cub World, much to his fathers embarrassment. He got so much loot, I'll be eating candy for the next several weeks at work, and theres still enough for Perry to have at home. He shared quite a bit and still came home with a tote full of candy and small trinkets.

Other than the crazy fan mail. P and Ron had a great time at Summer Camp. I'd choose this adventure over the usual send your kid away without you for a week kind of summer camp over anything. The previous 2 years I got the joy of climbing a hill that nearly killed me on a daily basis, only to be greeted by a sewage plant before getting to the pool. Eating kid size portions of prison food.....this year it was even worse since there was no salad bar....(whats up with that?), sing crazy songs, sweat large buckets, drink large buckets, only to sweat it all off, learn to shoot a BB gun, while laying on a mattress, shoot a bow and arrow, hike to a dried up creek and learn about trees.

Oh but this year it got better....which is why I let Ron go! They got to stay in canvas tents, that smell like an old mans armpit. Sleep on beds made for a 4 year old child upon a paper thin mattress. This would be a spider infested canvas, no zipper kind of electricity either. Which means no window to close to keep out critters, no electricity to run a fan. Which I had the first 2 years. They did get to go up to Bear Hollow Ridge (I think that's what it's called) apparently it's just for Webelo 1's, it was their special place they hiked to when Webelo 2's were at outpost. Outpost is what will happen next year so you'll have to learn about that then. This year they did less crafty stuff and more scout stuff, like hiking and nature type stuff. Seems once they become Webelo's they've figured this scouting gig out, as in when you put "signs up" (2 figures thrusted in the air is suppose to make all scout shut up) they just stop talking cause that's what you do. Previous years you got crazed grown ups yelling "signs up" so kids will be quiet.....which defeats the purpose, and kind of gets on my nerves. Just sayin.... If you click on the photo it'll take you to the rest of the pictures in a set labeled Cub World Adventure Camp 2007....enjoy and leave comments it'll make Ron happy you care! It's always fun when you leave notes on the actual picture too.

Heres what a 10 year old little boy looks like after 4 days of Cub World Adventure Camp Madness!

I still Got it!

And this photo didn't make it go away. Both Layni and I were intrigued by Johns fancy footwork that he does when he sings. He'd roll out on the side of his foot, or he'd roll it inward, it was totally due to the shear passion he has in his music, thus the reason why he makes crazy faces.

I have this thing for musician who have a lot of passion the dude who played drums for many years at my church Josh, makes crazy faces when he's playing....and he's the most amazing precussionist I've ever seen. So I guess if you are that talented you don't care how you look when you are doing what you love. Man I wish I had those kind of skills!

Until it goes Away

jmcincy049, originally uploaded by ms. andrea.

Maybe I'll post John pictures until the excitement of seeing him live goes away, I still got that "man that was just really cool" feeling so lets continue the John love fest shall we. Calm down I still got mad love for Switchfoot. This is just a new kind of sweet sweet grown up love.....did I just say "grown up"? Wierd.....

The boys are back from camp....complete run down this weekend. In the meantime continue to drool!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Have Mercy!

jmcincy038, originally uploaded by ms. andrea.

Still am unable to verbalize how HOT this man is. Mad skills, and dude can play. I mean clearly this photo...thanks Andrea...displays some amazing passion. Tickets said no cameras. Layni attempted to smuggle in one for J-Tim and had to take it back to the car. So we didn't even try this time. Well clearly the security isn't quite as tight for JM, considering they didn't check. Heck we could have smuggled in a firearm and no one would have known. So folks took awesome pics, and videos....sweetness!

I'd see him again, and again...he was that good...and oh so sexy....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Performance Art

So cool. Play this video. Don't just look at it and be like....another it, you won't be sorry. This dude performed this same thing at SOS this year....AMAZING gift!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Recap of the Recap

So I was so exhausted yesterday after the chaos I call my life. I had told myself I'll skip out on SOS on the friday.....right......until I had a HORRIBLE.....I mean full on crappy day at work. It was like 2 crappy days in a row. The one before was worse, but to have a crappy day on a friday just doesn't seem right. It was so bad that the enemy I had pray'd for the night before, satan used them to get at me and I basically non-verbally cussed them out. Like not to their face or anything but had they been in my head.....oh man....not at all righteous or loving. So I decided since I was getting off early I had time to go home scarf down some pizza say "hi" to my family tell them I love them, and go to SOS. I needed to be blessed by the the chaos and worship. SOS worship is like no other. They baptized 50 kids tonight....that's a whole lot of worship. I got to pray for a group that had been (all the groups were) together all week, and had bonded, and had changed lives, so much so it was their team leader that got baptized cool. Because of the 800 teenagers that took over our church this week I swear to you when I walked in on Wednesday night the place smelled like an oldmans armpit.....blech!
Ron's like you love that madness don't you. I mearly stepped into the forrier of the south Lobby on Thursday and was instantly afraid of the madness. I told him you wait another 2 years, you and I both will be taking a week off and "embracing the Chaos" all day everyday for the whole week. I can't wait. God is Awesome like that. I seriously have a Holy Spirit Hangover and I'm leaving for C-bus (columbus) in the morning. Not to mention I need to pack Perry for camp....God help me my life is crazy!

Teenagers will fall into hysterics just at the mention of the word's crazy and I saw it happen a few times....wierd.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

SOS Recap....

I'll need a day to process....I've lost the ability to form a coherant sentence at this point and I am getting up early for work. Couple points I'll need to remember when I do a recap.

  • Mosh pit?
  • crowd surfing
  • Holy Spirit Hangover
  • Prayer Team
  • Jeremy Riddle
  • Poop
  • Old mans armpit
  • 800 Teenagers
  • I'm 3rd
  • Screwed up evil world
  • Healing
  • crying
  • more crying

Ok more on that tomorrow. In the meantime go HERE!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SOS 2007

I'll be here all week if you need me. Promptly passing out Friday night only long enough to run off to C-bus for the weekend. Fueled by Caffeine and the HG! PRAY FOR ME!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quirky Kids

Ok P started a social skills class at Childrens today. One of the best places in the whole world to people watch is a hospital. A childrens hosptal is even more fun, not the sick kids I wouldn't like that. But the psychology wing is where it's at! Quirky kids are amusing. I know this to be true cause I got one. And a social skills class draws from a whole pool of quirky kids. The ones who are vocal are so cute. I think what I love about them the most is that they are ok with who they are and their quirks and they don't care. If they decide to talk like a robot all the time or a cartoon character all the time they will, and they are completely fine with it. If they decide they are no longer listening to you because they are drawing a picture now, except 1 second ago they were telling you a lengthy story about Ed, Ed, and their world that's perfectly acceptable. (as a PSA...I do not encourage you allowing your child to watch Ed, Ed, and Eddy, they in no way encourage any sort of intelligent thinking what so ever, so if you can at all stop the viewing of any such programing I'd encourage that.) Maybe the fact that I think this behavior is acceptableCould be the reason why my kid needs a social skills class. Man I love to watch people. My apologies to those of you who want to break you monitor now into teeny tiny little pieces. Hee Hee.....I LOVE CHEESE!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I swear I'm not crazy.....

Although my hair is still green. And I am thinking about persuading Layni to retouch it before Monday. I think I am going to make it my summer thing. Or maybe my all the time thing, maybe I'll change colors or something. It is after all a patch of grey, distiguished and not obnoxious, but when it's a different color it makes me unique and fun, so for now it's my thing. Until I get my nose pierced cause I want to, and I'm not sure I can wait until I'm 40 cause that's 2 years away. I might lose my sense of adventure before then.

Another session of Alpha has come to an end. Great mix of women this round. When we combined tables we had all sorts of ages so that was fun. Ton's of lives changed, actually all of them expressed some kind of significant change which is always shocking to me since it's so gradual, the whole time almost every alpha I'm thinking these people think I'm wack they won't be back. Apparently God show's up and speaks through me and they return week after week. It's a bittersweet feeling thinking this will be my last Alpha for a while. I'll miss the connection with folks. I'm naturally an introvert and being an Alpha table facilitator forces me out of my comfort zone in a natural kind of way. Now I am transferring my focus to cubscouts, a whole different world, I'm sure it will be a fun adventure. So this being the last week of Alpha I'm like woohoo freetime.....ummmmm nope. SOS starts on Monday, how'd that good heavens these people need to start paying me! LOL....just kidding I get paid in Gods love that's for sure, and being able to serve and have fun doesn't seem like it should be legal. Teenagers still scare me, but not as much as they did last year, this year I know what to expect so I feel more ready. And 2 of my Alpha table participants are going to be team leaders so that's super cool, I'm excited to get feedback from their experiences. I'm volunteering EVERYNIGHT cause I am that crazy!!! So pray that my family survives and still loves me when it's all over. I'm prayer team all week except Monday I'm easing my way in to it doing hospitality.....but I'll still need prayer. Pray for the whole week how about that. Considering there was a black out last year the first night and they just had one in the area on Sunday right before the 11:30 service.....UGH....causes crazy chaos when you got several 100 teenagers wandering aimlessly....several thousand adults is a little crazy too. Much prayer please.....

Monday, June 11, 2007

Funny Funny....

That's funny stuff right there. I do not plan to miss this show again. I'm totally watching it next week. Hair is still green. Ron and P are off to summer camp in a few weeks. If you'd like to send camp mail gimme a shout and I'll e-mail you the address.

Headed off on a hike this weekend and scored yet another letterbox. This was a Letterbox/geocache hybrid so we sort of scored twice on that one. Now I feel slightly obsessed and want to find more!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's Green!!!

I told you it was Green people. Ashton's and Maddie's didn't change color....Maddie did green too, and Ashton did pink. Only thing I figure is my hair was wet, Ashton's was a little damp but not wet, and Maddie's was dry. Maddie did the green so it was obviously mixed right since it worked on me. So Thursday we shoot for round 2 of Kool-Aid hair dying....shall I shoot for more green and greener and not covered up slightly....or another color, say ORANGE? Or maybe pink?? I don't know I kind of like the Green. This batch is very subtle, and you have to look for it, I'd like it to be a little more noticable....thus round 2. Can't wait.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Middleaged Rebellion......

Is middle aged suppose to be hyphenated? Oh thank you spellcheck it does not....I did spell hyphenated wrong the first time. So because I didn't pass LOMA . I feel a little bit like a pissed off teenager and decided to dye a green streak with green Kool-aid. Layni called and said they were doing a streak in Ashton's hair, and did I want to play along? Aside from the fact that at first I saw "Kool-aid" and "Steak" and was excited about experimenting with Lime Kool-aid and Steaks on the grill. Then I re-read the e-mail and was like "Oh totally, perfect rebellion and it'll eventually wash out, I am totally down with that. So Ashton did the whole under part of her hair, pink, and I did the grey patch of hair on the side green. So I sit her with a strip of my hair in tinfoil as I type, and I'll put a dope shower cap on my had to sleep in so as not to get green Kool-aid on my pillow and tomorrow, it'll be some sort of Shrek green. Can't wait.....then I'll get canned and have to work at McDonalds.....sweet.....I know that job, been there done that and with my Shrek green hair, it'll be totally meant to be as part of their Shrek campaign.
So because I didn't pass the stupid test, I don't get to see his Lipness John Mayer, considering I got the "stop spending money lecture tonight", and the failing Loma will cost me $$....unless I threw up one of those "donate" paypal buttons right here on the blog. Except I don't see myself as a worthy charity....maybe John will read my blog, and hook a sister up. We could always wait till the last possible minute and score some already bought tickets off e-bay or ticketmaster, people resell tickets all the time on there.....So if you think you owe me like $50 gimme a call I need the money! Pics tomorrow of my green hair. Ron said um what are you going to do tomorrow if it looks like crap? Good question....probably laugh my butt off. Next I'm piercing my nose.....oh you think I'm kidding?
EDITED TO ADD: I e-mailed John himself sort of begging for free tickets. Like he reads his own mail people.......a girl can dream right? Should I e-mail Ben too?

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Really I am. Just a PSA, Poptarts, cancel out the effects of ADD medication. I apologize to any sunday school teacher who may have been stressed out this morning because of my kid. He's got the cute factor going for him so even though he may have been Hyper and unable to sit still or stop humming through his nose, his cuteness made up for him being annoying. He survived, and I didn't even check up on him. I asked him if he missed me and he said well yeah but I didn't cry about it....LOL....
Church was good today. Sort of what I got from it was, "are you living the daily good christian life daily, as a routine, or are you really stepping into all that God has for you on an intimate spiritual level, and allowing him to guide you through every single part of your life? Wow....think about while I'm studying (or not studying) God is right there with me, taking a shower (wierd) he's a deep sleep dreaming about there. David talked about it in Psalms 139, I encourage you to read the message version it's good stuff. (or just click on the verse and it'll take you right there.)
If you click the link that goes to the video of the message from today, listen to the 2nd worship song. The other worship leader Charlie Hines wrote that song and I LOVE IT! That's the thing I love about folks who have that gift, they write just what is on your heart, or what you want to say but never have the right words. Here's what I could get....

"I want to lay at your feet
all my pain and all I need
in your place let me sing
Help me find one more way to praise

I want to dance before your throne
I want to jump for joy alone
I want to sing because it's pleasing to your ears
I want to shout for all you've done
I want to hope for things to come
You give me life Lord and I lay it at your feet!"

Seriously does that not perfectly communicate how you feel sometimes, so blessed you are unable to verbalize it. Just I'm all misty....and so are you!

Weekend Madness....

Might I point out how much I love Costco? I do I love the place, they have everything one could ever need in this world. In an effort to go light-green, cause full on "Green" would be insane. John Mayer spoke of it in his blog on April 26th. I've decided to buy organic stuff, only that which I might find at the Costco. Mainly because, for me that's enough, and I don't want to spend an outrageous fortune on say Sugar for instance. Besides Ron's not so much on board with organic so getting him to get the costco organic goods is meeting me halfway I think. Besides organic is good for the mind. I think Perry's mind is sharper already just from drinking organic milk. Organic is Layni's thing, and John Mayer is her man....cause she thinks he's HOT....If I close my eyes and imagine him sexy, and he just sings the blues and plays the guitar, then to me he is HOT as well. So in celebration of me passing the God forsaken LOMA test I am going to treat myself to see his HOTNESS....along with the everso funny Ben Folds....who likes to use the F word randomly in his singing......which can be amusing when you are in your cube at work. I've not passed the test studying happened today.....I hope to get disciplined tomorrow and have a full on evening of hardcore studying.....and hopefully your prayers will actually I know they will cause I'm that confident that you people know what you are doing. Theres strength in numbers so even if you don't believe in God pray anyways....and someone will listen....

P's at his first sleepover tonight.....I'm sure he's fine....he's an only child ya know, so yeah...ok he's fine really, I'm sure he's fine. He's got his doodle shark, and his slinky's.....fine...really he's fine. Good Night.