Tuesday, July 02, 2013

My Morning in Court

So I know, one should just make it routine and renew their tags on their birthday or even the beginning of your birthday month.  Well I am not that organized.  And I am the queen of procrastination.  So much so 3 months went by, and guess what, tags were expired.  I was never nervous I would get pulled over, it never crossed my mind I'd get in trouble.  And well I didn't get in trouble.  My sweet innocent husband did get in trouble though.....in my illegal vehicle.  Ahhhhh snap.  So we gave up all processed food in January.  We occasionally indulge, but for the most part we don't eat processed food.  And rarely eat out anymore.  Unless its the weekend or we're on vacation.  Well Ron has given in  to the draw of diet Mt. Dew, and decided he was going to drive my illegal vehicle to get him a 20 oz.....and got pulled over for expired tags.  (should've reconsidered on that pop consumption.)  The officer told him if he showed up in court on the given date and had renewed the tags the judge would probably just throw it out.  So the man whose name was on the ticket thought that meant the owner of the car, and not him whose the law breaker.  So I was going to go by myself,  and I was like, um your names on the ticket, and told him he should go with me.  So he went thinking he was just supporting me.....um duh.....his name was on the docket.  And they were rolling through alphabetically.......we are Sexton.......I could spend the whole day in the court room listening to thugs and thieves.  At one point Ron was like you are loving this aren't you.  And he was correct I was.  Fascinating how dumb people are.  Got to see a 30 something chic go to jail for stealing a pair of Nike's from Kohls.  And then the dude who got busted years ago for drug possession and had to do a drug test every Friday, and was in trouble for "failure to report", tried to get sympathy that because he had to be there every Friday he lost his job. 
This is a generic photo, as no cellphones allowed in the building.  Judge Campbell is an excellent judge.  When it was Ron's turn, he plead guilty.  He stated it was his wifes car.......and she said "you're going to throw your wife under the bus...?" And laughed.  She then mentioned that husbands are suppose to renew all tags for all vehicles because that's what happens at her house.  (she was kidding.....) She asked if the tags were renewed.  And they are.  He left with no fine and no court costs.  And an entire morning full of thugs and thieves, and a whole lot of entertainment.  Can you just go to court and watch?  I'm serious, that's fun. 
Another interesting fact I learned today from Judge Campbell.  90% of traffic accidents are cause because someone was making a left turn.  So all the people I know who avoid left turns, I know many.  You are smart people.  Apparently UPS drivers are not allowed to make left turns.  I'm intrigued, I might have to follow a UPS truck just to see this.