Friday, June 12, 2009

It's only been a Month!

I haven't blogged in a whole month. Thankfully in the past month I started project 365. I am excited about it. It'll document my life with one picture a day for a whole year. And I'll create a scrapbook with those pictures.

1. 365 project 5/23/09, 2. june 8, 3. June 11, 4. june 10, 5. june 9, 6. June 7, 7. june 6, 8. june 5, 9. june 4, 10. june 3, 11. june 2, 12. June 1, 13. may 30, 14. may 29, 15. may 28, 16. may 27, 17. may 26, 18. may 25, 19. may 24, 20. may 23, 21. may 22, 22. may 21, 23. may 20, 24. may 1925. Not available
A ton of craziness has happened in the past month. Perry turned 12, and finished the 5th grade. He's really grown up this year. He leaves for summer camp in a few days with Daddy. Work has been exhausting but I still love it. The economy is starting to effect us big time. Everyones hours have been cut, so we end up covering all over the place and never getting to do our job, so the customers who were already angry get more angry. Speaking of doing everything but my job, one of the fun adventures I got to do the other day.......was offer my assistance to disabled geri's, yep you heard me. Guess a couple called in asked if we had electric wheel chairs, which we do not due to safety issues since we are 2 floors. So they asked if they were to come since they both weren't able to walk the whole store if someone could push them. Who ever they spoke to said "why sure we can...." Probably not thinking they'd actually take us up on it. Oh but they did. I tried to not be the one. But I was the only one around who was available to offer this service.....although I am just one person and they needed two. So the one that was a little more adual chose to push his own wheel chair, so he could sit if he needed to and I pushed the wife. They were very gracious, and sort of embarrassed that they needed my help. Not sure what happened to them, possibly an car accident. It was a lesson in humility and I survived. I'd even do it again.