Sunday, December 30, 2007

So Long 2007.....

Here is highlights of the year in photo's in no specific order. Just fun photos from 2007. 1. Snownapped 2. Art Open House 3. Longest Hike ever 4. CAC 5. Cincykids 6. Cute butts 7. Camping in August 8. Summer Camp 9. 4th Grade a New Start 10. Camping in May 11. Sweet 12. Hiking in July 13. 20 year Class reunion 14. SWITCHFOOT 15. Hot Husband (which one is it?) 16. Unplanned Twins

*If you click on the mosaic it blows up bigger and the pictures are very clear. I love technology!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jammie Day....

Ok yesterday was Jammie day, man I haven't done that in ages. I'm actually in the same Jammies I put on 2 days ago. And no I've not left the house. I did clean off the dining room table. Made it smaller and cleared all traces of Christmas. I also cooked dinner. The only difference between me and a 10 year old who is addicted to Zelda, I must tend to domestic chores. Apparently these people don't know how to feed themselves. I thought I had nearly defeated this game then I looked up a completed walkthrough....and it appears I am just barely into part 2.....theres 10 parts.....could be days...possibly weeks. Good thing P's into Lego's right now or I'd have to surrender the DS it is after all his game system. He has no interest in Zelda right now.

I think I may shower and get dressed maybe go outside....see what's going on out there.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Usually when I have a lot of time on my hands I think about creating something, scrapbook page, altered book page, getting out some paints and making a big mess. Then there was Zelda. It's been a while since I was addicted to a video game. Last time it was Lion King 1 1/2, now it's Zelda, I'm helping Link do something, or rescue somebody. All I know is I couldn't do it without the help of some online goodness, who knew I'd need a boomerang? Or that I'd need to actually blow into the microphone to blow out some candles. Genius I tell ya! Thank God Perry got a DS for christmas or this game wouldn't be quite as impressive. Thankfully he and his Daddy are busy playing star wars lego, so we all aren't obsessed with defeating the same game. So while I'm NOT working I'll be playing Zelda...errr....I mean cleaning and organizing my house. Right, and doing all things domestic!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm Almost Back....

Starting to feel much better. Everythings bought. Almost everything is wrapped. I eliminated a ginormous burden (nothing to do with the holidays) from my life yesterday, and the tension is slowly leaving my body. Some things are better left unsaid. God was all over my decision and he'll guide me to my next adventure in life. The sky is the limit. I'm excited. Let us first get through the insanity of Christmas.

Here's the group shot from the Christmas party....yeah notice the 2 teenagers sharing the international sign for "I'm cool" that I must share......

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Broken Spirit........

I have not felt this crappy this close to Christmas, pretty much ever. I wish I could say I found my happy place and all is right with the world. I wish I could say my day wasn't ruined and I had fun going to lunch with friends I rarely get to see anymore. I wish I could say people are kind enough to hold off negative stuff till after the holidays. Saddly I can't say any of that. Didn't get to go to lunch with friends because just before hand my spirit was broken, stepped on, and then kicked as far as you could kick it. Then I was suppose to pretend like I was fine the rest of the day.......riiiiight.....
Ron and I make Mix CD's for the *OP's at work.
* should probably tell you what an OP is, it's an Old Person. I used to call them the Geri's (as in geriatrics) but they found that offensive. So I switched it to OP, which is equally as offensive only if you know what it means. OP=someone who is close to or over 50. After 60 sorry you'll have to go with Geri....just how it is. No mean comments from anyone I've everyone OP's and Geri's included.

We've been doing this every year for the past 3 years. We call it the Sexton Classics. And we pick songs that were exceptionally meaningful to us over the last year. Perry included. They enjoy them and it's a nice gift with low cost. I usually will make notes on the inside sleeve or via e-mail as to whose song is whose and why we liked it. The CD's were completed. Including cover art that included a picture of me at the switchfoot concert...very cool! Didn't get to do notes, or give them in person.....see broken spirit.

I am looking forward to Christmas, only because Perry's getting at least 1 thing he asked for. He actually only asked for one thing Castle Legos (got the Chum Bucket instead which will make him equally as happy) ended up just getting the Chariot Lego thing that goes to the castle. Oh and he's getting a DS which he'll be stoked about. I'm so ready to relax and enjoy christmas.....

Friday, December 21, 2007

Home Stretch....

Oh the life of a nightowl....that's me. Just finished a spontaneous project...yes I'm heading to bed. Last day of work before the holiday...woopee....Ok can't figure out how to post a poll to my blog...that'd be cool by the way. So here goes. On Christmas Cards, do you:

a) Have a list of labels you use every year and occasionally add new people.

b) Do you wait to see who you get cards from and send your cards at the last minute.

c) Hold up....I should probably send those.

d) I NEVER send cards, too much pressure.

Just curious. Considering I sent over 80 cards. I do get about 75 in return. Love the cards and photos, and fun fun....always something unique every year.

The photo's from the Christmas Party are wack. Too much red eye, and then the group photo that does look decent theres a certain teenager showing his "abs" (or lack of) thanks Colin. So I'm sharing a sweet photo of Maddie and the P-man. She lost her tooth that night, the one she had been holding onto for 3 months. I think she finally yanked it because she was kicking it with the 10 year old boys and she likes to seem tough in her Pack 969 t-shirt. That right there is Holiday Cuteness!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yeah whatever!

I'm in the same condition I was in when I posted last. Not much has changed, except now I'm just used to it. Along with work sucking, the christmas spirit has left the building. I know sad isn't it. I made way too many things by hand, I think it nearly sucked the life out of me. It's nice to get raving reviews from folks who have recieved my letter and card.....but HOLY HECK....I'm just flat out crazy. I suppose it's worth it.

We have last minute shopping to do this weekend can't wait. Our last FPU class.....SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT.....thanks for the info Dave Ramsey but some folks are just wack! A pack meeting where I have volunteered to beg for with a speech about needing folks and everything....NOT....looking forward to that. Someone needs to do it and no one else stepped up. Many folks are just burnt out....I'm heading in that direction.

I'll post pics of the Holiday Festivities that happened over the weekend. Good heavens where did all those kids come from? Gone are the days of sipping coffee and having a friendly conversation. Now everyone just talks over each other and no one can even finish a conversation, because kids are masters at interrupting!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

This Week

Has been absolute hell. And that's no lie. I prayed for God to be obvious about some things that should never be mentioned on a public blog ask Dooce, it's pretty much why she's a famous blogger. And HOLY CRAP he was all up in my face today. And it's quite clear he's over estimated what my limit is. You know the whole, "God never gives you more than you can handle." what I am saying is. WORK SUCKS.....

Ok there it's out there now can you just pray for me, and that too much Limp Bizkit won't give me a bad or should I say worse attitude. Thanks for having my back!

And in the wise words of a blogger by the name of LA Perry "Merry Christmas Mo Fo." So festive that one!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Handmade Gift Hell....

Ok so handmade gifts are great as long as it's something you like. So in the event you recieve a handmade gift from me and you think it's have to pretend to love it! Why you might ask? Because they are worth a lot more cause they are time consuming! The actual stuff it's made out of is inexpensive materials, but when you put them all together it becomes a priceless gift!
I usually suppliment my handmade christmas cards with a box of store bought, because eventually I get tired of making them. Not this year I'm plugging away to assure that they are all handmade, that is just clearly because I am crazy! And because I didn't buy any cards last year when they were on sale, and I'm now too cheap (thank you Dave Ramsey) to pay full price. So if I stick with the plan and we are infact debt free this time next year, I'll make it up to you with a fabulous gift that is not made out of paper! Man I love paper and I sure do have a lot of it!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Drunk Turkey

Drunk Turkey, originally uploaded by Yoda0419.

He's learning techniques I wish I had known at his age. Although I do not have the drawing gift he and his daddy have. His creative drawing class was a huge success, he looked forward to it each Saturday, and folks enjoyed coming out to his open house when it was all over. I enjoyed the hours worth of downtime while he was doing it. So we'll do it again in February. So if you missed this open house there will be another in March. Who knows you may get lucky enough to get a piece of Artwork on your christmas card or framed as a gift. If not the artwork you'll get will be my own in the form of a rubberstamp. If you don't get any of that it's not because I don't love ya it's because I sent 80 cards and you didn't make the list....and I'm freakin tired people.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tis the Season.....

Well I had a ton of things I could talk about tonight, as it was in fact a extremely busy weekend. Perry's open house for his creative drawing class was this weekend. Big thank you to everyone who show'd up to see Perry's artwork. Those of you who were sick, or forgot, or something else crazy and unexpected happen not to worry. There will be other chances. It was very nice and very kid friendly. I could talk about this mornings message a church which was also very nice and timely and talked about Art as worship.....very cool stuff. Instead I'll leave you with this, which is my new favorite website to visit daily.

Can I just say I wish I had his last name, just so I could say it like that!