Friday, December 21, 2007

Home Stretch....

Oh the life of a nightowl....that's me. Just finished a spontaneous project...yes I'm heading to bed. Last day of work before the holiday...woopee....Ok can't figure out how to post a poll to my blog...that'd be cool by the way. So here goes. On Christmas Cards, do you:

a) Have a list of labels you use every year and occasionally add new people.

b) Do you wait to see who you get cards from and send your cards at the last minute.

c) Hold up....I should probably send those.

d) I NEVER send cards, too much pressure.

Just curious. Considering I sent over 80 cards. I do get about 75 in return. Love the cards and photos, and fun fun....always something unique every year.

The photo's from the Christmas Party are wack. Too much red eye, and then the group photo that does look decent theres a certain teenager showing his "abs" (or lack of) thanks Colin. So I'm sharing a sweet photo of Maddie and the P-man. She lost her tooth that night, the one she had been holding onto for 3 months. I think she finally yanked it because she was kicking it with the 10 year old boys and she likes to seem tough in her Pack 969 t-shirt. That right there is Holiday Cuteness!

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Cyndi said...

Bring on the pictures!