Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jammie Day....

Ok yesterday was Jammie day, man I haven't done that in ages. I'm actually in the same Jammies I put on 2 days ago. And no I've not left the house. I did clean off the dining room table. Made it smaller and cleared all traces of Christmas. I also cooked dinner. The only difference between me and a 10 year old who is addicted to Zelda, I must tend to domestic chores. Apparently these people don't know how to feed themselves. I thought I had nearly defeated this game then I looked up a completed walkthrough....and it appears I am just barely into part 2.....theres 10 parts.....could be days...possibly weeks. Good thing P's into Lego's right now or I'd have to surrender the DS it is after all his game system. He has no interest in Zelda right now.

I think I may shower and get dressed maybe go outside....see what's going on out there.

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paperglueetc said...

I love those lazy days, found you, hunted you down, no link in the email you sent but like a good sibling I searched and here I am! I also found Hooper's comment..ha