Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gene Wilder

With the death of Gene Wilder Yesterday, it's only fitting I post the scene from one of my favorite movies, and where I got the name for my blog.  Love Gene Wilder.  Movies he's been in are some of my favorites of all time.

I've not watched Young Frankenstein in many years but plan to do so very soon.  A lot has happened since April when last I blogged.  Perry graduated from High School, and has started attending Project Life thru Butler Tech.  He seems to like it and is slowly maturing and gaining more independence which is the ultimate goal.  His least favorite thing about his new program is packing his own lunch everyday, and having to do his own laundry.  Ha Ha Ha.....I told him it's called being a grown up, and those things suck for all grown ups.  Except Geegaw who strangely enjoys doing laundry.  Somehow I did not inherit that gene.

Perry also started attending "big church" with us.  Last week was his second week in big church, I show'd him how to use the bible app I had him put on his iPad, and by week 2 he learned to follow along with the message and look up scripture on his iPad.  Made my heart happy.  Hopefully he'll learn to highlight and refer back to important scripture.  I think it was harder on me this transition as he'll no longer have that forced social interaction.  I need to find a new forced social interaction for him.

I have way more time on my hands now that my child is basically grown and not involved in stuff, so I've been doing lots of artwork for my art journal and staying up to date on my documented life unplanned.

I really enjoy playing around with mix media.  I hope to start practicing faces again.