Sunday, April 27, 2008

Don't Ask....

Because I have no idea why on earth I am blogging. Spent the weekend camping with the Cub Scouts. Volunteering is hard hard hard work. I am not the greatest volunteer, I'll admit that. But you can see why folks don't volunteer, you often feel under appreciated. I see folks who put themselves out there ALOT, and get burnt out and bitter. Told myself on Friday I wasn't going to do that, and that I wouldn't beat myself up if folks didn't like or appreciate what we had planned. Regardless, when you look at the pictures of those cute little 10 year olds (and under) and see how dirty they are and exhausted from playing so hard, all the hard work is worth it. The fact that my body hurts from running around in the woods and climbing a steep hill more than once to go in the creek..........I think that's worth it too. With that I think I might go pass out right about now.

But not until I share a few photo's from this weekend. All the boys in our den had these boots to run around in the creek with. Talk about dirty boy cuteness!
Joey brought his dogs out on Saturday! Talk about sweet and cute! And they were good for puppies too. I am now going to go pass out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I don't know if it's my worklife trickling over into my homelife (honestly that's never happened) or if it's just that time to be completely overwhelmed. Work is crazy busy. I think since it's now been open a month, the fact that a lot of people have no clue what the heck they are doing it catching up to my department and we are feeling the heat. For the most part people are super nice and super patient. But then there are the few who expect you to give them so much to compensate for our screw up. Or the people who really don't have a problem yet want to create a problem so they can get free stuff....come on as if we don't smell you coming! So that's work, and because of work and wierd retail nonsense hours, my house is a "hot mess"! And I've been slacking in my committee chair duties because I can't be at anything cause I am always working when the world is living their lives. So I found this song by David Crowder, and if I close my eyes and just listen, God makes me feel so much better. He knows my needs and rarely gives me more than I can handle. He does however enjoy stretching my limit a little bit more all the time.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm dumber Now.....

Ok guilty pleasure. If you can even call it a pleasure. I'd like to refer to it as mindless TV viewing. I am happy to admit I didn't watch this seasons Rock of Love from the very beginning. Therefor not a whole lot of time was wasted on becoming dumber. It did not take many episodes though. I couldn't stop watching, because I had to see if he chose the dumbest bimbo I've ever seen on TV. Seems super mean and wrong. But holy crap 5 min. of watching her the nicest person would feel the same way. I will say if I ever am super sad because a hot rock star dumped me, I will say the same thing she said. "OMG...I want to totally roll up in a ball and eat a lot of ice cream...." BRILLIANT!
So will I waste time on watching the reunion show, and see one of last seasons girls beat up the bimbo that was booted this season. Man might be hard to pass up!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mother Nature Wins....

OK need I remind you that discussing the weather on ones blog is unacceptable and well....lame...except when you are super happy it's warm out, and then Ohio decides to have (as Joe at church so gracefully put it) a second winter?? You know what that's just mean! So we had hiking plans. And because I am hardcore if I have hiking plans and it snows we hike anyways cause what did I say.....I HAVE HIKING PLANS.....people know this about me. So it rained Friday night more soggy yuckiness, and our plans were for Saturday, hiking without the kid, to create clues for our letterboxing adventure in a few weeks for the Cub Scouts. So we unloaded the kid at Geegaws, and off we went, camelbacks for of ice water, notebook, GPS, and 3 layers of clothing. Seriously it was the nicest, most peaceful hike we've had pretty much ever. We weren't all super romantic and dorky because we were kidless, we walked at our own pace, taking in everything on a trail we'd never been on before. It was lovely. We even discovered an abandoned old cemetery in the middle of the woods. I inherited that from my mom, the fascination of old cemeteries full of dead strangers. It's fun to read the old gravestones. Speaking of beautiful strangers, I found more abandoned strangers at the Antique Mall. I wish I had loads of money so I could buy up all the old photos. It makes me so sad to find scrapbooks full of old photos being sold for money in antique stores. If that's where my scrapbooks end up, I will come back and haunt my family!
Ron and I aren't all that in to antiques. We like a few random items, but we aren't one to purchase furniture or decorate with antiques. We like to score lucky little things like an old Cub Scout handbook, or vintage Cartoon glass's. My friend Abby and her brothers collect cartoon glass's. I was told long ago I could play along with them but never really went hunting till yesterday when it was the first thing I saw when I walked in. I didn't want to jump right in and go with Looney Toons glass's which is mostly what they collect. Instead I went with "Camp Snoopy", sold at McDonalds in the 70's. They were $3 a glass and I scored 2. I was told by Abby part of the fun is to make sure you spend less than $10 a glass. Ok, game on!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Get Up and Dance People.....

Do not let the fact that IT RAINED AGAIN AND MY BACK YARD IS A GIANT MUD PILE, keep you from getting up and shaking your BOOTY!

Sunday, April 06, 2008


I requested on Facebook the other day..."can it please be spring already?" And's spring! What a fabulous day! The new Student Union is now open at church and we walked over to check it out after church. Made me excited for one chance to act like a teenager for a few days and then get on with my life. Something else cool I discovered today, you can go get your "wig busted" and help drill a well. I could use a haircut, but I doubt the man would fork over the dough for me to go get my hair did, that just happened about a month ago, and I've had to spread those things out to like every 3 months, to the point that my hair pretty much look ridiculous...otherwise I'd have to go to Great Clips, don't even get me started!
Other things that bring happiness. The magnolia tree in the front yard is blooming. Perry being
Not much of a dare-devil did not climb up there, Ron had to place him up there.

When I was his age you wouldn't have been able to keep me out of that tree. He did get daring at Harbin Park last spring and was climbing a small tree and fell, then I knew that was it. Although this even he and Daddy road around the block, he on his Big Wheel and Daddy on his razor scooter, he asked Daddy to give him a big push, and the Big Wheel flipped backwards, and he scrapped up his back. He got back on the big wheel and road on into "town", (a street with a couple business's near our house, he calls that town), so now he has a cool battle wound.

I think I may have won the battle with the Robin who has been trying to build a nest above my mailbox. She does this every year. This year I decided if she's going to build a nest she'll need to pay rent and/or apologize to the mailman for pooping on the mailbox. She wasn't having any of that and went right ahead and began "attempting" to build a nest. Which I would promptly knock down every morning when leaving for work. Then as I would be getting in my car there she'd be pirched on the outside light starting all over again, and Ron would knock down what she'd done all day long in the evening. Seriously people this went on for a good two weeks, it looked like we had a huge pile of hay on our front porch till we finally swept it up this weekend. She wasn't a very smart Robin since she could have saved herself many trips in search of dead grass since there was a huge pile of it on the porch...duh! Theres a quite a few perfectly good trees for nest building in my yard. The funny thing is one morning after nest distruction I get out to my car and theres bird crap all over it....funny funny...then Ron who is far more anal about his car ecspecially after washing it.....She bombed him too....I think the war may finally be over since no nest attempts have been made in 2 days. We have been enjoying the nice spring weather everyday it's been warm to say the least. I scored a letterbox today on my lunch hour. I won't tell you where but I hear it's the coolest place on earth. And it's pretty much one of the coolest handmade stamps I've ever seen in a letterbox!