Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mother Nature Wins....

OK need I remind you that discussing the weather on ones blog is unacceptable and well....lame...except when you are super happy it's warm out, and then Ohio decides to have (as Joe at church so gracefully put it) a second winter?? You know what that's just mean! So we had hiking plans. And because I am hardcore if I have hiking plans and it snows we hike anyways cause what did I say.....I HAVE HIKING PLANS.....people know this about me. So it rained Friday night more soggy yuckiness, and our plans were for Saturday, hiking without the kid, to create clues for our letterboxing adventure in a few weeks for the Cub Scouts. So we unloaded the kid at Geegaws, and off we went, camelbacks for of ice water, notebook, GPS, and 3 layers of clothing. Seriously it was the nicest, most peaceful hike we've had pretty much ever. We weren't all super romantic and dorky because we were kidless, we walked at our own pace, taking in everything on a trail we'd never been on before. It was lovely. We even discovered an abandoned old cemetery in the middle of the woods. I inherited that from my mom, the fascination of old cemeteries full of dead strangers. It's fun to read the old gravestones. Speaking of beautiful strangers, I found more abandoned strangers at the Antique Mall. I wish I had loads of money so I could buy up all the old photos. It makes me so sad to find scrapbooks full of old photos being sold for money in antique stores. If that's where my scrapbooks end up, I will come back and haunt my family!
Ron and I aren't all that in to antiques. We like a few random items, but we aren't one to purchase furniture or decorate with antiques. We like to score lucky little things like an old Cub Scout handbook, or vintage Cartoon glass's. My friend Abby and her brothers collect cartoon glass's. I was told long ago I could play along with them but never really went hunting till yesterday when it was the first thing I saw when I walked in. I didn't want to jump right in and go with Looney Toons glass's which is mostly what they collect. Instead I went with "Camp Snoopy", sold at McDonalds in the 70's. They were $3 a glass and I scored 2. I was told by Abby part of the fun is to make sure you spend less than $10 a glass. Ok, game on!


Layni said...

That's awesome! Where is that? We wanna go visit the departed too.

Stacie said...

"Is second winter" like "second breakfast" in Lord of the Rings? :)

(I'm sorry, were you not aware that I'm a dork? I could have sworn you knew that...)