Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blankets for Perry

Ok I hope to go "live" with these on ebay tomorrow. If all goes as planned except, I had really planned for a cool photo shoot of the blankets on the clothes line with Perry's cute face peaking through. It appears the weather isn't cooperating. So hopefully tomorrow or I'll just do more pictures like this one. I hope to get $20 a blanket on e-bay. They are 54"x44", one side is flannel the other cotton. My mom sew'd them. They are bigger than a recieving blanket, but perfect for a baby blanket. Plus they are big enough for an adult also. These are perfect to take to summer camp, or for kids who are in preschool and have to have a naptime blanket. I have many that I use all the time. This one's up for grabs if anyone wants it $20 plus shipping unless you are local then I'd just hand deliver it. I hope to make a decent amount off them to offset Perry's tuition cost for Springer School.

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Saturday, April 29, 2006


I am doing quite good. I picked out recipes, and bought groceries for those recipes. Go me! Even got me some Fuze, and it was quite yummy and 10 for 10 at Krogers. So today I made Amish meatloaf, for Ron and P to have for dinner, since I was going to a Birthday Party for a friend. Plus now we can have it for lunch tomorrow. This is one of those instances that for years you don't like something and now all the sudden you do. My friend Abby asked me if I'd ever had a cold meatloaf sandwich? I was like gross first of all meatloaf is yucky but cold? But then I was like hummm that might be good, and I tried it and it's off the hook for real! So tomorrow I am looking forward to cold meatloaf sandwiches. I made it with Ground Chuck so it's semi healthy.

Friday, April 28, 2006

That's Better...

I figure if I have the accountability of my blog, and informing the masses of what I consume on a daily basis, it won't be quite as embarrassing if I just eat sensibly. Today....Breakfast, oatmeal, and skim milk (TADA...ALL HEALTHY), Lunch Campbells soup in the hand creamy potatoe, crackers, and a bag of popcorn. (all healthy), and some carrot cake (semi-healthy), Dinner, spaghetti, meatballs that were kind of yucky (at my mom's church), salad, and more cake. Not too shabby, I'm on the upswing.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dude I'm trying!

So it wasn't exactly a healthy day. After my vow to the blogging world, I still had a hard time being healthy. I desperately need to go to the grocery store. Healthy would be a Kashi granola bar, and a cup of tea for breakfast. I had, a couple bites of Perry left over oatmeal (healthy), a package of little chocolate donuts, and a cup of starbucks, the coffee had splenda in it....(healthy), then for lunch I had Ham and swiss (healthy), on a crossant (not healthy) with lettuce and tomato, and Mayo (not healthy), with some fruit salad (healthy). Then for dinner....did I mention I need to go to the grocery. I tested out a scouting camping recipe, made mac and cheese (less milk and butter it normally calls for) mixed in taco meat with corn. Called it was actually good and my kid ate it. Oh and I had a pop with that concoction. So this maybe a little Jungle Jims action.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Ok so last night I had Burger King, decided to get onion rings because they had them and I wanted to do something different than french fries. Neglecting to recall that my body doesn't care for onions. So I paid for it today, nothing to tramatic just not your normal bathroom day that's all. I'll spare you the details. So after that episode, and this always happens to me, I make a vow with myself to begin to eat healthy to avoid such cleansing experiences. So Perry and I had our last appointment at childrens today. He had his quick breakfast this morning yogurt and a poptart....(trust me, pop tarts are NOT a common occurance in our house), I had one donut hole and went back to bed after he got on the bus, thinking we'd have time for lunch before his appointment. Wrong, we went straight to childrens. So I was starved afterwards at 2:30pm, he was slightly hungry. So I considered stopping at a resturant where they actually serve you, in an attempt to get something a little more healthy than you usual fast food. He however had other ideas. We pass White Castles and he exclaims "I WANT WHITE CASTLES." Far be if for me to deny the child his dose of slyders. Only after having the #4 on my tray with the amazing sweet tea, did I recall the effects that slyders have on ones body. Again I'll save you the details. So suffice to say my body will be sufficiently cleansed come tomorrow, that would be an understatement. So here goes my plea to all the blog fans, which is like 4-5 people who will own up to it. Join with me in my quest to eat healthy. Excersize regularly, and freakin stay away from greasy foods with onions. Any advice, recipes, ideas would greatly be appreicated. My cupboards are just about bare since I've not been the grocery in 2 weeks so starting to eat healthy right now would be a good time to start. I need easy stuff that could be made and consumed just like fast food. And doesn't look funny so my kid will eat it too.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Told You it Works!

So last month I blogged about a different way of praying. I've blogged quite a bit about Springer School, and how ideal it would be for Perry to attend there. Although the tuition is for those who are rather wealthy, of which I am not. Not to mention I'm not so good at budgeting. We are very much a pay check to pay check kind of family, very little savings going on from this household, I am lucky I remember to tithe....I know I know...but I'm being honest. So I did the whole positive praying thing for Springer and all it entails. I filled out the short financial aid form for the tuition and sent it off saying a brief yet meaningful prayer over the envelope itself, and didn't hear anything for a whole month, and then only heard something after I e-mailed the director. The beginning of my discouragement. Feeling kind of like no news is not always good news. Then finally the business director and I played phone tag for literally 2 weeks. Even more discouraged. Thinking ok maybe this isn't going to happen. During that 2 week phone tag period a women who is a Springer parent contacted me with encouraging words about the school and what a blessing it has been to both her youngest children. Ok seems promising but can we even afford it, what about the transportation...blah blah blah....all along thinking to myself those are small teeny tiny details that God will work out because this is most definately what's best for Perry. I have never doubted that. Then the business director finally got to speak to me after I called him on his cellphone. They decided to award us 50% financial aid.......THIS IS AWESOME! That is a large sum of money! The rest is completely doable! It'll be hard but it's doable. Mom and I are going to make blankets to sell to raise some of the money. I just made one tonight and it took me an hour, so this could be a decent money making venture. But how all of this came together is sooooo much an HG hook-up! I mean from the budgetting part. I mean granted I've stretched that 20 dollar budget past it's actual amount pretty much every week, but I'm not spending near the amount I was spending before the man came down on me. So that just shows me I can do it. That happening in the time frame that it did before I actually got word from Springer is no coincedence. It was all part of God's master plan. All sorts of other little things happening when they did is a clear sign that God's got big plans for that little man, and I can't wait to see him when he finally has an oppurtunity to shine. Be sure to check back here to see ways you can contribute to Perry's Tuition Fund.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy with Myself!

Well I did something I thought I'd never in a million years ever do. It's one of those ice breaker type questions, "Have you ever gone to the movies by yourself, or would you?" Normally my answer to that question would be "NO!" cause that's just plain wierd. But tonight for some reason, I was completely fine with it. There was a movie I really wanted to see, and didn't think anyone would really care to see it with me. Didn't really feel like persuading anyone really, or explaining the premise of the movie and why it would be good. Just wanted to see it. I hear about lots of movies on the movie reviews podcast. Odd movies you rarely hear anything about but they get a good review, and you wanna see it. Like the Piano from way back in the day. And now this Movie....Thank you For Smoking. It was awesome, really great well done Satire. About a lobbiest for the Tobacco industry, certainly not many of those left, for good reason, because they don't have a leg to stand on. Which this movie pretty much proves. But back to the issue at hand.....I went BY MYSELF........and I don't feel wierd at all. It was completely liberating, and fun! Like a new adventure. I didn't have to argue with anyone on what to see. I didn't have to share my popcorn. I specifically wore clothes that were comfortable and not for looking good. Like my feely t-shirt under my favorite sweatshirt that has a hole in it but I can't seem to give it up. But I wore clothes that were dreadful, so folks wouldn't talk to me and I could avoid being friendly. LOL.....I seriously upon walking in got a look, like "what the hell?" Ha! I honestly don't think I really looked that bad....I got the look before I saw my reflection and then was convinced that the looker was obviously a no class ho, cause I looked fine and comfy. Hooked myself up with a medium popcorn and large coke....ALL FOR ME! Sat right in the middle, front seats where the bar is you can put your feet on. 3 older people sat next to me with a seat in between us. Just before the previews started the older man tapped me on the shoulder.....{me thinking} crap I don't look bad enough and now a dude in his 70's is going to attempt to pick me up. Seriously the man was in his 70's, like grandpa material. And he says to me....."I like you shoes." Dude wasn't gay I swear, he was dead serious! I'm like "Ah...thanks" a little shocked a 70 year old man would compliment me a frompy 30 something mother and wife....on her BUTTER YELLOW CROCS. He said: "What are those?" I said "crocs"....he said "What?" He was in his 70's probably hard of hearing and frankly was probably shocked that I said Crocs, and then in the same sentence said you can get them at "Dicks sporting goods...." So in less than 5 minutes I said "Crocs and Dicks" in the same sentence, that poor man at that point was probably dreadfully frightened of me. But he didn't look scared he completely got it, and will probably have his own crocs come tomorrow. Said his feet get sweaty and since those shoes have holes they'd get some air. And he asked "Are the comfortable and how much do they cost...." Wow....the crocs company is going to owe me a pair in every color. I encourage you to #1 get some crocs and #2 go to a movie by yourself it's completely liberating!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Really enjoying the Wicked soundtrack thanks to my friend Julie. Haven't loved a soundtrack to a musical this much since Annie. I loved the Phantom, but I REALLY loved Annie. I remember seeing Annie with my mom downtown. My first broadway musical, it was so magical. Man I'd love to see one actually in NYC....someday, not a hard dream to obtain, it could happen. Busy camping weekend, pray for NO RAIN.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Divine Moment

Ok Ok....don't be a hater because I replaced Jack with the Ladies, it's still a cartoon so be happy. Perry's on a Chicken Little kick, and on spring break which means Geegaws in charge so if he wants to watch Chicken Little a million times a day, and hummm the tunes through his nose all day long he can. It'll take weeks of deprogramming to fix it, but he's having fun.
The picture is one of my favorite scenes. I actually don't even like the movie that well. The characters are awesome. I love Zack Braff, and it's Don Knotts last movie. But what's with the Aliens? I don't remember the story being like that.
I'm a week behind on Erwin, so I listened to last weeks podcast today, while I walked around the block by myself. So nice. Love him, he talked about seizing those divine moments. Whether it be a moment when someone steps into your mess of a life and speaks truth into your life and you are forever changed. Or you can be that divine moment for someone else, and not even know it. I know I've had many divine moments in my life. I've been fortunate in my life to have been effected by awesome people who want to change lives. Or who just care, about you. Unselfish people who care about what you have to say, and who actually listen. Those people who make you feel like you matter to them. I'm not one of those huggy type people who will walk up to people and give them a big ole hug.....the thought actually gives me the heeby jeebies. Although I still hope I have an effect on people that they know I actually care about them. And that what they are saying to me about themselves matters in my little world. Take a moment and think about how you interact with people who are closest to. Those you interact with daily. Do you make them feel like they matter?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Holy Days

Wow what a great couple days. They were exciting holy days. It started on Thursday, when I (being not jewish, however curious) hosted a Sedar. Completely ok for Christians to honor some Jewish holidays, after all our Savior was Jewish. This one in particular has a lot of symbolism. The Jews for Jesus do a much better job. But I didn't do half bad.

The Haroset was exceptionally yummy. Thanks to Cyndi and Ben for participating, it was fun. Next year I'll know what the heck I am doing.

Good friday, I didn't go to church although I usually do. Instead I went to opening day at Kings Islands opening day. And listened to my prescious child whine the ENTIRE time, and he'd only ride the Merry Go Round.....ahhhh.....There was some cool new rides that I would have liked to ride, but he was too dang chicken. I went shopping with my mom on Saturday and then scrapped all evening with my peeps. I finished one page and did 2 others, it felt good to get some scrapping done, and have a burrito from Chipotle, (that's what we usually have for dinner when we scrap together). Then Sunday was a lovely Easter. We went to church, and HOLY crap where'd all those people come from. I attend a church that could probably seat 6000 people and I swear every seat was filled. Pretty cool I figure a large number of people were signicantly touched and possibly made a true life commitment to surrender their hearts to stuff right there. The play I'll admit was sort of cool but sort of lame. But the message was very simple yet extremely powerful. Click on message and check it out. Good stuff. You know it's good when you husbands whispering...quit crying and the little girl next to you is looking at you like something is horribly wrong because you are crying. Had she taken a notice at her own mother she would have discovered it wasn't just me! Got to hook up with Stacie, for a photo op.....would be so cool if she got to move back to Cincy! But we'll leave that up to God he seems to know what's best. I do think Liam and Perry would get along great! Here that God? Wow what a fun weekend, but wait it's not quite over. Then we went to Layni's for a nice family dinner. Geegaw was there so she and BC (Layni's mom) could sit on the back porch and discuss ailments, and surgeries, while crocheting things. Layni made a yummy ham she had to babysit for hours.....this is why you pay HoneyBaked large amounts of money to do that for you. She hooked it up though. I made Jodi's Potatoe's top secret'll have to ask my good friend Abby for it, it's in my head but I'm not sharing it's probably a most requested recipe though. We hid 48 eggs just for Perry and Maddie they had a blast hunting them. It's nice when it's just the two of them they get along great and are so funny together. Wow this post could go on record for the most pictures posted. How about a few more....or maybe just one. Oh well would you look at that it's my HOT HUSBAND! This is a candid photo, because any other time I try and get a picture of him he's making a face, so I caught this one before he had a chance. Ain't he cute? He's mine so back off. Ok blog fans, this post should be ranked as one of the best. Hopefully it'll load properly with all the photo's.

Take a few moments and think about what Jesus did for you these past holy days.....he was by no means just an ordinary man.....HE IS RISEN!


Long time no blog. This Movie is the greatest example of what Easter truly means. It's late and I don't feel like saying a whole lot although I should, considering the true meaning of Easter is what it's all about. Sacrafice. Check Teri's blog, she says it all. Much more articulate than I can be at 2:30 am!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


There's something missing? Yeah I know it's a pair beige ones, canvas straps, cushy sole. I know I know....don't need them do I? But they are so cute, boys section of the shoes,'s a mission. Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 10, 2006

Palm Sunday

Wow what a really great weekend. Now the hubby seems to have somewhat of control over the finances, he seems happier. He's still trying to tame me, but I am doing better. I really needed a shoe fix, so instead of getting more crocs ($30) I hooked myself up with a few pair of Old Navy flip flops $2.50, no one really complains about shoe buying when you are spending $2.50, and everyone benefits, Perry got 2 pair and one pair for Ron, 2 for me. Let's blame it on Stacie who's in town briefly, and just the mention of Old Navy flip flops, and my mind was consumed with the color possiblities. It's a sickness really. Ashton was with me for the day yesterday so she got 2 pair too. We then watched Saw I & II.....freaky movies, really good, but dang freaky! We both love a good scary movie. We had 28 days later too, but didn't get to it. Not sure I can watch a Zombie movie alone. Ron won't watch it with me, (he's a big scaredy cat). So another scary movie night is in order and soon. One good thing about having a 12 year old over with nothing really for her to do. Oh and she is like her mom and likes to clean. She likes the end result, yeah I don't get that sickness really, so you just gotta use it to your advantage. Perry's room was off the hook, and had been for sometime. Couldn't see the floor and the it was become a walking hazard. So I threw out a price and she was all over it. She did a clean sweep extreme makeover.....Perry was over joyed and she did an awesome job. Oh and for all the Curious George/Jack Johnson fans, not to worry, I'm going to leave them up for a while because I too love them, they make me happy.

Friday, April 07, 2006


I know it's 2 am...duh....Delirious totally rocked. Now to be totally footloose and fancy free, and somehow finaggle a trip to see Switchfoot in Columbus the day before Easter, man I'd be so so happy! Not sure it can happen...bummer....But that don't make me too old to kick it hard core and rock out....or should I say Blissful Worship rock music! Man there's nothing better.....then music that takes you into His that....So I told Layni to stage a photo with me while we look worshipful..... This apparently is how nice girls who were raised Methodist worship their savior! Yeah, Yeah, I know pretty hardcore huh?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Scrappin Shout Out

So what is it that happens to you when you give birth? Does it trigger the ADD or what? Before I had a child 8 almost 9 years ago, I could read a book. I was a slow reader like it once took me a whole summer to read Jurrasic Park, but I'd read a book from cover to cover. Now unless it's written in short choppy chapters, with lots of pictures, I can't finish a freakin book. Last book I read from front to back was Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, which was a year ago. Quite an inspiring book, and was broken down in very short choppy sections, and it had pictures. Perfect for someone with ADD.

Can not wait till friday, scrappin with my peeps, and Archivers. Yes I know it's the big bad meany of all scrapbook stores. But they have comfy chairs, nice tables, they have decent catered food, and I've hooked up quite the posse to attend with me. Stacie's in town, so she said hey lets scrap at Archivers Friday I mentioned it to a few she knew, then Archivers had to put someone evil on the phone with the pregnant friend, and not be helpful as far as table assignments. (so gay) So then I called in reinforcements so that we'd have a big ole gang hanging out on Friday. I think I got 8 people total to go in a 24 hour period. if folks read this, maybe more will come. We get a tad bit obnoxious sometimes when we all crop together. We are sarcastic, sometimes a bit...hee most of us have been scrappin together for over 5 years, so we know stuff and we know how to do stuff so the make and takes aren't all that exciting to us. Plus we've had a few run ins with the Archivers police, we aren't even thugs, I guess they just view us that way or something I don't know we try to be nice. I guess most of us have been annoyed with them on more than one occasion. Cause you'll call up and ask about a product you know they have and they haven't a clue what you are talking about. Or even in the store a customer will be asking about something and they'll get a blank stare in their face, and one of us who might happen to be in the store will be like yeah you got that and point them in the right direction. Anywho, we dig scrappin there none the less, so it's all good. So if you are reading this the Ohioscrapper scrappin posse will be at Archivers Friday night call and make reservations.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Who's the Fool??

Ok now who's the fool. Funny, thought there wasn't much traffic driving into church this morning. That's because everyone was ALREADY THERE! Forgot to spring forward! I swear I do this to one or the other every freakin year. Missed the baptisms, bummer. Perry and I did make it to the fun fun.....the whole sky was full of kites. We came home and managed to get our own kite in the sky. It's gorgeous out. Not going to spend it in here that's for sure!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Funny, Funny Stuff

I absolutely love it when I remember early on that it's April Fools day. I spend the first hours of the morning sceaming on how to get folks. Got my husband first thing this morning, said we were getting together with some folks he'd rather not hang with, and he was all like....ahhhh why? With a whole lot of was great....and I got to give the APRIL FOOLS shout, man I love that. Then I moved on to my brother. Told him, Ron and I got a decent bonus from the Army (yeah right) and we could go to Disney with him over spring break after all....told him we booked a hotel. So he was delighted. Poor guy, went on to tell me all the ways to save, and where to go to get good savings....blah blah blah....yeah not gonna happen, APRIL FOOLS sucker! Now kids are easy, told Perry there was a monkey in our backyard, he comes flying "where, where...." Right there see it, yeah poor kid....APRIL then the torture begins, once the kid knows it's April fools day all bets are off, and it's hours of joke torture. Spiders in hair, shoes untied (um dude I wear crocs no laces), pants on fire, your noodles are talking, the sky is falling, it never ends.....but then the classic, the one that sent us straight into stitches, are you ready???? "Hey got hair!" that was the greatest April fools joke of all. Well then he just got cruel, and even said...."Hey daddy, you're tall!" We then had to put a stop to the madness. Poor Ron, he's got a thick head of hair and is 6 feet tall, when he closes his eyes. Man I love April Fools Day!