Saturday, April 01, 2006

Funny, Funny Stuff

I absolutely love it when I remember early on that it's April Fools day. I spend the first hours of the morning sceaming on how to get folks. Got my husband first thing this morning, said we were getting together with some folks he'd rather not hang with, and he was all like....ahhhh why? With a whole lot of was great....and I got to give the APRIL FOOLS shout, man I love that. Then I moved on to my brother. Told him, Ron and I got a decent bonus from the Army (yeah right) and we could go to Disney with him over spring break after all....told him we booked a hotel. So he was delighted. Poor guy, went on to tell me all the ways to save, and where to go to get good savings....blah blah blah....yeah not gonna happen, APRIL FOOLS sucker! Now kids are easy, told Perry there was a monkey in our backyard, he comes flying "where, where...." Right there see it, yeah poor kid....APRIL then the torture begins, once the kid knows it's April fools day all bets are off, and it's hours of joke torture. Spiders in hair, shoes untied (um dude I wear crocs no laces), pants on fire, your noodles are talking, the sky is falling, it never ends.....but then the classic, the one that sent us straight into stitches, are you ready???? "Hey got hair!" that was the greatest April fools joke of all. Well then he just got cruel, and even said...."Hey daddy, you're tall!" We then had to put a stop to the madness. Poor Ron, he's got a thick head of hair and is 6 feet tall, when he closes his eyes. Man I love April Fools Day!

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