Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy with Myself!

Well I did something I thought I'd never in a million years ever do. It's one of those ice breaker type questions, "Have you ever gone to the movies by yourself, or would you?" Normally my answer to that question would be "NO!" cause that's just plain wierd. But tonight for some reason, I was completely fine with it. There was a movie I really wanted to see, and didn't think anyone would really care to see it with me. Didn't really feel like persuading anyone really, or explaining the premise of the movie and why it would be good. Just wanted to see it. I hear about lots of movies on the movie reviews podcast. Odd movies you rarely hear anything about but they get a good review, and you wanna see it. Like the Piano from way back in the day. And now this Movie....Thank you For Smoking. It was awesome, really great well done Satire. About a lobbiest for the Tobacco industry, certainly not many of those left, for good reason, because they don't have a leg to stand on. Which this movie pretty much proves. But back to the issue at hand.....I went BY MYSELF........and I don't feel wierd at all. It was completely liberating, and fun! Like a new adventure. I didn't have to argue with anyone on what to see. I didn't have to share my popcorn. I specifically wore clothes that were comfortable and not for looking good. Like my feely t-shirt under my favorite sweatshirt that has a hole in it but I can't seem to give it up. But I wore clothes that were dreadful, so folks wouldn't talk to me and I could avoid being friendly. LOL.....I seriously upon walking in got a look, like "what the hell?" Ha! I honestly don't think I really looked that bad....I got the look before I saw my reflection and then was convinced that the looker was obviously a no class ho, cause I looked fine and comfy. Hooked myself up with a medium popcorn and large coke....ALL FOR ME! Sat right in the middle, front seats where the bar is you can put your feet on. 3 older people sat next to me with a seat in between us. Just before the previews started the older man tapped me on the shoulder.....{me thinking} crap I don't look bad enough and now a dude in his 70's is going to attempt to pick me up. Seriously the man was in his 70's, like grandpa material. And he says to me....."I like you shoes." Dude wasn't gay I swear, he was dead serious! I'm like "Ah...thanks" a little shocked a 70 year old man would compliment me a frompy 30 something mother and wife....on her BUTTER YELLOW CROCS. He said: "What are those?" I said "crocs"....he said "What?" He was in his 70's probably hard of hearing and frankly was probably shocked that I said Crocs, and then in the same sentence said you can get them at "Dicks sporting goods...." So in less than 5 minutes I said "Crocs and Dicks" in the same sentence, that poor man at that point was probably dreadfully frightened of me. But he didn't look scared he completely got it, and will probably have his own crocs come tomorrow. Said his feet get sweaty and since those shoes have holes they'd get some air. And he asked "Are the comfortable and how much do they cost...." Wow....the crocs company is going to owe me a pair in every color. I encourage you to #1 get some crocs and #2 go to a movie by yourself it's completely liberating!


Julie said...

I am sooooo jealous!! I can relate to the movie thing - we're at Blockbuster just last night (me & Andy alone) and we have to get a comedy or action flick 'cause he hates DRAMA. Watched Fun with Dick & Jane which was funny. Woo hoo to you!

Heather said...

My first by myself movies was Sleepless in Seattle -- I still get misty with that movie becuase I think during the WHOLE thing, "Cool -- I'm by myself!" (It'a actually the only by myself movie...!)

I would have TOTALLY gone to see "Thank You" with you -- no one I know wants to see it!

sewcynful said...

Okay, I WOULD have gone with you if I hadn't already promised Ben we'd see a movie TOGETHER since the camping trip was cancelled due to torrential rains. I am impressed that you went by yourself and paid FULL PRICE for a movie in your Crocs. You're my idol. See you at camp day #2, where it will be beautiful and sunny!

Melinda said...

I went the movies by myself exactly once. I saw "Bridget Jones' Diary" at a 10 p.m. showing. Can I just say that when I went "alone", I had no idea how ALONE I would be as I was the ONLY one who was in that theater!!! I'm SURE they loved having to run the show for one person and then imagine laughing and crying BY YOURSELF in the theater...craziness!

Glad you had fun & that others were there at least!