Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year in Review

So I was looking over last years blog posts. And I'd say the most significant things that happened in the past year was Perrys diagnoses, and him not getting into Springer. So good to have that to look back on and see God moving through it all. So cool. I said in one post that if Perry didn't get into Springer that I'd not only be disappointed but I'd be devastated. Seems that God protected me from devastation. Seems with him not getting into Springer, it gave me the oppurtunity to put some trust into the public school system and let them see what they could do for him, and I am more than pleased with the results. Seems God put all the right people in place, and it worked out better.
This verse was fairly significant.....
1 Samuel 14:7 "Do all that you have in mind....go ahead, I am with you heart and soul."
So significant I put it at the top of my Christmas letter. I think I'll keep it in mind for the beginning of the new year. Perry has seemed to have matured this year as well, doesn't stress me out quite as much and seems to have learned to respond to me more often than never. So heres to a great stressfree new year......see ya 2006..........HELLO 2007!


Saturday, December 30, 2006


I think it's been maybe a months since I've mentioned their name so here ya go. The mans budget is keeping me from getting this new album. I couldn't even get it at Target with my gift card cause they didn't have it dang then there this.

Forgot to mention OPERATION HUG THERAPY UPDATE: I'm up to at least 15 hugs now, folks you haven't seen in 10-15 years love to hug. Some more than once. Plus I don't think they know my issues with hugs.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Getting Old

Ok so hooked up with some High School peeps last night for dinner. We spent some time checking out photo's from the Class of 86's reunion, and protested that there is no way we are that old. There is no way that we even look that old. I am at least 100+ pounds heavier than I was in High School. Not a pretty sight! So my 20 year reunion is in 10 months. I could lose some serious weightage in that amount of time, and I could look stunning right? Man weightloss is so hard, and I'm so not motivated. All the girls at dinner last night were um skinny....dang I hate them! I certainly don't want to be the fat girl at the reunion.

Have to say though it was so much fun hooking up with folks from High School. Many of them I did not hang with in High School, so we were all from different social groups, it was very interesting. How we each have led different lives, yet had one common bond we went to the same school. For some reason that made us seem comfortable around each other. It was funny as we shared photos, I'm thinking, how funny I have those same pictures taken from a different perspective. Or we'd talk about our extended family and we'd be saying the same kind of thing, like our parents are crazy or getting old, or we don't speak to that person for whatever reason. We all go through the same things, no matter what social group we were in, in High School. I think this reunions going to be so much fun, in the mean time we make new friends, and find old ones.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Round 3 of 3

The third and final round of Christmas brought lots of fun gifts. I knew about all my gifts from the folks. Hate not being surprised, but I guess it beats the alternative of running all over town returning ugly clothing. Ron got me 2 DVD's, 3 pairs of socks, a T-shirt, a hat. All of which were a surprise. I got Little Miss one of my favorite movies! And Christmas brought the completion of our first 3 ugly dolls. Perry designes them by making a drawing. I turn the drawing into a pattern, and cut out all the pieces. Then Geegaw sews them.

This one is Maddies. Our first drawing adapted into a pattern. Her name is Flo, and she enjoys picking flowers.

This one is Perry's. His name is Snarf, he enjoyes eating french fries, watching movies, and eating the tires off of Matchbox Cars.

This one was made for Zack. His name is Reese, and his favorite passtime is warming peoples hands. Keep your eyes peeled for more ugly be created as the artist, gets a spark of genius. This idea was adapted from the orignial uglydolls., then also from Kelli Crowe, we thought it was such a great idea as we were fans of the originals to begin with. We couldn't wait to make our own.

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Round 1 of 3

Maizy got a pretty handmedown sweater from Fatso today. Doesn't she look pretty with her new sweater, and her new hairdo?
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Thought

Think about it:

Did Mary know she was kissing the face of God?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Madness

Ok I'll admit it he sure is pretty! He got his hair did today. Wanted the dogs to look pretty for the holidays.
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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Ok because I'm so exhausted I've lost the ability to think, I'm just going to post video's from now till christmas. I coming in clearly? Is this thing on?

Operation hug update: 9 hugs total. I initiated a hug to a fellow non-hugger Jen, before we wrapped gifts at the mall. She totally had the very familiar "don't hug me look", but I did it anyways....ha ha.....I'm still not a hugger.....I'm trying...but it's still flippin wierd. Dang hugging wierdo's.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hate Me....

Ok not my usual feel good love my shoes song, but a good song none the less.....I like it a lot.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This is not a Test


Saturday, December 09, 2006


Perry won 3rd place overall in a drawing contest at Ron's work. They had to submit drawings depicting each of the companies core values. Perry chose respect. He drew a picture of his Daddy in his work uniform, and simply said on his picture "I respect my Daddy." cute! So Ron didn't even know we entered. These are for a calender so they chose 12 pictures from the entries to represent each month, and then chose the 3 winners from those. Perry got a month, but we aren't sure which month. But his big winnings was $100 gift card to Toys R cool is that. When he was first told I don't think he was able to fathom the amount of money he won and all that he could get with that. So we went to Toys R Us today so he could spend his gift card. First of all who knew it would be a madhouse this time of year, something about Christmas or something. Well it was like he was on a shopping he could pretty much buy whatever he wanted and was able to purchase lots of things, as his interests are not expensive. Legos, Transformers, Bionicles, Cars, and dragons, he got it all. One of the things he's wanted for a while is an's a interactive fish that responds to your voice and petting. Plus you can plug an I-Pod into it and it'll dance. Not to mention it seems to enjoy my singing too. Very fun. So it appears aliens have taken over my home.

Progress is being made on my holiday to-do's. I've got my Christmas cards halfway completed. I just finished my labels, I just have to print them. Copy my letter and give them a stamp and off they'll go. Ron assures me the budget will allow for me to finish my christmas shopping next week.....Lord I hope so, otherwise folks will be getting a big fat nothing, and nobody will like me. I think he will allow me to make puppy chow (powdered sugar, chocolate, peanut butter on some cereal, yummy goodness), so how ghetto would it be for every one to get a ziplock (generic) of Puppy Chow? Ha! Goodness I hope I don't have to stoop that low.
Send up some words for my SIL's mom she's in the hospital not doing so well last I heard. I'm sure some prayers from many strangers would be most appreciated.

Hug Update: 8 Total hugs recieved since Operation Hug began. Sneak Attack Hug from Connie last night upon leaving Stacie's house at 2:30 am.....we are scrappin maniacs.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Ok so we went from the 60's to FREAKIN FREEZING in like 2 days. And this morning being stuck in traffic for 2 hours....NOT FUN. I was cold at work all day, got a little warmed up when I got home but had to work on christmas card stuff, and it was cold in the basement in my "scrap-studio" I am slightly chilled.....I just want to be room tempurture, without the chill. All of the sudden I feel like I have a week to get everything done for Christmas....which I sort of do, I's more like 2 weeks till the acutal day, but I get together with friends before that so I have to have gifts for them ect....I feel so behind....anyone else feel that?

I recieved my first mystery card. If your name is Kristin, and you live in do I know you? Not to mention you said to e-mail you, but left me no e-mail address. Your handwriting was familiar, and you wrote directly to me like you know me well....except I have no clue who you are. I feel horrible, the card seems so personal. So if you are Kristin....gimme a shout and let me know how I know you. And remember if you have moved inform people you moved and give them your new address, it's the polite thing to do......Cousin if you are out there and reading my blog, I know you were moving to about an address?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Budgeting Update

Well I actually used cash at the grocery this past weekend. You would be shocked at what little you can buy on a limited amount of money. Maybe I just need to be a smarter shopper. Oddly enough I found there was no vegitables in the house. Except for frozen peas....barf....hate peas. Bought them only for Ron. He asked why did you buy peas (which I did a while ago) if I'm the only one who will eat them? Um....why should you be deprived, just because no one else likes the tiny little barf balls. Well he got a veggie with his dinner the other night and I did not. Perry has mastered the skill of getting Geegaw to take him to McDonalds almost daily. Which means the food rations can be stretched's all part of the master plan.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

12 x 12 page

12 x 12 best one, originally uploaded by Yoda0419.

I never do 12 x 12 pages, but I did for this project. Click on the page and it'll take you to the other projects. Thanks for everyones support. Sorry my blog is lame lately bloggers got some issues so I'm not able to add any interesting flare or change the font colors....hopefully these pictures will upload.

Amazed by You....

You dance over me while I am unaware
You sing all around but I never hear the sound

Lord I'm amazed by You
Lord I'm amazed by You
Lord I'm amazed by You
And how You love me

You paint the morning sky with miracles in mind
My hope will always stand
For You hold me in Your hand

How deep how wide
How great is Your love for me

Ever get the feeling during worship at church that it's just you and God? I do pretty often. God knows that's where he has my full attention, during worship music, now matter where I am, but mostly during sunday morning worship. Such an awesome feeling. These lyric really spoke to me this morning, I think he was preparing my heart for the disappointment I'd feel later in the day when I didn't make the RMH design team....bummer...just not my time is all, but I'd be lying and cold if I said I wasn't bummed. My attempts to wow those doing the voting, just didn't make the cut. The votes were close so that's not to say I didn't miss out by one vote. Or not....doesn't matter in the end I scrap for family too, but mostly me, and I really did a great job as far as I'm concerned and that's what matters. For some reason Bloggers not letting me post pictures so I'll do it from Picaso. Thanks to those who put up with my stress this past week when I was preparing my projects, you gave me great support.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Well we've all been treated, except Ron, um he's bald. Everythings been washed, and mom has picked teadiously through my hair, (she's got skills from when Ashton had the dreaded bugs in Kindergarten) and declared me bugfree. Now if they descover them again it's the punks at the bus stop....or again they are being harvested under his scalp. I'll tell you what though my scalp has never looked so clean. So all the projects have been posted for the Design Team gig at RMH....yowza that's some stiff competition....everyones so good and so different. I'm having a tough time I know what the current design team has to go through when theres a contest. I did a 12 x 12 layout, man that was hard, but I pulled it off. Regardless win or lose I'm really proud of my entry, I stayed true to my style and thats what matters to me.

Friday, December 01, 2006

I swear I'm not Icky.....

I love photo's like this....his face is so sweet. The boat is sweet too. Ok so here is what is causing all the damn stress...not the only thing, but it is rather stressful. LICE IS THE DEVIL!!! There I said it and have lost quite a few hangout friends now, I'm sure. Thankfully quite a few of my blog faithfuls live across the country so they can't get it. OMG.....4 times this boys been sent home 4 times I've washed bed clothes, dude I have mayonaise in my house has never been cleaner......who in the heck is rubbing heads with my kid and reinfesting him every other freakin day??? Um my husbands it ain't him. I think those little parasites are sprouting from his scalp. They are coming from inside his head or something. They are mutant inside the head lice....those bastards.... Posted by Picasa


Stress has cause a ginormous zit to form on my chin, and damn does it hurt. I'll be done with Stress saturday so until then, blogland could be very very quiet. Good news, we found our book of Christmas Questions. We have another book of questions around here somewhere, but this one works for now....I'll pick one....

#247 What has been the greatest blessing in your life since last Christmas?

I like to start of deep.