Friday, December 08, 2006


Ok so we went from the 60's to FREAKIN FREEZING in like 2 days. And this morning being stuck in traffic for 2 hours....NOT FUN. I was cold at work all day, got a little warmed up when I got home but had to work on christmas card stuff, and it was cold in the basement in my "scrap-studio" I am slightly chilled.....I just want to be room tempurture, without the chill. All of the sudden I feel like I have a week to get everything done for Christmas....which I sort of do, I's more like 2 weeks till the acutal day, but I get together with friends before that so I have to have gifts for them ect....I feel so behind....anyone else feel that?

I recieved my first mystery card. If your name is Kristin, and you live in do I know you? Not to mention you said to e-mail you, but left me no e-mail address. Your handwriting was familiar, and you wrote directly to me like you know me well....except I have no clue who you are. I feel horrible, the card seems so personal. So if you are Kristin....gimme a shout and let me know how I know you. And remember if you have moved inform people you moved and give them your new address, it's the polite thing to do......Cousin if you are out there and reading my blog, I know you were moving to about an address?

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