Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Round 3 of 3

The third and final round of Christmas brought lots of fun gifts. I knew about all my gifts from the folks. Hate not being surprised, but I guess it beats the alternative of running all over town returning ugly clothing. Ron got me 2 DVD's, 3 pairs of socks, a T-shirt, a hat. All of which were a surprise. I got Little Miss one of my favorite movies! And Christmas brought the completion of our first 3 ugly dolls. Perry designes them by making a drawing. I turn the drawing into a pattern, and cut out all the pieces. Then Geegaw sews them.

This one is Maddies. Our first drawing adapted into a pattern. Her name is Flo, and she enjoys picking flowers.

This one is Perry's. His name is Snarf, he enjoyes eating french fries, watching movies, and eating the tires off of Matchbox Cars.

This one was made for Zack. His name is Reese, and his favorite passtime is warming peoples hands. Keep your eyes peeled for more ugly be created as the artist, gets a spark of genius. This idea was adapted from the orignial uglydolls., then also from Kelli Crowe, we thought it was such a great idea as we were fans of the originals to begin with. We couldn't wait to make our own.

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Heather said...

When will Perry be marketing them...???

Diana Detmering said...

What a wonderful way to take your "scissor happy" child's art and create lasting gifts with it! I wish I would have thought of that years ago! How absolutly adorable! Merry Christmas! Diana

Teresa Gordon said...

I love them. How much are you selling for?

Melinda said...

Very fun!!! What a neat idea!

Baboya said...

I think selling them or just calling them Ugly Dolls breaks copyright laws.