Friday, December 29, 2006

Getting Old

Ok so hooked up with some High School peeps last night for dinner. We spent some time checking out photo's from the Class of 86's reunion, and protested that there is no way we are that old. There is no way that we even look that old. I am at least 100+ pounds heavier than I was in High School. Not a pretty sight! So my 20 year reunion is in 10 months. I could lose some serious weightage in that amount of time, and I could look stunning right? Man weightloss is so hard, and I'm so not motivated. All the girls at dinner last night were um skinny....dang I hate them! I certainly don't want to be the fat girl at the reunion.

Have to say though it was so much fun hooking up with folks from High School. Many of them I did not hang with in High School, so we were all from different social groups, it was very interesting. How we each have led different lives, yet had one common bond we went to the same school. For some reason that made us seem comfortable around each other. It was funny as we shared photos, I'm thinking, how funny I have those same pictures taken from a different perspective. Or we'd talk about our extended family and we'd be saying the same kind of thing, like our parents are crazy or getting old, or we don't speak to that person for whatever reason. We all go through the same things, no matter what social group we were in, in High School. I think this reunions going to be so much fun, in the mean time we make new friends, and find old ones.

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Heather said...

It's the week for nostalgia!! Our reunion is on 08... so I've got time to get into that size 8... :)