Saturday, March 28, 2009

On Turning 40.

IS ANYONE EVEN OUT THERE OR ARE YOU ALL ON FACEBOOK.....If you are reading this and you blog, for the love of all things blog worthy, get off facebook, no one cares that you've just gone shopping or you are going to bed, and blog something, tell us about your life in more than 10 words!

Sorry no blogging...yes I am blaming facebook once again. I am a true addict and not afraid to admit it. So while I was out, I turned 40 while the world was watching. So the tuesday of the week I turned 40 during the Beth Moore video, Beth read from the "redbook" a book full of
e-mails that women sent in in response to "It's tough being a women because....." and the very first one she read was, "It's tough being a women because I am about to turn 40 and I fear becoming normal and ordinary....." Bahahahaha....isn't that what everyone fears? What is normal anyways? Who gets to define normal? This could be why my response to turning 40 was going and getting my nose pierced! Did I do it because I fear being normal? Possibly....I think I do a lot of things because I fear being what I would define as normal. I don't think normal is bad actually. Nose piercing is acutally more normal than it was say 2 maybe 3 years ago. I've been wanting it for probably that long cause I think it looks cool, and I'm glad I did it. One thing I've noticed since turning 40, I feel more adult like. Like I wasn't before and now that I'm no longer in my 30's now I'm a grown up. Which means.....I DO WHAT I WANT! Ha Ha....thanks Kristi, since hearing those words my life has never been the same. Feel free to use that cause it works. Someone asks you some crazy question in regards to something you've done....such as nose piercing. And they say "why?" and you say....."I'm a grown ass women, I DO WHAT I WANT!...." They'll respect anything you say after that I promise.
Something else I've noticed since turning 40, I feel wiser. Not that I'm all knowing, and know everything, I just feel more confident in what I do know. I better take advantage of that since I guess after 60 you lose all that knowledge and gotta relearn it or something.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mulch Sales

Need Mulch?

This Scout is selling it.....
Either leave a comment here that you'd like info or e-mail me at and I will get the info to you. Troop 969 thanks you for your support!