Monday, October 25, 2004

Ok so now that this layout is completed, it's hilarious! That's my best friend Layni attempting to feed the giant deer with her mouth. I actually pieced 2 photo's together to make it look like a giant deer. I may have to submit this one, too funny! Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I got my scrap on this weekend. Did 5 pages, as always had a great time with my peeps! Posted by Hello

Friday, October 22, 2004

Ok cast your vote, should we do retakes, I think his smiles a bit crooked, but Ron thinks they are cute. We'll have a good laugh years to come I am sure. Tell me what you think! Posted by Hello

Monday, October 18, 2004

Everyone else sick!

Now the kid and the husband are sick. Perry's just got a cough and a runny nose, he doesn't really feel bad, acts normal. Ron however is achy and whiney! Probably from lack of sleep, the man doesn't sleep when he can, says he can't. What? I don't care what time of day it is if I am tired and need to sleep I can make myself sleep. But heck if you aren't going to sleep and you are home all day with "nothing" to do, do something domestic, all that crap ain't my responsibility! UGH.....MEN....who trains them like that anyways? While I am on the subject of husband haters. Why can't he just say nothing when he doesn't like something I cook? I made scrambled eggs for breakfast on saturday, and I got fancy and put some cream cheese in them (shhhh he doesn't like cream cheesse). Makes them kind of creamy and gives them a yummy taste. I didn't brown the scrambled eggs, I like them pretty and yellow. He ate them, and said nothing, until 24 hours later, he says as we are leaving church, "were those eggs yesterday over easy?" What? You are 34 years old and have ordered eggs over easy, what kind of crazy question is that? He said "they were kind of runny". I reminded him of the rule if you don't have nothing nice to say don't say it at all. Ok I'm done being a husband hater.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Still Sick!

Ok so I feel a bit better today thanks for the 2 of you who are concerned about my well being. How is it that a man who knows his wife is ill can't put some sheets on a bed? They are clean in the dryer all he has to do is put them on the bed, I didn't ask him to iron them, just put them on the bed. Why am I the only who who notices that a 7 year old can't aim? For the toilet that is. Why am I the only one cleaning pea off the wall? I mean granted I am probably the worlds worse house keeper, why is it just my job? Is it just my husband who thinks his only job is to cut the grass, and that's enough? He is a good husband and father, I will give him that, and he runs on little sleep usually. Which for the lack of sleep I have no simpathy for, because he could get more, but he abuses his free time and doesn't sleep like he should, I ain't complaining cause I do the same thing, but my theroy I'll get all the sleep I want when I'm dead. Ok just thought I'd take the time before the nyquil really kicked in to complain about my spouse, a woman has that right! Feel free to leave you complaint in the comment section.

Monday, October 11, 2004


Man I hate going to the doctor. Ecspecially twice within less than 2 weeks. Last time they gave me the choice to be weighed or not. I know I'm WAY overweight so lets just skip that so my whole days not ruined. This time she said "hop up on the scale".....UGH....why not close my eyes? I didn't and it wasn't pretty. Stupid fat gene, as I break the curse of mental illness from my family, and refuse to be crazy. Why not break the curse of the fat gene? I guess it's impossible to do both, be sane and fat or be skinny and crazy. Not sure which is worse. Well I missed work today, that's 2 mondays in a row. Hopefully they won't hate me. They like keeping employees so they probably won't be too upset with me, but I was up ALL NIGHT literally coughing my full head off. I slept for maybe 30 min total, so I was pretty much useless to anyone. I am going to bed now and it's before 11pm so that's a record.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Well if you read my blog yesterday and tried to click on the fancy links I added, they probably didn't work. It ain't my fault, something went crazy with the blogger folks, I did everything right. So re-read yesterdays blog and it should work the way it's suppose to.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Random Life Stuff

What the? I tell you what I just typed this long long blog, and something crazy happened and it disappeared! Talk about Random life stuff testing my patience! Argh! Tonights alpha talk was on resisting evil. I can hear that same talk a million times and still get something new out of it. Steve Fuller does a great talk on resisting evil. I guess to be able to fight off evil in this world you first have to admit that evil exists and not pretend like it ain't there. Good heavens we are surrounded by it. All that stuff of the world, leaves you with nothing but an empty lifestyle, full of doubt, guilt, and shame, which eventually leads to broken relationships. My thought is all that stuff isn't God testing you, it's satan testing you to see if you are for real about this Christian stuff. Anyways I am sure I've offended a whole lot of folks by now, but I'm just keeping it real. It's just who I am deal with it. You got your thing, this is my thing, I'm just telling you what I know to be true, nuff said. Now you wanna talk about some random life stuff testing your faith....check out my friend Stacie's blog, holy crap that's some serious madness! Oh and can I mention again how amazing Switchfoot is? I figure if I mention it enough everyone will run out and own that CD. My latest obsession is "I dare you to Move." That song is the definition of what it's like to get that good God feeling and then random life stuff happens...and well "I dare you to Move." Great song.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Life just seems so blah, lately. Nothing all that exciting happening. Nothing all that exciting to look forward to really. Could be just my mood I suppose. Theres some good God stuff going on, but nobody to really share it with that gets all that excited about it, like I do.

I guess my problem is nobody seems to "get" me. If I were to tell any of my friends that the reason I cried everyday 2 weeks ago, could possibly be, because the Holy Spirit was working on me, they all might respectfully agree for the moment but then probably later think I was nuts, and clearly in need of some kind of mind altering medication. I so enjoy being involved with Alpha, and seeing the transformation that people go through, how God touches them in such a simple way. It's like you go into it, and the first week you peg folks like "oh yeah this is the time we have people who just aren't going to get it." And I've been at 3 tables now and every single time everyone gets it, and their lives are transformed.

Lots of good God stuff going on at the Vineyard, guess that's something to look forward to huh? Just watch and see the lives that are changed by God's grace, it's as simple as that.