Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas, Cancer, and the New Year

Oh I have been a straight up blog slacker! I'd like to do as my cousin did and blame Facebook. I can also blame my mother who went into the emergency room a month ago with a kidney stone, and in a matter of days she was having emergency surgery to remove a tumor from her bladder....which was cancer. For the record no offense to anyone who might know him, her surgeon was an ASSclown!!! Who drops the C bomb on ones family like it's no big deal and then walks out of the room with no clarification??? Which is what he did right after the surgery that was suppose to take 2 hours and took 5 instead. So she was in the hospital way too long and then from there went to Shroder Manor a nursing home so she could continue her recovery. She came home on Christmas Eve.
Funny little thing happened when I went to pick my mom up. I was loading her stuff into my trunk. I went to step up on the curb, and didn't quite lift my foot enough, and tripped and fell directly on my face....face did not hit the pavement since ones instinct is to put out arms so the palms of my hands is what hit the pavement....but not for long cause I jumped right up. I was down long enough for the caroling Geri's to catch a glimps of me on the ground, which I'm sure was enjoyable. OUCH!
We had a good Christmas. My cousins house on Christmas Eve was wierd since this is the first christmas without Rachel. There was just an underlying sadness, but it was good to be with family. The Christmas cards were light this year, didn't get as many as I have in the past.

This past year I feel like I did a whole lot of stuff, and didn't really do anything as good as I could have. As in I was spreading myself way too thin. I hope in the coming year to find one thing to volunteer for and do it well. I really want to find something God wants me to do, and to give it my all.....cause lets be real I got some skills in something, and I'm sure God can use those skills somewhere. (something other than scouts....just a hint God....just saying I don't think that's it.....)
Cute kids from my christmas Party. Patiently waiting to open their presents.
Another more disasterous attempt at a Gingerbread House. The kids were tired, and I was tired and slap happy maybe a bit tipsy as well. A more serious attempt will be made next year!
Thank You Santa for arming my child, and my husband with Nerf ammo. No animal, stuffed or live is safe in our home.

And I present to you a Christmas Princess!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Fun with Sugar

This here is photo's from our Gingerbread House making adventure. Not a whole lot of planning went into this. We are proud of our structure, however we have some stiff professional looking competition, and we are going to require sympathy votes to win. So all of you blog viewers need to go to IKEA starting Monday and vote for our house....the one with the blue roof....the one that may appear to be falling down. We win a pizza party for our department....CUSTOMER SERVICE....and the best part recognition. Thanks for all your votes we'll need it....oh and buy some furniture while you are there.

1. Builders, 2. Customer Service, 3. Delapidated structure, 4. Pretty sure we were drunk!, 5. People who didn't make the cut...and got eaten, 6. The couch looked good until we saw the competition!, 7. Adding more goo, 8. DSCN0060, 9. DSCN0059, 10. Seriously we were wasted, 11. Hee...., 12. Nice touch, 13. Store manager.., 14. We rock, 15. What we had to work with, 16. DSCN0044, 17. DSCN0045, 18. DSCN0047, 19. Stuff from Bistro...this ain't ours!, 20. Competition

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

First Video

Ok got a new camera, and I recorded this video, of my precious angel!

It gets a little scary at the end so be prepared. I had to delete the funny funny IKEA video because I couldn't take it off of autoplay and it was annoying me.