Saturday, December 06, 2008

Fun with Sugar

This here is photo's from our Gingerbread House making adventure. Not a whole lot of planning went into this. We are proud of our structure, however we have some stiff professional looking competition, and we are going to require sympathy votes to win. So all of you blog viewers need to go to IKEA starting Monday and vote for our house....the one with the blue roof....the one that may appear to be falling down. We win a pizza party for our department....CUSTOMER SERVICE....and the best part recognition. Thanks for all your votes we'll need it....oh and buy some furniture while you are there.

1. Builders, 2. Customer Service, 3. Delapidated structure, 4. Pretty sure we were drunk!, 5. People who didn't make the cut...and got eaten, 6. The couch looked good until we saw the competition!, 7. Adding more goo, 8. DSCN0060, 9. DSCN0059, 10. Seriously we were wasted, 11. Hee...., 12. Nice touch, 13. Store manager.., 14. We rock, 15. What we had to work with, 16. DSCN0044, 17. DSCN0045, 18. DSCN0047, 19. Stuff from Bistro...this ain't ours!, 20. Competition


Heather said...

Who cares what it looks like?!!?!? It's just always fun putting them together - I've never put one together that stayed together... Analyze THAT!

Teresa said...

It looks AWESOME!!!!! You guys ROCK!