Saturday, December 31, 2005

Good-Bye 2005

Truth is I miss this Michael Jackson, just keepin it real!

Ok I've decided to end 2005, by not getting out of my jammies. Is that wrong? Ron's in the storage room going through boxes that have been untouched since we moved here in 2003. So I think I will venture into my scrappin/laundry room and ORGANIZE. You heard me right maybe if I find my table I'll do one more page for 2005. Happy New Year everyone, the only resolution or intention (sounds more doable) I have for the coming year is to continue to eat healthy, I lost 20 lbs last year, gained 10 back, so I am still 10 lbs lighter than last year so I seem to be going in the right direction. Yipeee......

I love Technology......

Not as much as you, you see, always and forever! Good heavens long time no blog. I was checking Stacie's blog and was like dude blog already! Um duh....I haven't blogged either. I feel like I've been a veg since Christmas was over. Not really wanting to do much of anything but mess with my ipod, take photo's of my gnome and watch TV. But alas, I met my peeps tonight at Archivers, and we got our scrap on. I may have only done 2 pages and did a tiny bit of gossiping, but it felt good. The page creating did anyways. I think we frighten newer scrappers. After all according to some we invented scrapbooking (little inside jokey). We had a stranger sitting with us this evening. From what I've seen and know, it seems your average scrapper does not use staples or sandpaper. Heck they may not even own an inkpad. We scare them with all of our equiptment. But a page creation just doesn't feel right without using something rather unconventional. I picked up Big Picture Scrapbooking and I have to tell ya it could be one of those idea books that changes my way of scrappin forever, just like Becky and Rebecca did, not to mention Heidi Swapp. Such simple and doable ideas on how to organize crap, and taking the stress and tension out of scrapping photo. Wow who knew? We all did it's just nice for someone to say it outloud. So I submitted this layout but so what I will also blog it because it probably won't get picked up, nothing ever does and I am completely fine with that. It was one I had sketched out when I was considering doing HOF this year, it's done but not for HOF.....too dang stressful. I don't care how amazing this layout may be to anyone, NO I am not entering HOF so don't even start people. This is the first I've scrapped since November I believe. Felt good, real good....can I do it again soon?

The Wee Gnome has been on the move. This is from this evenings antics. Went to Biggs after scrappin, so it was around midnightish, did my grocery shopping, great time for that basically had the place to myself, just me and the Gnome. So much fun, I'd venture to say one of my favorite gifts ever. Oh and yes I am aware it's nearly 4 am.....good Lord, I should go to bed now.

Monday, December 26, 2005

It's really over!

Christmas that is. Now the after Christmas sales. Favorite gift given to me? Oprah in a box. Very thoughtful of my husband to give me that. I stayed up till 2:30 am watching the first disc, cried and cried. Didn't sob till I came to the story about Mattie! Oh if we could all be as inspiring as this little boy and view life through his eyes, what a better place this world would be. Photo's of the festivities.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Something very sick and twisted about Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo. But it's dang funny!
Those of you who can't really stomach dancing poo with a Santa hat, check out this rap about The Chronic-les of Narnia.

Have a blessed Holiday!

Meet The Wee Gnome.

First Adventure out
Originally uploaded by Yoda0419.
My friend at work Marianne gave me this Wee Gnome, because she knew I'd have fun with him. Guess the legend began in england. Respectable folks would steal other peoples garden gnome, take it on a trip, take photo's while gone and send to the owners. This is a small Gnome, perfect to go anywhere, and fun I shall have indeed.

Jesus is the Reason for Life....

So little to blog about so much time, strike that reverse it. Still running this marathon called the Christmas season. I remain behind this year. All I know is that my non-helpful husband better pull himself together, not complain and just be helpful tomorrow. Lots of stuff to do before we head out to Indiana to celebrate with family. I decided since I am lame, and have no gifts for my relatives, they always get gifts for Perry and often for us, just a little something, usually less than $10, but for some reason I forget that I am now a grown up and am suppose to participate in the gift giving. My immediate family, and close friends whom I buy for every year, I do fine, and I don't forget, everyone else, I'll get a gift and be like "ah dag....had I known"......DUH! So this year I will cook, I'll take a side dish and a desert and call it my gift. Not to mention the 2 bottles of wine I am taking to show some love. Except I'm not sure I've ever seen these relatives drink wine. Ahhhh come on cousins we're grown ups lets have a little wine and be respectable. Which brings me to one of many topics I'd like to discuss at this wee hour in the morning.

WINE: I've just discovered how nice wine can be. You find something you like have a few glasses with your friends, it's really quite appealing. There's just something about it. Sure I am a fine Christian women, who puts Christ first in her life and make great strides to make sure that is apparent. So why should an occasional glass of wine a few times a year be so controversial? You get the looks, and the comments like no Christian should be drinking at all. Ok um why not? You get nuts like my father who call a nice bottle of wine BOOZE....simmer down old man, it's chardonnay not moonshine. The bible clearly says do not be DRUNK with wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit. So 1 or 2 glass I am not drunk, even 6 still not drunk, my lips may be a bit numb, but I'm not what I would call drunk. Now if you know you clearly have a drinking problem or you know that it could become an issue than no an occasional glass of wine is not ok, because you know that's not all it will be. If you know you can't just drink a few beers and be done, then no it's not ok. Drinking strictly to numb whatever problems you aren't willing to deal with in life, nope that's not ok. So funny thing happened while discussing alcohol at church this evening. Ha! I was discussing wine and taking it to Christmas eve with the fam, along with a brief discussion on Appletini's with Cyndi before the play this evening. And a very nice lady sitting in front of us heard us, and her ears perked up, and she added what other "tini's" are good. Was sure to add, that she wasn't much of a drinker but a glass of wine or 2 is quite nice. Nothing like some alcohol advice while at church.......only at the Vineyard. Hopefully she found it to be a safe place after that discussion since I don't think she had ever been to our church before as she was filling out a "connect card".

CHURCH: Ok so apparently church not happening on Christmas Sunday is rather controversial. Who knew. I am so dang easy going, I didn't give it another thought. I respected the fact that VCC was choosing not to have church on Sunday. I'm sure a great deal of thought went into their reasons why. Besides Jesus isn't only the reason for the season he's the reason for everyday and every Sunday. And if folks are so hell bent (funny hell bent) on going to church on Sunday then go to another church, we all worship the same God! Selfish me, welcomes not adding church to the mix of the already way too busy and stressful day. I guess all this nonsense must be in the paper and on the news, I've not seen either so I am drawing my own conclusions. So for a good laugh check out what was going on in my life this time last year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

24 Hours....

Just doesn't ever seem long enough. Well the important thing is the cards are mailed. The last batch went out today. I have a few more last minute gifts to buy and that's done, just need to finish wrapping. Tomorrow after I shop with my dad, I hope to have time to make cookies. Bought ingredients tonight. Friday night is the play, then the Christmas festivities begin. All this prep, and it'll be over in 2 short days.

Perry started the evaluations with Childrens this week. We had our first appointment, with many more happening in January. I am hopeful for the outcome of all of this. He can be very trying at times. But most of the time he's delightful. When talking to the psychologist at childrens yesterday, I mentioned I get stressed out, and lose my patience every now and then. He completely understood, and said you are doing the thinking for 2 people, it has to be stressful, theres no way it couldn't be. Maybe if I'd just get more sleep, dealing with him would be easier, and less stressful. Hummmm...might be onto something.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Basketball that is. Ok so my son's not skilled as an athlete. But for this program you don't have to be. They are encouraged to memorize scripture for each practice. They were given a CD and each weeks scripture is put to song so they can get the verse down. that he can do. Put something to song, he'll get it after hearing it once and sing it for days. So Mr. P-man, may not be able to dribble a ball, but ask him what Act 17:24 is and he'll give you the 411!
"The God who made the world, and all things in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and all things in it and does not live in temples built by hand." This is good stuff, I am a huge advocate of scripture memorizing. I don't do it as well as I once did, but hiding God's word in your heart is something that will stick with you forever.

Got my wrap on today. I get together each year with my peeps from church and do wrap it up at Tri County mall. 2 hours I connect with strangers over a counter while I wrap their gifts, ummmmm for free. Big fun. Best was the two little hispanic teenagers who were all giggly and embarrassed. One was 11 and the other 13. Giggling and talking in spanish to each other and asking me questions in english. The younger of the two, was impressed we did this for free, and she was curious as to why. When I said "to show Gods love in a practical way." it was like a little light went on and she was rather excited about it. She said she'd like to do that too. So so cute! Whenever I do wrap it up, I'm always afraid of the women whose going to be particular about how things are wrapped. And sure enough I got one of those this time. She was helping me and giving me instructions on how to wrap. Hey whose the professional here. LOL....she was helpful, but even in wrapping gifts I'm a women controled by chaos, don't mess with that. I promise you your gift will be completely covered with paper and tape when I am done and your gift recipient will not be able to tell what it is. Isn't that the goal really? To me pretty is optional. My sister in law filled in with her friends for folks in my group who couldn't make it, they had a blast, and plan to join us again next year. Ok the countdown continues and MY CARDS AREN'T MAILED YET......Be patient people. It's amazing to me what few cards you get until your's actually go out in the mail.


Originally uploaded by Yoda0419.
So it's year 11 for the annual Christmas movie Party, no movie was even attempted this year. The kids watched while playing Polar Express many times. We however drank wine and coffee, ate and played Apples to Apples. My gosh we get so loud. I often wonder if the loud people weren't there or if we'd all just quiet down for a while, would we actually have meaningful conversations and get a chance to catch up and hear about each others lives? Maybe someday when the kids are grown and we go back to drinking coffee. I love my friends, but my goodness you people can get rather loud. Always a my peeps no matter how different they are. More photo's of the festivities if you click on the cheese.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The countdown Begins

What is it like 9 more days till Christmas. Geez, I wish I was still in the Smokey Mountains, because that would mean it was still October, and I had a ton of time. I could go back and do some better planning and better budgetting. Why is it when you need money the most you budgetting skills fail you every year at the same time. Someday I'll get it right and we'll live within our means. From what I am hearing from my peeps, for some reason this holiday season has got a ton of folks overwhelmed and everyone is behind on their Holiday shopping and projects. Christmas cards are going out in stages, hopefully all will be sent before Christmas. So if you normally get one, and it's Christmas and you haven't got one yet, be patient! Steven Curtis Chapman, looks good for a dude in his 40's. Admittedly I've not been his biggest fan, but that's a dang good video, and song. Rock on SCC! I must say again Narnia was an awesome flick, and good to see even a non-christian can enjoy it and even call it beautiful. Oh yes cousin you may not see it, but some kind of seed has been planted in that Athiest heart of yours! CS Lewis is good for that, because he too was once an Athiest as well until the author of the Lord of the Rings got a hold of him.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas Label Curse!

So I have all the address's placed nice and neatly in their individual boxes, prepared to be printed, so how come they don't print in the nice boxes for the labels? Why is that....I refuse to hand write 68 address's.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


So much other stuff went on this weekend, I neglected to mention I saw Narnia on Friday! Beautiful, is the best I can describe it. Could be that I've been a fan of the books since I was a child, and to see them come to life so perfectly right before my eyes was awesome. As Lucy touched the snowy branches through the wardrobe, I wanted to cry, it was just how I imagined it would be. The symbolism is way cool if you actually know what's going on. But my question is would non-christians who know nothing of the bible even get it? Maybe not, but I do think that subconsciously the seed is planted, they may not even realize it.

God job's a no go, and I feel good about it. Last thing I want to do is be stuck in another mind numbingly boring job of data entry. I am sure I could have done it, but it probably would have gotten boring after a while just as my current position has. I venture to think that probably not as boring as life insurance since I would have some element of interest in the work I would have been doing, but they didn't think I'd be a good fit, and I trust they know what they are doing. They certainly didn't come to the decision quickly it was well thought through so it's all good. So in thinking through the process when they came to the decision that they did not want to hire me for the paying position, here they have all this information on me, of what I've done over my 20+ years as a christian and where my spiritual journey has taken me, which is quite a lot. They then offer me a coaching position, which is a huge deal, and flattering. Since for the most part volunteers are valued at VCC, big time. They probably run the majority of most ministries, as you will find in most successfully ran churches. So right now every ounce of my being is telling me not to do it, that I'm not there yet, and that it would take up more time than I am able to give. But I haven't given it the respectible amount of prayer that, that kind of decision needs, so I shall pray before I make my final decision. God knows what he's doing better than I. Kind of bummed I didn't get the job, but I'm ok.

Fancy To-do....

Heres a photo of us from the fancy to-do. Sorry the batteries were dead at the wedding reception so no photo's of the wedding party....I know you are all sad.

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Is it over yet?

The weekend that is? Nope one more day, tomorrow, and then it will be over with. What a freakin busy day! Started with picking up P's basketball uniform. He's going to look so dang cute in purple and gold, lets just hope he learns to dribble and not slap the ball. Lets hope he learns what direction to run, and all sorts of cool teamwork type stuff. It'll be good for him.....I think. We then went to walgreens and began our Christmas shopping....well I did begin, day after thanksgiving, but had only purchased gifts for Ron and P, but had nothing for anyone else, so we got some filler gifts at the Walgreens, which I'd highly reccomend for one of kind inexpensive yet appealing gifts. Ok now time to attempt to blog about todays festivities. Honestly you'd have to be there to get the full experience, but I will make an attempt at doing it justice. It was almost as if my husband and I were attempting to "one-up" each other at who could come up with the most "out of my comfort zone experience", and guess what I WON!

Ron: "Honey would you call that a non-traditional wedding?"
Yes dear I believe you would. Rewind 2 weeks ago, on a thursday evening around 8pm, I answer the phone to an unfamiliar number on the caller ID, and was greeted with an unfamiliar voice on the other end. He tells me his name...and still I'm like "who?" Then he said your husbands brother, still nothing is registering, because you see, yes my husband has a brother, however we've not seen or heard from him in over 4 years. I then apologized and we began to talk. He tells me he's getting married.......IN TWO WEEKS.......right no better time than the PRESENT! I suppose there was a bit of prior planning and we were just an afterthought after all he hadn't talked to us in 4 years. Theres not an actual wedding though, just a reception. Apparently something about friends and a justice of the peace, then a fancy to-do at STORMIN NORMINS SPORTS BAR. Ok when I read sports bar, I think of a place with big screen TV's, chicken wings and those cool tall glass's they fill with beer. Usually a large facility, with your typical smoking and NON-SMOKING areas. Commonly they'll have sports on the big screen TV's. I mean map-quest went so far as to give Stormin Normin's 5 stars, and we felt safe. Until we walked in through the steel backdoor with a sign directing us to the reception we were about to attend. Do you ever have one of those surreal moments where you feel like you've just entered a dream Wayne and Garth in Waynes World? That was us, after we walked through the door. Me in my nice festive green argyle cardign, cords, and sketcher hiking boots. Ron who had changed into some cargo pants from jeans, because he felt he might be too casual in jeans and a plaid long sleeve button up abercrombie shirt. Most of the guest appeared to be dressed in usual bar attire, mostly black, many in LEATHER. We felt a bit out of place to say the least. The only thing that would have made me feel more uncomfortable is if the music had come to a screeching halt when we walked through the door. Thank God it didn't. Because you see it was blaring as loud as it possibly could the whole hour we were there. Apparently they don't really like to talk to each other in these places, and if they need to they like to be as close to your ear as possible so you can hear them. Everyone appeared to be looking at us, almost the entire time we were there, I don't think they had seen anything like us. I felt like the humans on planet of the apes. And yes we did take the small human with us. He at least was some comic releaf that eliminated a tiny bit of the fact that we wanted to run right back out the door. He had a blast dancing, and talking to folks. At one point Ron was asked to dance by the bride, and he respectfully declined. I was then asked to dance by the best man, who happened to be a man in his 40's with long hair, and he happened to be wearing leather, pants and I believe a studded belt. Far be it for me to decline a dance with this nice gentlemen when Lionel Richey was I danced.....for just a moment, since apparently another lady, who was intoxicated wanted him more than I, so I had my out. I don't think I am a snob by any means. I can go to a bar and have a beer or a glass of wine and feel perfectly comfortable. But this was a very small bar, with lots of smoke, and quite a few people I had never encountered before. It was what one would refer to as a "dive", "hole in the wall" bar. I guess his brother was very comfortable there, since these people have become his family at the absense of his own family, which is great. This was one of those weddings where the party was for the people who got married, not for the guests. And I am sure they had the time of their lives. We however were rather smelly upon our escape from the dream sequence. We both got in the car, first let out a good theraputic yell for what we had just encountered and then were like smell really bad, like an ashtray soaked in beer. We both but all our clothes in the wash when we got home along with our coats. And then showered, and still feel like I smell. I am sure the party goers had a good laugh at our expence once we left.
Once we left there, I was really looking forward to the FANCY ARMY CHRISTMAS DINING OUT. This event I usually either avoid and have some lame excuse why I can't go, or I go and dread it. But after the "reception", this Fancy to-do felt like it could be a day at the beach! And it was. We had a lovely time, a few of the guys I've known and "dined out" with many times over 12 years. I've been to their weddings, got to know some of the wives, so much of the uncomfortable feel is tolerable. Completely tolerable after what I forced my husband to endure this afternoon. I wore my Austin Powers/ George Washington fancy outfit and was completely comfortable. Even though most of the ladies were wearing as I expected, dresses with no sleeves, or spaghetti strapped sequenced dress's.'s dang cold out, aren't you people freezin? I think that tomorrows play will be rather uneventful compared to todays festivities, tough to top any of that. I am just happy to be the big winner of the "OUT OF YOU COMFORT ZONE" challenge. I challenge all of you to top me!

Friday, December 09, 2005


It took me 3 hours to get home from work last night. Perry's got no school, and I got no we got to play in the snow, and I'll got to work when Ron wakes up. Such is life.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


That's "Do too Much Tuesday", it's back! Just incase you were concerned you'd never see it again, it has resurfaced it's ugly little head! Much needed prayer that I make it through today and that all things go well. I have no doubt today will be a good day.....busy but good.

Outfit for fancy to-do...done.
Christmas progress
Christmas letter....NOT
Christmas shopping.....plenty of time

Still could use a life assistant if anyones offering their services for free!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Fancy "to-do" Outfit....

I couldn't get the desire to dress like Austin Powers out of my head while shopping. I saw this shirt and kept going back to it. Tried on a few things that were less than flattering, and just took the plunge got the shirt, w/o trying on, got the jacket, had the goucho's, hooked it up with some FISHNET stocking, (I've never owned a pair I swear, who knew these were such a turn on to men???), and some super cool boots. All the sudden I am totally comfortable and I look oddly like I should be kicking it whe Thomas Jefferson and his peeps signing the declaration of independence. And as you see thanks to Harold and his mad skills I could totally fit in!
I think Harold and Ron were plotting against me after the photo I posted of Ron....but ha....I am proud of the versitility of my outfit, that could be worn in many different eras.

By the way anyone know where I can find directions on how to make these as gifts?

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Yeah Ok....

Is it too much to ask these folks to smile?? Always messin' with me....just freakin smile would ya?.....And look my husbands got the kid acting like a nut too. Geez!
All I got to say about that's now on the blog for the world to see, and not only this picture but the one I'm about to show, the one you were begging to be deleted. Now next time maybe you'll smile!

Yeah um don't mess with me!

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Apparently all sorts of folks are begging for your attention around the holiday season. I being all about the boundries, and not putting too much on my plate try very hard to avoid doing too much but even when you limit you activities things get a bit overwhelming. Suddenly I am very behind on EVERYTHING! I have 3.....out of 80 Christmas cards done. Not even started my christmas letter, have sent no invites to the annual to-do thats in 2 weeks, and I still need to finish purchasing parts of my fancy outfit for a formal I am going to next weekend. CAN I GET A LIFE ASSISTANT PLEASE? And then my sister in law had to have a baby last year in December so add a baby's first birthday to the mix and you have holiday madness! Oh and christmas shopping, don't go there.

I did purchse P a super cool old school big wheel for christmas, that is in my husbands trunk....which I forgot so when we were shopping for the baby's present, and we go to put it in the trunk with P standing right there....trunk lid went up and quickly came back down....very funny! I think he saw but might forget cause he didn't get a good look at it, and he's not expecting it.

Things seem to be looking up on the ADD front. We unloaded the "insensitive, this is just my job what kind of drugs do you need" psychiatrist, and we saw our family physician, what a breath of fresh air, Dr. Lichter rocks, when I voiced my concern about Concerta and if it's working when it needs to he went so far as to get out the ginormous book of drugs to show me what it does and how it does it. It had cool graphs and everything. Love that he sensed that I was an intelligent person who would get that kind of stuff. I totally got it and feel much better about Conceta and it's effectiveness the goal is to medicate P as little as possible to get the most focus factor, and not take away his personality. So far we are getting there. First appointment with Childrens is tuesday, looking forward to them figuring out why he is the way he is, so that we can effectively treat him so that he can function better at school, or they just need to figure out how to teach him in away he can learn best. I think the latter is what needs to happen, since Perry is Perry and I don't want to change that. Nuff said. Off to the birthday party!