Monday, June 30, 2008

Lets be real folks, in the infinite words of my homegirl Kristi, my life is straight busted. Or more importantly the admin. area of your beloved IKEA is busted! It's feeling the ripple effect of Leesa's departure, see blog below because apparently you people either forgot to pray or God needs her elsewhere. I'm so over that....just get shit figured out and leave me alone so I can make happy formerly pissed off customers! So on with bigger and happier things. Looking forward to the Beth Moore simulcast....go here and click on Beth Moore if you are interested. (then e-mail me and tell me you are going cause as of now I'm going by myself, no pressure) It's worth every penny, I've been before, as well have done 3 of her bible studies and in 2 days your life will be changed, she's amazing!
Beth Moore Live- Check that out for more details.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Up for a Challenge?

Ok I have some three dimensional items I'd like to challenge the postal system with. Oh you better believe a little something will be showing up in Mrs. Moo Mail's mail box, but I got 3 others that need to get some art too. So heres the rules. To accept this challenge you have to:

1. Enjoy something funky showing up in your mailbox
2. Be willing to challenge the postal system yourself
3. Be able to take a picture of the item upon arrival and e-mail me a photo

Any takers? If so e-mail me your address.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Good say the Holy Spirit was unleashed at SOS would be the understatement of the Summer!!! This was my 3rd year serving on the prayer team.....ok need I remind you that my blog is all about being honest. Which could very well mean a little bit of a background story. I've been a Christian for 30 years, over these many I've seen a lot of stuff, and there are a lot of come to Jesus stories. I went to Ichthus many years as a teenager and they'd always do an altar call at least one of the nights. Then I went to Ichthus as a grown up, and was a youth leader.....Altar Call night came, and I was moved by the number of kids who went forward, until one of the kids in my group said...."most people just go forward for the free stuff....." DO WHAT? The thought had never occured to me, I was scarred. And now I've scarred many of you. I do believe in that moment I became suspicious of every rotten teenager I encountered, and decided teenagers were not my gift. So that was like 12 or 13 years ago.......I stayed away from teenagers for 10 years, I think I needed to mature a little and grow spiritually myself. 3 years ago I volunteered for the first time for SOS, I joined the prayer team for one night. I figured I don't really have to like teenagers to pray for them, if anything I can make a difference by praying for them. So I jumped in, and fought through my sinicalness, and did just fine. Not to mention had a blast and decided I'd go for every night the next year. So the next year I did one night of security and the rest prayer, slowly my fear of teenagers began to dimenish. Now this year, seems I've learned how to hear Gods voice, and how to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit better than I ever have before. Either that or the power of the Holy Spirit was super powerful this year....which it could be both. Seriously the HG shows up year after year.....this was off the hook. Kids were praying for the gift of healing and immediately using it, I'm for real, we saw it happen. I was way more comfortable praying for folks this year and watching to see what was happening. I love that the Vineyard (Karin Maney-trains most everyone how to pray) teaches us that it's ok to ask while praying what they are feeling....or to share tentitively what we feel God is saying. It's so awesome to get and give feedback! Seriously I can't wait till next year, and if you have a teenager plan now. If you sign up in March you get a discount. Check out the Art and Faith blog link on the right. For a photographers perspective, and Stacie's first SOS. Oh and check out the Vineyard website for video of todays service which was an awesome recap of SOS great video footage. Just click on this weeks message.

In other news I got my wig busted. All the gay men at work love it so that means I must look fabulous (well only one gay man...but whatever)
Here's the before and after. Picture #1 is at the Mugrages 50th Anniversary party with Weezer who also has a fabulous new haircut. She is always making crazy faces for pictures....but I look good.....kind of....Picture #2 is my best attempt at putting your arm out and taking a self portrait after many hours working at IKEA. Excuse the blemish, and the multiple chins.....I am far more fabulous in person! Oh and picture #1 I am sporting a grown up frilly in not a t-shirt which is what I usually wear but a non-t-shirt sort of shirt with ruffles and poofy sleeves....I know...I was looking like a girl everyone was shocked. It's not everyday folks are still together after 50 years, had to represent.
While we are on the subject of life and fabulous transition fabulous boss Leesa is quitting IKEA....taking a job at Honda, I'm sure it's better....or could it be IKEA is awesome. It's possibly management screwed up and didn't treat her right or something, I didn't ask for the details cause honestly I like not knowing. However if you are the praying about you pray they offer her loads of money to stay or something.....we have about 6 days to keep her there so get to praying people. She's the best boss I've ever had, and IKEA is stupid for letting her go. Everyone she's in charge of is pretty much super sad and frustrated she's leaving, she is definately NOT replaceable. There are some changes in life that are just no fun, and if we could make them not happen we'd go to great pray people!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Did you say Dancing Cows?

That's right's time for SOS. Oh and this year 820 smelly teenagers, add in 1500 volunteers, and you got yourself some straight up nasty bathrooms. God bless the VCC custodial staff, cause teenagers are gross! Gross however they live in this F'd up world so God definately needs to pour out some blessings on them. But before he did that Family Force 5 show'd up and got things started in a super loud and off the hook way......had never heard them, had heard of them cause I know a few teenagers so their name got thrown around in a few conversations. They rolled up on stage and I was like HOLD UP, these boys got some talent. Loud talent.....whole lot of screaming....but talented, and I loved it, made me shake my booty! Oh and they had some dancing cows! Which was amazing and went right along with the cow theme Stacie started for the summer!

That's just a sampling, I stuck it out for an hour of that craziness....yeah I'll need that to be my next full album download!
Tonight the Holy Spirit show'd up in a huge way and I was blessed and blown away at my lack of fear to pray for folks and just allow the HG to speak through me, I prayed for a lot of kids tonight. Send up some words that God will continue to use me, and my peeps to love on some kids till Friday!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tidbits of my Life.....

So as expected IKEA cut hours. Shouldn't last long since the new catalogue comes out in late July I believe. So I'm going to enjoy the time off since it is summer and not complain. However, I am broke people so if you want me to do anything....which you should cause I ain't working so I can kick it with my peeps. Try and make sure it's free fun then you won't feel guilty for not paying my way. Just sayin!

Super important fact of the day. I SCORED 100% ON "HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT" ON GUITAR HERO. This is big news people....why you might asks? Because my homeslice Connie, who just had a baby the other day (place image here) the way...has been playing GH2 for longer than me, scores usually 98 or 99 on every song she plays has yet to get 100%. I am rarely if ever an over achiever...if anything I am usually an under achiever....not this time people it's on now!

Cute quote of the week: As said by my 11 year old to his Daddy while mommy was at work. "Daddy, I know why you love Mama so much.......because she's so beautiful!"

Ok I'm losing sunlite....I'll say something important tomorrow.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Moo Mail!

About a month ago, Stacie gave a shout out to some peeps in regards to a mail art challenge. She collected address's for anyone who cared to partake in this activity. Stacie and I took a Mail Art class a few years ago where we sent and recieved all sorts of fun art via the mail. It was fun to recieve 3 dimensional art pieces from all over the world, some from England and Austrailia. So I took the challenge and prepared a flipflop, and threw it in the post.

Posted by PicasaWell she may have had to rack her brain to top that one, but oh my friends she did! I present to you what arrived in my mailbox Saturday Morning. That's right I think a plastic cow with decoupage fabric on it, lipstick, eyelashes and a NOSE RING, completely tops a flip flop! Now it's on.....I have something in mind but feel free to e-mail me any ideas you might have.

Kudo's to Stacie who was a big chicken last time to mail a wooden letter and put it in an envelope. Moomail came with no covering....just as's all about pushing the postal system to it's limits one plastic object at a time!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Inducing Panic one bottle of water at a time.....

So I was hangin out at my favorite scrappin website, seeing what folks are up to. One of my peeps sends a shout out about smart plastic. So now come the PSA via me.....Apparently according the Matt on the today show, his experts stated any plastic with a #7 on it is pretty much unsafe to use EVER???? Oh and super smart people who know this stuff created this useful document. So then I've been freaking the heck out because I get attached to things that make me happy. And this bottle makes me happy. It's pink (a dark pink) looks red in the picture. It has the life is good guy on it, and it has a cool pink spash guard so that I don't end up with a face full of water everytime I drink. I use it almost everyday for tea or water. So after I saw the segment and read the documents I went and ran to my faithful friend that happens to be a water bottle. Only to find it has the dreaded #7 on the bottom. Which Mr. Waterbottle expert stated you should never use anything with #7. That's just great, no wonder I can't remember shit, and have hormone issues (don't even ask people you don't want to go there) I'm poluting my body daily with poly-something-or-other. Then I found this document, and the panic was over. Oh and the people at Nalgene, have it plastered right on their home page. Apparently Matt stirred up quite the commotion! My question is this.....Who do we believe? We have to trust educated people cause we can't all be that dang smart to know what chemicals are where. And obviously Nalgene is going to dispute it since they want you to buy their bottles. How do I get involved in these things anyways. I need to isolate myself.....heading to the basement to play guitar hero and pretend none of this happened. The hormone issues must be from some other chemical I'm polluting my body with, I'll let you know when I find out what that is. Probably has something to do with toothpaste or laundry detergent.....

Monday, June 02, 2008 dang Busy...

Oh my gosh, I'm busy. I'm busy with work, camping, birthday party, end of school, preparing everyone for summer camp. Just before summer camp is SOS which I am working at the whole week, and can't wait. I wish every teenager I knew would go to SOS, it's such a great experience for the kids, like no other. Ok off to work, promise to update more often, as time allows.