Friday, January 21, 2005

5 Lbs Lighter

That's right, the fat girl has taken the plunge, and started Weight Watchers. Didn't want to go public till I knew it was possible, with a bazillion pounds to lose 5 lbs the first weeks, not too shabby, and had I actually excersized I would have lost more. Oh and had I stayed strictly to healthy foods only, I would have lost a lot more, but WHO CAN LIVE LIKE THAT? I felt deprived as it was, but not really. I am just used to eating whatever whenever, and as much as I want, thus the reason I am not a small figured women. But when you realize what is in the foods you love to eat and you actually think about it, WOW....that shit could kill you in large doses! Plus I watched the movie Supersize Me, yeah that'll change a girls eating habits with the quickness, and I don't eat Mcdoogles all that much, but they are murderer's those Golden Arches, they are slowly killing people one Big Mac at a time, stay away! Sure I got the fat gene, I've seen pictures, but I am determined to break the family curse and avoid being cut open, and having most of my stomach sectioned off to gather gassy juices, and be forced to eat 1 cup of whatever per meal. It's not that extreme, but you get my point. So I got the rest of the winter to lose some weight so that once it's warm outside I don't look like a large fat women trying to ride a mountian bike. I'll just look slightly pudgy, and by summer, I'll need to buy a new swim suit because I will no longer be able to fit into the fat suit, I've been forced to wear for years. So whose with me? Seriously pay attention to what you eat, the fast food resturants are trying to kill folks, Oh and Olive Garden with the Fettucini Alfredo? Come on, why must so many fat grams be in one dish?? Nuff said!

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Man I can't stand laundry. I wish I could get away with wearing the same thing everyday! And my clothes would never get dirty. I avoid the folding and putting away of laundry at all costs. Thank goodness wrinkles can come out in a dryer. Well Ron was on vacation this week, and he couldn't take the mountian of clothes any longer, so he basically forced me to fold...ugh....and put away like 3 baskets of clothes. Theres still probably like 6 in the laundry room. Why do I have so many clothes?? I am at least pretty good about Perry's clothes and I keep them put away, but mine....whose got time for that? Ron does his own laundry for obvious reasons. Speaking of laundry I should go do some. Thank goodness tomorrows friday. And no work or school on Monday.....yipeee.....