Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

What a truly blessed Christmas we had.  This was the first year that Perry looked so grown up.  I'm thankful he still got toys.  It will probably be our last year of toys for the most part.  I am happy to report no Legos in my home this christmas!!  Only a Lego sorter.  Maybe theres a end to Legos in my home?
1. All big boxes contain Clothes...ha ha!, 2. Perfect sign, 3. Marshmellow, 4. Lego HP 5-7, 5. P's excited about presents, 6. Perry got his first phone

My baby boy looks so grown up with his fancy iphone.  So far he's been quite responsible.  He's only had it for less than 24 hours, and when he's left the house he's been with us, sooooo, so far so good.  I've recieved numerous "wwwwaaaaazup" text messages, and he's let me know verbally each time he's sent me a text immediately.  "mom I sent you a text, did you get it yet, now send one to me."  Oh what fun we will have. 

1. Ornaments, 2. Abby and I, 3. Cookies at the Mugrages, 4. Niedermans Farm, 5. Opening Presents, 6. Making Breakfast, 7. Love, 8. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus, 9. Monster Cookies, 10. Candlelight Service, 11. Muffins, 12. Paul Youngs Nativity Scene

If you click on each tradition it will give you a more in depth description of each tradition.  I find that as I get older how important traditions are to me.  I enjoy sharing them with the people I love.  Love to everyone, and I am looking forward to exciting things in the new year!