Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What up People?

One must use the turkey picture when we are just days away from the big day. I think this picture will now be a thanksgiving tradition. This year it got transformed into facebook flair. And now that it's on the blog it can be swiped and used all over the internet. Remember who the artist is when he is famous!

Geez, I've not posted in sometime now. I am sure a lot has happened since the last I posted. Obama was elected, not because I voted for him but because apparently a lot of people were closet Obama fans?? We'll see what the next 4 year brings. It's kind of cool that an African American is going to be president, show there is hope for the world and we can change. Now if he "F's" things up then I'll say I told ya so!!

Dude I am straight up reading books.....that's right I said BOOKS. I finished that one book I was reading about that dude from Korn, it wasn't too bad, but then I read The Shack.....holy crap, that book was the bomb. Life changing kind of book that everyone should read. And if you've been knowing me for sometime you know since the birth of my child I've not been much of a reader. I only recently started again for fear of Alzheimers and my brain turning to mush. Just before I was done with The Shack, I picked up Twilight, mainly because the world was talking about it and saw the amount of pages in that thing and knew it would end up on the shelf amongst all my other pretty books that are just for show. However I started it a week ago, and I'm already 250 pages in, no lie. There is something intriguing about high school kids and vampires??? I mean seriously everytime I pick it up it sucks me in. And I think geez where is this going surely at some point I'm going to lose interest and stop reading like I always do. So far that hasn't happened. We'll see if I make it through all 4 books. I need to go read now. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Glad that's over.....

Seriously this whole election process has been a total blast. I could do without the political commercials, and the political junkmail (seriously people save a tree!), oh and the political phone calls....geez, seriously 8 out of 10 messages, is that necessary??

Heres somethings I loved.....

The fun back and forth I had with some of my coworkers. The best of all was my african american friend. We were texting each other all night last night as the results were coming it. I love how she respected my position and where I was coming from and I respected her and through it all we still love each other. I love sharing in racial humor with people who know me well enough that I don't and never will see color. She had fun with me today, and gave me a picture of a Donkey that said Democrat, and told me to color it, I put a big red circle around it with a line through it.

Something else that was fun, trying to explain to Perry why I vote the way I did....AKA....brainwashing your child. I used the halloween candy analogy, which he totally got. Told him he'd have to share his candy with the kids, who didn't necessarily want to go trick or treating. To which he carried it over to his toys and his money. And he even went so far as to say "I don't mind sharing with my family and friends, or even people I know might need it, but I don't have enough stuff to share with everybody. " I am all about helping out the poor, but we all know that's not what ends up happening.

Something not so fun...the Abortion issue and the War. I'm not comfortable with what may go down with those two issues. Ultimately God is in control.
History was made and it was pretty cool to watch. Little bit mad at Oprah but whatever, I was mad at her before the election. It's just an election, don't be mad at me when ya'll are standing in line for medical care, just sayin.....love you all regardless of how you voted.