Tuesday, January 31, 2006


It's been quite a while since we've discussed poop, on the blog. Actually has poop ever been discussed here? If not geez, what have I been waiting for. I am not too proud to discuss poop. That's right I've gone directly there. It's DTMT, and today I reached an all time high of way too much stuff. Seems I am always wanting to top the tuesday before, I'm not so sure I'd like to top today.....I am done finished so over DTMT, (until next Tuesday, than it's game on!) So I have enjoyed my time spent with the lovely folks at Childrens hospital, however 3 doctors visits in 2 weeks, plus one more today, for a total of 4 IS TOO DAMN MUCH INFORMATION. I do have my limits. Today's visit was one of those follow up visits with his regular doctor, you know the ones where they say, I'd like to see you back in a month, this particular visit I had hoped we'd already have our results from our evaluations, so it'd be a good time to see him, but we didn't so I tried to reschedule, and he made me keep the appointment. So I went from meeting with the folks at Childrens who block off 4 hours for one visit, and treat you like you are the only patient on the planet they have to deal with, to our family physician who's got 10 min for you to download all the info you've aquired in the past month to him so he can come to some sort of conclusion on how to treat your child. Riiiiiiiight......not going to happen. He up'd his dose of medication in hopes that we can increase his 5 SECOND attention span to maybe 10.....brilliant, I have no doubt that is going to be effective. I swear if he's zoned from this increase, I'm giving up on meds all together. Ok so back to poop.....so my kid apparently has this condition Dr. Green refers to as D3, theres a rather lengthy really hard medical term for it, but nobody wants to know that, besides I can't remember it, and it's hard to say. So he's had issues for, well forever with pooping. I've almost gotten it down to a science as to when it's going to happen. My success rate has been better than previous years. But I'm not always successful, and once you read about this condition, he doesn't know it's happening basically. Trying to get a child with ADHD to sit on the toilet for a long period of time is like Steve Erwin trying to take down a giant croc. So that's where the gameboy comes into play....thank God and it usually does the trick. So anyways today was DTMT, with the added bonus of an unnessesary doctors visit. So he got off the bus, and we ran directly to the doctor, he had time to pee, and that was it. So we get in the room at the doctors office, and I was like gross, there must have been a baby in here with a poopy diaper. Nothing registered at that moment. So the doctor comes in we discuss medicine, evaluations, ect.....and he has Perry jump up on the table. A unnecessary doctors visit becomes suddenly no longer a waste of time with they listen to the kids lungs. And he says "the D3 (he used the large unpronouncable word) seems to be out of control huh?" I'm like not really, we seem to be ok. He says, "kids with this condition will often have an odor." I'm all like defensive and say I think it's that garbage. LOL......he's like "check his pants when you get home." (and then smirks at me...gasp) Suddenly I am flooded with memories of my brother and I as children always taking a bath before going to the doctor so that we were the cleanest we can possibly be, or brushing and flossing before going to the dentist. And here I am taking my kid to the doctor probably bacteria infested and here now he's pooped his pants. Yes that's right he had, and it wasn't pretty. Big kid poop ain't the same as baby poop. And it sure don't smell the same either. I have dealt with poop far longer than most mothers, and it ain't fair, nuff said. We hope to treat this condition properly this summer when we can sufficently clean him out in the privacy of his own home. For now I just need to be more on top of things even on DTMT. Now I've completely aired all, I've reached an all time low with my ravings.....but seriously did you come here on DTMT for some sort of theological lesson? If so, sorry to say you've come to the wrong blog. That only happens on Thursdays, so come back then for something less gross.

*If one of my super cool creative computer savy friends (Stacie) could create some sort of DTMT icon to replace my self portrait tuesday sign, that would be way cool.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I still Got It!

Apparently no one else does. I could be....... HERE......but Ashton (friends 12 year old) is on lockdown (grounded) for bad grades. DAG! And all, I mean ALL my friends are old beyond their years. Except Stacie, problem is she lives in Maryland, hello......kind of far, besides it's Pinewood Derby weekend for the whole US apparently. They're going to be in Columbus next weekend, wonder if I can get a posse together, or spring Ashton from incarceration and go get my party on? Uhhhh....did I mention the Sphere of Fear? Yeah that's right we are missing the Sphere of Fear! Dang it sucks being a grown up!

Friday, January 27, 2006


I urge you to go see the video they show'd at church last weekend. I really felt it soften my heart, quite a bit. Go to VCC Productions, click on last weeks message then you can fastforward it to 52.48, and then just watch and feel.....amazing stuff! I can't imagine having that kind of ability to forgive in that way.

Meds are Good!

So it's kind of blurring, it was with my camera phone. This is Perry in the soundproof room at childrens. Which I could have got him with the wire earplugs that tested his hearing. So flippin cool. The soundproof room with the window was way cool too. Why do I not bring my camera for these occasions? I do have it to document though. Good news theres no problems with his hearing. He doesn't have bionic ears either. The fear of loud noises is probably some sensory issues that OT will take care of. We've been at childrens the past 2 days. The developemental disabilities area is just a fun place to be. As is the main lobby. Just folks milling around. Tons of fun colorful murals that just make you happy. Everyone so dang nice and friendly. They always gotta be happy so they can keep the kids happy. Love that! This was our last test so now we wait for the psychiatrist to compile all the data, and then we go from there. It's actually been a fun informative process. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Funny.....forgot to give Perry his meds this morning. Thought he'd be fine, since during the testing he was totally focused and did well, but as soon as we left Audiology....well it was apparent something was missing, such as CONCERTA. The humming doesn't stop, and he feels the need to run pretty much everywhere, and he doesn't walk in a straight line he zig zags, and apparently is unable to be aware of other people space. Yes it's exhausting, ADD medication is a very good invention and I LOVE IT! Here is mister super hyper by one of the cool murals, this ones in t he main lobby, it's of the world, and it has movable parts, and a ginormous sun that spins. Thought Perry looked like he was modeling the giraffe here. Ha! Love him so much even when he's outrageously hyper.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Truth Matters.......

Dang it I was home today and I missed it. I didn't know. Go Oprah, she outed a liar. Although that doesn't mean it's not a good book cause it still well written. (I haven't read it yet, I own it as I do many books I haven't read, but my mom read it and assures me it's a great book, I will put it at the top of my pile of books that I am one day going to read on a deserted island.) Why not just write it as fiction and use some of your life as inspiration. Can't you just say that at the beginning. "I used my life for this book and embellished it quite a bit." Reminds me of an episode of Gidget where she writes in her diary about this dreamy kiss with this hot surfer dude, that just didn't happen, but her dad read her diary and thought it did. Fact is the truth matters, and Oprah was keeping it real. I think I'll stay up and watch her at 1:30 am.

Ok if anyone cares, I'd like these shoes. I know they are ugly, but I bet they are comfy. Like in a birkenstock kind of way. I think I'd like the butter yellow, and in a size small, and my birthday is March 18th, so if anyone would like to hook that up straight away that'd be sweet. You'll need to sneak them into the house without Ron noticing since I think he might leave me if I bring another pair of shoes that aren't for him into this house. A GIRLS GOT TO HAVE OPTIONS. Besides when I'm down shoe therapy always brings me up. I'm not down, I'm just saying. One of the best things about discovering podcasts is rediscovering Sean Hannity, a fine american indeed. Just yesterday I was listening to him and he was doing man on the street where they ask regular folks on the streets of New York questions about polatics, admittedly I didn't know some of the questions myself, like that dude who's being elected to the supreme court that's got the democrats flipping out. I know now, except his name escapes me, and I couldn't remember who Bush ran against, in a pinch, John Kerry, I know now, and I thought Condi Rice was Secretary of Defense, but she's Secretary of State.....I know these things now, thanks Sean, but that's not my point. The point is, there was a homeless women they ran into, in her 20's and they put her on the air. Sean show'd such compassion for her, it made me want to go reach out to some folks right then and there (but I couldn't cause I was at work). He asked the women why she was homeless, and she said she lost her job at the smoothy stand. He asked if she had family that could help her, and she said they had their own problems and lived in another state. He first offered her $10 to get on the air. Then he put a shout out to his listener to call in if they could hook her up with a job. The phone lines went nuts. He got a contact number for her, and told the intern to come to the station he was going to give her $100. Then his he told the guy on the air with him he could pitch in $100 too, and he said I'll give her $500, so Sean said I'll give her $500 too. So it went from $10, to $1000 in a matter of minutes. A fine, american indeed.

Almost forgot to mention about Tuesday, definately a DTMT (do too much Tuesday), Perry had his derby practice (Ron went to that), then I had Alpha, but that wasn't all that was going on at VCC, come to find out on Friday and then again on Sunday, Michael W. Smith, or "Smitty", if you are a HUGE fan like myself, was going to be at the Vineyard on THE TUESDAY, to promote his new movie Second Chance. But I had Alpha, and hello I'm a table leader, and it's only the second night, so it's not like I can say hey you know I can't make it cause I wanna go see Michael. Yeah that's right such a huge fan I have a scrapbook page about him! So, as a grown up I did not dismiss my responsibilities, I led my table and so glad I did. I did try and catch a glimps of Smitty inbetween our talk and discussion time, caught the back of his head and that was it, it's all good. You'd think those folks at VCC would have been more sensitive to a groupies needs and had him come in the gym and at least say hi!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Well I'm not really, just busy busy busy, and internets down at home. Over the past few days I've had a ton to blog about, but I've forgotten what all that was. I do remember I wanted to plug Sundays message, the whole thing was good, but if you don't have time fast forward towards the end and the video, was particularly life changing and amazingly thought provoking, she said all the things we as christians think often but aren't able to articulate so eloquently. Amazing.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Unstoppable Force........

That's right bout to get all crazy spiritual on you right about now. With the discovery of podcasts, I now have the priviledge to listen to Erwin McManus over and over again. Dude is OFF THE HOOK. Listened to the one on prayer today at work, he's just so dang brilliant. His preaching style is that of a baptist minister, he's somewhat of a yeller, but once you get past that and absorb all that he has for you WOW........so motivating and heart stirring. Makes you feel like God is really speaking to you. Interesting thing he pointed out which I've actually thought of before. You often see statistics that say 80% (that's a guess but it's something like that) of average folks pray. To God I would assume. He's saying what sets Christians appart from everyone else is, when we pray we hear from God and obey. When God speaks, it's not a subtle request it's a command, and it's up to us whether we act upon it. So I'm asking you, my faithful blog reader.......DO YOU HEAR FROM GOD? I encourage you to hear from Erwin.....you won't be sorry!

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Cyndi might just kill me for this but here goes. So in my lame attempt to start yet another small group, I've frighten folks off I guess. Initially I had 3 people interested, then lost one, then I had 2. Both of which were really excited about the idea. Then I lost another, not sure why, or where she went, I called....what else can I do....so it's just me and Cyndi now. As lovely as we both are, it'd be fun to have some more input from other lovely women as well. We got to choose the book cause hey you weren't here. and we chose Brennan Manning's The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus Trust me I combed through countless womens books and was drawn more toward his books and Donald Millers books. I think it's going to be really good. The next time we meet will be the Thursday after next, so if you know me and wanna come call me. I don't wanna advertise really at church (is that wrong?) It's a huge place (as if cyberspace isn't bigger) and you get all kinds of folks calling you, I kind of want to be able to pick folks sort of I'm sure you know what I mean. If you don't well you can go on and be a hater, it's my blog, and my small group and I can do whatever I want.....ha......man that felt good. Can you remember when you were kid thinking that, "I can't wait till I grow up and then I can do whatever I want!"? I'm a grown up!

Mr. Pibb+Redvines=Crazy Delicious!

Lazy writer....

Ok so is it wrong that I am too lazy to journal and I blog instead. Problem is if I wanna talk about folks who actually read my blog, well then I just have to write. Had our special ed appointment at childrens today. Nothing more satisfying than someone who gets your kid. Who upon meeting your child for the first time instantly connects and loves him. I was completely comfortable with Dr. Carroll as soon as I met her, she was so genuine. Before spending time with Perry she asked me a few things about school, and if I was happy with his IEP (individual Education Plan). I informed her that I was happy that this year was less stressful for me, but I didn't think he was being pushed towards his potential. Seems that he is learning less, and the expectations are lower since he is in special ed a little more than half the day. She spent about an hour and a half with him doing some testing of his abilities to see if he is working up to his age. And afterwards she said he did wonderfully and that he is very bright. And one of the first things she said to me was he just needs an aid. Ding ding....that's the first thing Mrs. Emenaker (1st grade teacher) said in our very first intervention meeting. Probably the most expensive intervention method, but if it's what he needs why can't we have that? The assistant principle when this was first suggested in that meeting was like that can't happen. Apparently a kid has to be severely handicap to get an aid, I guess. Perry's attention span is 5 seconds.....5 SECONDS, he will write word and then watch a bird fly outside, get redirected write two words.....and think about whatever scene from a movie is going on inside his head. At this rate his first novel will be done when he's 80. Dr. Carrol is going to suggest an aid in her report, once all these evaluations are done there will be one big report, and we'll develope a plan of action to take on the school. He's going to be an artist someday and in order for him to be a brilliant artist who makes a good living, the schools going to have to step it up a bit and teach him in a way he's able to learn. That's not to say they aren't doing their job now, heck I don't know because they don't communicate with me dang it. That's another thing I need to work on again. Dr. Carrol gave me some good suggestion on how to get them to communicate. So I'll give them a try. Keep the prayers going, they are working, I'll make sure the famous Artist Perry does some artwork for your walls! Been absorbing the scrapcasts, it's a really good podcast, with some great suggestions. Lynette knows her stuff. Check it out Scrapcast.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


That's right it's suppose to be self portrait tuesday, but I'm not a fan of my hairdo so no self portraits. Instead it's do too much tuesday. Or over extend yourself. But honestly I do one thing, I just have to schedule others to do the other things I would be doing if I was not doing my one thing. The scheduling others is the hard part. But everyone fell into place, and we skipped homework, we'll attempt to throw that in in the AM, we'll see what happens.

New session of Alpha, here we go. Always a fun ride, just the first night you are always skeptical, and excited, and uncomfortable, but I am hopeful that God will use me in some way, he always does. Good stuff. Love it!

Oh since no suggestions were made, I found this lovely little video. I've never watched the family guy but this is dang funny. Puke is funny when it ain't you, your kid, your spouse or the person who gets to clean it up.

I suck!

No matter how hard I try I can not get to bed before 1 am. No matter what I do. Tomorrow is DTMT (do too much tuesday) and I have nothing prepared. I did well by calling my new Alpha people, but after that the motivation to be organized fizzled. So I sat and ate dorito's and orea's....and I had McDonalds for dinner. Brilliant....I feel like a ginormous fat cow at this point. I've seen a tiny bit of interest in the magazines. Once I distribute some to the locals that expressed interest, Heather I will attempted to motivate myself to fill one of those one price boxes and send them off to Oklahoma....at least I think that's where you are, only if you promise if you are ever in Cincy you'll come scrap with us, You'd have to spend the night cause Oklahoma is kind of far from cincy, so you can totally crash on my couch.

Ok something has needed to be addressed for a long time. I am lucky enough to work for a company that provides lots of perks for their employees. I nice cafeteria, gym, and the beloved C-store. I stop in the C-store every morning to pick up free hot water to make my chai with. Occasionally I might purchase a muffin, but for the most part just free water. But the once a week I do purchase a muffin or something, the women who works in the C-store doesn't hardly even look at me. I'll look at her all smiling like "hello I'm nice." or I'll even say good morning and I swear the women grunts at me. So, I was in there buying a muffin with a friend, and someone else comes in and purchases something and she's all nice, and even says something to the girl like you always have such a nice smile for me......and the grumpy women is all smiling and tells her to have a nice day. I go pay for my muffin or whatever, and she doesn't even speak to me.....what? Granted I often will pay for my small purchase with a 20 but that's no reason to hate a girl. I am convince she just don't like me. So it's my goal to just be abnormally really really nice. Maybe I'll make her some chai!

I am sure you all are tired of being switchfooted. Honestly I've been looking and I can't find anything good enough to replace it. Just hit stop as it starts. Feel free to make suggestions.

Love this photo of Perry at practice with his coach. Learning the defense slide. Is it crazy that I get all misty as I watch the boys catch on to things? I am so touched that Perry is completely clueless in regards to the actual game of basketball, he has no idea what offense and defense, doesn't even know what the heck he's suppose to be doing. Yet the coach just rolls with it and doesn't get frustrated at all. And Perry totally loves it. There will be much rejoicing the day he actually gets the ball in the basket.

Forgot to mention I am totally into Podcasts as of a few days ago. I have been listening to scrapcast, and it's actually halfway decent. Theres Podcasts for everything. The Naked Scientist is also a favorite, some of that one you have to weed through quite a bit of boring science stuff, but it can be quite amusing. It's from the BBC so their accents are too dang funny. Just go to itunes hit podcasts and explore.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Game #2

Well I know my blog fans are wondering about Perry 2nd basketball game. I am sad to say I missed it because of Alpha leadership training, however I was receiving text messages during the game as Christa was talking about leader roles (sorry Christa). I was so happy to find out the little man was on the court, and it appeared he was part of a game. Although he wasn't trying to get the ball or even paying attention to the ball, although he was guarding his man.....errrr.....following him around and talking to him. Apparently the man he was guarding was as clueless about the game as Perry was, excellant! I was super excited that he was even on the court. We got him some ear plugs, the super sticky kind you use for swimming. Those seemed to do the trick for 2 quarters. Then the buzzer got to be too much and he couldn't take it and he sat out. Babysteps. He got a star for most improved, how cool is that. Gotta love Upwards.

Ok I got a little motivated this afternoon, and purged a ginormous pile of magazines. We're talking a ton. Mostly scrappin mags, but theres a few idea books, and some Home Companions. If you are a blog reader and want these you can have them, as many as you like. They are mostly 2004, some 03, and 02 also, all varieties. You gotta be local cause I ain't mailing them, being realistic, I have little time to go to the post office, much less pack up stuff to send somewhere. So if you aren't local and you want them real bad you'll need to come and get them! Seriously it's a lot, I am thinking like 40-50....it could sustain you and your creative scrappin juices for a very long time. Now the true test is if anyone responds. Those celebrity scrappers out there post something like this and it's insanity, folks are all over it....I'll get nothing...bet!

The message at church was real good this week. It was on Anger.....no question I am a stuffer, and it's pretty much not healthy! I'll work on that. I'd encourage everyone to check it out Andy did a great job. The new worship leader is great, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I miss Robbie.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


So we are broke! Stupid 2 car payments! It was his idea not mine, and now we are dang poor. So I had to go to GREAT CLIPS......UGH.....to get my wig busted. No pampering and hair love there. They try for the price, but it's just not the same as a nice slick salon do! So I took a picture of Donna Downey, I know, I know, I'm like some sort of scrapbooking celebrity groupie or something, but ha as if she'd ever read my blog and even know. But my hair has grown out quite a bit since it's been since August since I've gotten it cut, and I'm growing out my bangs....(why do we do these things?) So I figured this hair do was doable, and it's what I had pictured in my head. Plus she has the same glass's as me, so she has to be cool. (I so did not copy the glass's....I swear!) Hopefully I can work it in the morning myself cause right now it looks like they put a box on my head and cut around it, my head looks very square. Hopefully if she ever does read my blog she'll be flattered and not think I'm a dork. And no there will be no pictures, if I could wear a hat to work I would. Just look at the picture of Donna and pretend it's me.....

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Heart Smart

You know you need to go to the grocery when you have an egg and cheese sandwich with a bowl of oatmeal for dinner. Can a person have too much fiber? I had a Kashi granola bar for breakfast, and then a huge bowl of oatmeal for dinner. I mean the Kashi only has 4 grams of fiber, but you can taste that it's fiber infused. Then well oatmeal, is all fiber....and YUMMY...not that instant crap, the real deal. With slivers of apple, cinamon and brown sugar. Ok so I don't feel over fibered, at least not yet, probably won't hit me till morning, I'll let you know if I blow out my colon or something.

So we are thinking ear plugs might do the trick for the basketball game this weekend. My only fear is that they'll fall out or he'll pull them out and play with them, or he just won't be able to hear anything. My hope is that they will buffer the noise enough that he'll relax, and at least pretend to be playing a basketball game. At least run around the court while someone guards him. I try to inforce no TV until homeworks done on a daily basis. Problem is my husband FORGETS on a daily basis. Hard to inforce some sort of structure when you are the only parent parenting.

This particular bag did not come with a warning to keep out of reach of children. Sometimes if theres a particular tuber or zot you need you should just put your whole head into the bad and you will have better success in finding what you need.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Why me?

Ok feeling rather pathetic and not so lucky right about now. I should feel lucky to have kid like Perry right? I mean he's not your average kid, he's funny, cute, charming witty, loving, and creative. But, to me on many day's he's EXHAUSTING. My friends who know me well will tell you I am the most patient person they know. I once waited patiently for 45 minutes for chicken wings at BW-3's only to find out they lost my order when I finally went and asked about it. And even then I didn't flip out I just waited another 20 minutes for my order. Very patient. Having a kid who never responds to you when you speak to him, I mean never, can be amazingly exhausting. Having a kid who is 8 and you can't just say go take a shower and he does.....wow....exhausting. Having a child you have to remind to take a bite of his food every 5 minutes, until you just give up and feed him so he can just go do whatever is more important than eating, unless he's eating a pop-tart......can make a girl a bit nutty. I am hoping in the long run that him participating in a team sport pays off in some way because right now it is hard to watch him practice. He has no idea what's going on. He doesn't look lost he falls into line when the coach tells him where he needs to be, however he hasn't any idea what he's doing. The first half of practice he was actually dribbling the ball and not slapping it, he was actually making a effort to shoot properly. The dribbling was huge, since I thought he'd never get it. But then something snapped halfway through practice. And he decided he needed to be clueless, they decided to play 4 on 4 at the end of practice and literally the kids were playing around him. The poor kid who had to guard him just guarded him where ever he was, which was not even in the game, he wasn't even looking at the ball. He was in some crazy cartoon Perryland.....which is where he is often. DRIVES ME INSANE. Ok this is my bad parent post of the month. I'm just keeping it real folks, it's hard being Perry's mom. Now onto something cute. Kids know him everywhere we go. In the neighborhood, he's quite the man on campus apparently, could be he's the only Perry in his whole school, and because of his attention issues, they probably hear his name a lot. But it's so cute to be at walgreens or Kroger and some kid with their mom will go "hey that's Perry...and they'll go hey Perry...and wave."

Guilty pleasure: The new Bachelor is hot....why do I watch this trash? I love watching desperate women fight over a hot doctor.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Highly Anticipated First Basketball Game.....

It's going to be a looooong season. 6 more games to go. It could take quite a few to build up his confidence level. It's the over sensitivity to loud scary noises. It's the fire drill at school, and now it's the dreaded BUZZER. It's not even the noise of people being loud in the gym, it's just the anticipation of the buzzer that lasts about 2 seconds. He heard it before the game. And instantly he was concerned. Before the buzzer anxiety he was anxious to get out there and play. Once he was aware there was a buzzer, it was over, participation wasn't going to happen. The coaches were amazing. They didn't give up. Each quarter they'd try to play him, and he'd be on the court for about 5 seconds and it was obvious the hands weren't going to come off the ears, and he'd sit back down. The cool thing was, when this sort of thing happens and you feel like you are the only parent in the world who has a kid with wierd issues, God plants someone to help you not feel so alone. The women in front of me asked if Perry was my son who was afraid of the buzzer, and I said yes. She said her son was the same way for a long time and she couldn't get him to participate because he was afraid of the buzzer. Even when he came in today, he heard the buzzer and looked at her with fear. But then I watched him, he played and played well, with his eye on the clock. After a year of basketball, he figured out at what point the buzzer would go off, and it wasn't until it got about 10 seconds away the anxiety would hit, and he'd look a bit scared with his hands close to his ears, and then it would go off, and even then he wouldn't put his hands over his ears. It was just the anticipation of the buzzer, kind of like a balloon being popped. Perry's hands were planted over his ears tightly, the whole game. So hopefully Perry can figure out the timing of the buzzer and get out there and play. If anyone has any advice how to take good pictures in a gym, like what setting do I put my camera on, I'd really like some help. Anytime I take pictures in a gym, they are always crap.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Just one of those Days!

Where you don't wanna get up. That was me today. Felt like bleh, so put Perry on the bus, called in and went back to bed. Call it a listen to your body day. I slept in, can't say it felt good, seems I felt worse and more depressed cause I stayed in bed all morning. Went to lunch with my husband, and still felt just bleh, not all that barfy sick, just depressed I guess, maybe the "mean reds". Could be after the holidays blues, or lack of a spiritual connection. It seems to get like that when there's an Alpha break, or I don't connect with my church peeps. Trying to pull together a womens small group so maybe if I pull this one off I'll have more of a constant spiritual accountability built in. Seems like a simple enough concept. Hopefully I can make it happen.
Mr. Foreman has good teeth, and good hair. How fun would it be to throw some newspaper on the floor and rock out? Whose with me?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hard to choose!

Man having a kid involved in 2 things creates some kind of crazy business. Not to mention Alpha starts in a few weeks, which adds even more to the craziness. I refuse to give up what I like to do , I need balance. Gotta have some me time. Tree needs to come down very soon, I can't stand looking at it another second, but I can't stand taking it down either. Geez I need a life assistant. Something funny....U2 OMG...too funny....and even funnier....Green Day!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Adventures of the Wee Gnome

Originally uploaded by Yoda0419.

That's right he's been grocery shopping. I went to Biggs after scrappin at Archivers with my peeps to get food for New Years Eve festivities, and ended up doing full blown grocery shopping at Biggs at like 12:30 am.....good times. Nobody was there had the whole place to myself, excellant.

Do you know people who just say ridiculous things to you not even knowing how idiotic they sound? Not just once or twice but almost everytime you speak to them? And no matter how you present it to them that they sound ridicuolous, they just don't get it? Am I just over sensitive? Do I just pick apart what people are saying to me and over process it to be just plain ignorant, and insensitive? Or do other people have people in their lives that do this to them? Most recently I've avoided interaction with these people. Is this the right thing to do? Ahhh who knows, I just know dealing with this crap is more trouble than it's worth. Or I could just be rambling because it's after midnight and I should be going to bed. Click on the Wee Gnome to see where else he's been.

Oh and say hello to Mr. John Foreman....it's been a while.....consider yourself SWITCHFOOTED!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

What about me?

So I was reading Heathers blog, as I do daily cause she is dang funny and inspirational to me and life in general. And there she is in Glamour magazine. How cool is that, for blogging no doubt, and she's got the article lead photo, so cool. So then all the sudden I am purchasing Glamour magazine, while picking up Perry's concerta, which went up $5, yowza. What once was costing $9, is now $35.....ahhhh....worth ever penny in my opinion to not have a child climbing the walls and able to maintain a decent level of noise while medicated. But good lord that's pricey.
It was baptism weekend, oops, Ron doesn't go to church on baptism weekend. Apparently being previously catholic (is that what you call it? since he no longer attends mass, but hasn't said "I'm not catholic.) the whole thing with the people being dunked freaks him out, makes him uncomfortable, whatever, I guess he invisions some overly happy vineyard Christian, Jesus freak person grabbing him and submerging him in the water proclaiming that he is now clean. Ha wish it happened that way cause that would be highly entertaining. I look forward to the day he understands what exactly is going on and would even welcome the possibility to show an outward sign that he has chosen to live a life for God. Not saying that he hasn't, but that's what baptism is, merely a symbol saying I've chosen to walk with Jesus and wish to be cleansed, so you go into the water a sinner, and come up out of the water, forgiven and cleansed. Cool....I've been sprinkled as a baby, but would consider being dunked someday. Not saying the first baptism didn't "work", but saying I'd like to make the decsion for myself to me symbolic, and embrace the life I've chosen to live.
Funny, Discoveryland (sunday school) teachers take the kids into "big church" when the baptisms are happening, and Perry mentioned that they had watched. I questioned him to see what he thought. I said what were the getting baptized for? He said " I think it's cause they were dirty, and they needed to take a bath, they should have a shower too, it'd be easier, then they could call it Showerized. They need a shower in that big bathtube." Ha, funny I'll make that suggestion to the VCC staff. As he was getting into the car, I told him the actual reason and said they were being baptized to wash away their sins, and he said "or to wash away their smelly's." Ha!