Sunday, January 15, 2006

Game #2

Well I know my blog fans are wondering about Perry 2nd basketball game. I am sad to say I missed it because of Alpha leadership training, however I was receiving text messages during the game as Christa was talking about leader roles (sorry Christa). I was so happy to find out the little man was on the court, and it appeared he was part of a game. Although he wasn't trying to get the ball or even paying attention to the ball, although he was guarding his man.....errrr.....following him around and talking to him. Apparently the man he was guarding was as clueless about the game as Perry was, excellant! I was super excited that he was even on the court. We got him some ear plugs, the super sticky kind you use for swimming. Those seemed to do the trick for 2 quarters. Then the buzzer got to be too much and he couldn't take it and he sat out. Babysteps. He got a star for most improved, how cool is that. Gotta love Upwards.

Ok I got a little motivated this afternoon, and purged a ginormous pile of magazines. We're talking a ton. Mostly scrappin mags, but theres a few idea books, and some Home Companions. If you are a blog reader and want these you can have them, as many as you like. They are mostly 2004, some 03, and 02 also, all varieties. You gotta be local cause I ain't mailing them, being realistic, I have little time to go to the post office, much less pack up stuff to send somewhere. So if you aren't local and you want them real bad you'll need to come and get them! Seriously it's a lot, I am thinking like could sustain you and your creative scrappin juices for a very long time. Now the true test is if anyone responds. Those celebrity scrappers out there post something like this and it's insanity, folks are all over it....I'll get!

The message at church was real good this week. It was on question I am a stuffer, and it's pretty much not healthy! I'll work on that. I'd encourage everyone to check it out Andy did a great job. The new worship leader is great, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I miss Robbie.

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Heather said...

Too bad I'm not near Cincy -- I'd be ALL OVER those magazines!! (Scrap ones...)