Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lazy writer....

Ok so is it wrong that I am too lazy to journal and I blog instead. Problem is if I wanna talk about folks who actually read my blog, well then I just have to write. Had our special ed appointment at childrens today. Nothing more satisfying than someone who gets your kid. Who upon meeting your child for the first time instantly connects and loves him. I was completely comfortable with Dr. Carroll as soon as I met her, she was so genuine. Before spending time with Perry she asked me a few things about school, and if I was happy with his IEP (individual Education Plan). I informed her that I was happy that this year was less stressful for me, but I didn't think he was being pushed towards his potential. Seems that he is learning less, and the expectations are lower since he is in special ed a little more than half the day. She spent about an hour and a half with him doing some testing of his abilities to see if he is working up to his age. And afterwards she said he did wonderfully and that he is very bright. And one of the first things she said to me was he just needs an aid. Ding ding....that's the first thing Mrs. Emenaker (1st grade teacher) said in our very first intervention meeting. Probably the most expensive intervention method, but if it's what he needs why can't we have that? The assistant principle when this was first suggested in that meeting was like that can't happen. Apparently a kid has to be severely handicap to get an aid, I guess. Perry's attention span is 5 seconds.....5 SECONDS, he will write word and then watch a bird fly outside, get redirected write two words.....and think about whatever scene from a movie is going on inside his head. At this rate his first novel will be done when he's 80. Dr. Carrol is going to suggest an aid in her report, once all these evaluations are done there will be one big report, and we'll develope a plan of action to take on the school. He's going to be an artist someday and in order for him to be a brilliant artist who makes a good living, the schools going to have to step it up a bit and teach him in a way he's able to learn. That's not to say they aren't doing their job now, heck I don't know because they don't communicate with me dang it. That's another thing I need to work on again. Dr. Carrol gave me some good suggestion on how to get them to communicate. So I'll give them a try. Keep the prayers going, they are working, I'll make sure the famous Artist Perry does some artwork for your walls! Been absorbing the scrapcasts, it's a really good podcast, with some great suggestions. Lynette knows her stuff. Check it out Scrapcast.

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