Tuesday, January 17, 2006


That's right it's suppose to be self portrait tuesday, but I'm not a fan of my hairdo so no self portraits. Instead it's do too much tuesday. Or over extend yourself. But honestly I do one thing, I just have to schedule others to do the other things I would be doing if I was not doing my one thing. The scheduling others is the hard part. But everyone fell into place, and we skipped homework, we'll attempt to throw that in in the AM, we'll see what happens.

New session of Alpha, here we go. Always a fun ride, just the first night you are always skeptical, and excited, and uncomfortable, but I am hopeful that God will use me in some way, he always does. Good stuff. Love it!

Oh since no suggestions were made, I found this lovely little video. I've never watched the family guy but this is dang funny. Puke is funny when it ain't you, your kid, your spouse or the person who gets to clean it up.

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