Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Now What do I do?

For the 2 years I was a stay at home mom, 4pm was nap time, and then Oprah and I spent time together.  Then I began working again, and couldn't watch Oprah.  So on the days I was hope sick, or had a day off during the week, I look forward to spending an hour with Oprah.  Now in the days of DVR, I wait until everyone goes to bed and spend time with Oprah, or I wait until 1am (I am a night owl) and I'll watch her in bed as I fall asleep.  I love that during her last show she gave props to God...the one and only God, and she made that perfectly clear. 

I have been inspired often by Oprah.  I've been inspired to lose weight, (I gained and lost over the years just as she did) I've been inspired to read a book or 2.  I've watched many a movie because she said it was good.  She in so many ways made the world a better place.  I love that she gave back as much as she's recieved.  I wish Oprah much success with her network, but will miss my daily dose of sitting down with Oprah.  I love how beautiful she looks for her last show, and I love that her last words were "to God be the Glory."  Love you Oprah!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Strange shift

So I was off today.  I ventured out to the scout shop to get P a new pair of scout pants since he's grown like 6 inches so he needed new paint.  The scout shop is near Kenwood, and I had a certificate for a free dozen bagels from Marx Hot Bagels.  Anytime I go to Kenwood I always go to Stamp Your Art Out.  I love rubber stamps, I just rarely use them.  I have a large collection.  Creativity seems to be lost on me, and has been for a while.  I went to Benchmark instead, because all things hiking seem to make me happy.  I don't do that much hiking, I just love all that outdoor gear.  I did go on a 5 mile hike in the Red River Gorge, a few weeks ago, and (sarcastic) nearly died....way way way out of shape and illprepared for that craziness, but I survived.  And would like to do it again soon. 

Giant Rock with great overlook
So it was strange to me that I had no desire to go to the stamping store, and felt like I was in heaven when I was in the hiking store.  So maybe now instead of when I'm stressed I feel like being creative, maybe I'll go for a hike.  And if I can get me some sweet shoes for all this hiking I'm gonna do, it'll be worth it.   I'd really love to have these fancy shoes.  They even make socks to go with them.  Bet they'd be awesome to hike in. 
I just love funky shoes in general.  I like any shoes actually except heels. Don't really care for heels at all.  I did buy some shoes today.  I got some new vans, funky yellow ones.  I got P a pair of blue ones just like them.  The laces are silk screened on so they look like shoe laces but they actually aren't they are just slip ons.  Works awesome for P since he doesn't like to tie his shoes.