Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Now What do I do?

For the 2 years I was a stay at home mom, 4pm was nap time, and then Oprah and I spent time together.  Then I began working again, and couldn't watch Oprah.  So on the days I was hope sick, or had a day off during the week, I look forward to spending an hour with Oprah.  Now in the days of DVR, I wait until everyone goes to bed and spend time with Oprah, or I wait until 1am (I am a night owl) and I'll watch her in bed as I fall asleep.  I love that during her last show she gave props to God...the one and only God, and she made that perfectly clear. 

I have been inspired often by Oprah.  I've been inspired to lose weight, (I gained and lost over the years just as she did) I've been inspired to read a book or 2.  I've watched many a movie because she said it was good.  She in so many ways made the world a better place.  I love that she gave back as much as she's recieved.  I wish Oprah much success with her network, but will miss my daily dose of sitting down with Oprah.  I love how beautiful she looks for her last show, and I love that her last words were "to God be the Glory."  Love you Oprah!

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