Thursday, July 29, 2004

Life keeps moving.

We have this enormous picture window in our living room, you can see everything that's going on in front of my house without a problem.  Our house is right next to the path that goes back to a park that's right behind our house so in the summer theres quite a bit of activity that usually goes on outside.  I'm sitting on the couch eating my dinner.  (because that's the best place to eat dinner)  and I see this cute little boy maybe 2 yrs old riding along on his radio flyer red bike. With what appears to be his grandma walking behind him.  She's carrying a baby that is maybe 6 months old.  Suddenly I see her try to help the little boy turn the bike around in my driveway, to go back home.  He doesn't want to, he wants to keep going I guess.  Well he starts crying.  Remember she's carrying a baby.  He's on the bike, off the bike, balling his face off. And just standing there.  So she trys to pull the bike, then go back and get him.  He's not moving.  She trys to pick him up.  That's a lot of kid a baby and a solid 2 year old.  And here I am sitting on my couch.  So I go outside (thank God I had pants on) and ask her if she needs help.  Shes saying something about getting him home and his daddy wants to go to a concert, and "if people would close their garages he wouldn't see the toys and want to play with them."  ::::::tires squealing in my head::::::::::::  My inner voice says, um yeah not sure if you noticed but there are very few garages on this street, they all have carports.  My house included which is probably the one she's referring too, since Perry had his little tykes car parked out front.  Inspite of her rude comments, I offer to help.  I'm pulling this 8 inch teeny tiny bike, while she attempts to drag this tantrum having toddler a block home.  That wasn't happening.  He has not stopped crying.  This is the worse fit I've ever seen and I am now a part of it.  Why didn't I stay in the house?  So I look at this pitiful women who had not lost her cool, and say (God help me) "will he let me pick him up?"  What was I thinking?  She muttered something, but didn't stop me, so I pick up this screaming kid who is now being handled by a stranger.  His body goes stiff and he's kicking.  I walk a couple feet and stop to make sure the Grandma is making it ok with the bike the whole time she's yelling his name for him to stop.   While Perry is following behind her with his hands over his ears yelling "this kids driving me crazy"  Yeah right......We get to the corner (I am in the middle of the block) and she hollars for Jeff (the dad) I then put this precious child down, and he trys to follow me home, running from the grandma, still screaming.  I believe the women said thank you, I don't know I was out of there to go home in the peace and quiet, thanking my child for never having a fit like that.  That right there was a strongwilled child for real! 

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Finished the Album for church finally. Posted by Hello

Name that Blog

Ok I need to rename my blog, because well has my first and last name.  I am sure before long word will get out about the amazing blog that I have, then I'll have fan issues.  I'll suddenly have cyber stalkers and we don't want any of that to happen.  So if anyone out there in cyberspace, specifically folks who have been invited to view my blog.  Feel free to leave comments as to what I should call my blog.  Since Ashley Simpson's new single debut today, I can't think of anything else but Pieces of Me.  Which would be a great blog name, but I'd like the title to actually contain a piece of me.  Like at least my first name.  Something fun and original. 

Reality TV resumes:  Trading Spouses was good, if it makes you cry you know you are onto something and it did.  I still think the princess was a plant to make the show interesting because, there is no way anyone is that shallow, and clueless.  I also watched the Amazing Race, 1/2 pound of fish eggs is no joke, that is REALLY gross.  Odd it was only the pretty girls who had issues stomaching it. 

Ok so an anonymous comment maker asked what it is that I love about Breakfast at Tiffany's?  I love the idea of Holly Golightly.  I love the fact that she's not tied down to anything, and that she's so free spirited yet theres a troubled mystery about her.  I loved her apartment, that didn't have much furnature and her no named Cat.  Oh and best of all she was keeping it real when she talked about "the mean reds", I mean really what women doesn't get the mean reds from time to time, I think even men can get the mean reds.  And for those of you who have never seen the movie and don't know what "the mean reds" are.  It's when you are sad and you just don't know what you are sad about.  Slightly on the verge of the mean reds right about now.  I guess to leave comments even though I changed it so anyone could comment you still have to put in your info, or you can leave an anonymous comment, if you don't really want to be anonymous but still want to comment just use the anonymous comments and just put your first name at the end of you comment. 

Monday, July 26, 2004

Keeping Up....

Just wanting to keep up with my blog.  Ok newsflash to those of you who aren't all that close to me.  I am a reality TV junkie!  Seriously even reruns pull me in.  The newest one that has pulled my attention is Trading Spouses.  Oh my goodness could this not be the coolest thing?  They've taken a rich upper class white women who is basically a princess, who isn't even raising her own kids.  She is trading homes with a black lower class lady who is keeping it real.  Holy cow the pampered princess has a rude awakening.  The re-run of last weeks episode was on tonight, the new episode is on tomorrow night.  I love it when they do that, just so we can get a refresher the day before. 

New discovery of the week.  Should be called true confession of a TV-aholic.  I do get outside at least once a day trust me.  Ok so my child takes after both his parents and loves the TV specifically Nickelodian....UGH....a little Spongebob goes a long way.  Well I've discovered.....YIPEEE.... he love Foodnetwork.  So we now can enjoy TV programming together.  Specifically our favorite food show to watch together is Good Eats, and it's educational.  So Spongebob can go take a flying leap into a bucket of Pinesol for all I care, I've had enough of his yellow spongy absorbent self. 

Sunday, July 25, 2004


Ok so I've been debating all evening.  Where exactly do I want to go with this blog thing?  Do I wait and post about my day after I finish a scrapbook page so I can post something?  Do I talk about church?  Does anyone even give a rip about my life, I mean honestly what am I doing with a blog.  I'm just getting over strep throat, and am having issues with my self image, feels a whole lot like PMS, but it's not really.  Not sure what it is?  Guess I'm just having one of those, "feel like hating everyone days."  I am sure everyone has those kind of days, they just don't write about it in a blog huh?  Well I finally put away my organized scrapbook paper, with hopes I would scrap a page, hey it's early it could still happen.  I feel the need to finish this scrappin project I started for church in March actually, only a few pages left to go, then I will feel more free to work on my own stuff. 
   Tim Urmston spoke today at church.  He's awesome!  He's over the ministry I work with at my church ( the ministry is Alpha (  Tim spoke on Galatians 5.  What a great message.  So often when folks know you are a Christian, and trust me I make no attempts to hide my faith.  There are huge expectations that you should live a certain way.  Suddenly your life is under a microscope.  People make comments all the time, "is that how a Christian should act?"  With emphasis put on the word Christian.  Or a true Christian wouldn't say or do something like that.  Not realizing I too am a human being who lives in this world that makes it extremely hard to be a Christian.  I wake up everyday fully intending to serve God and be the person he intended me to be.  Everyday I do something screwy that makes me fall short of reaching that goal.  Does that mean I just give up?  Nope, it means I just keep waking up everyday intending to live out my purpose the way God intended it. 
     So lesson learned today?  Ok so I am (would like to say, "used to be") one of those people who if I see someone I know out somewhere and don't feel like talking to anyone.  I'll have that clueless look on my face, and pretend I don't see them, in hopes they don't notice me.  99% of the time it works.  However, I sure hate it when it's done to me!  Today while at the grocery, I saw 2 people I knew, both had the "clueless please don't notice me look."  I thought to myself "oh hell naw! that did not just happen to me." So my decision today was next time I just say "hi! so and so" and keep walking.  I should be bold and friendly, right?  What have I got to lose, except my dignity, because they'll probably be like, "who was that anyways?" Ha Ha!
Excerpt from the Message:
Galatians 5:16-18
"My counsel is this: Live freely, animated and motivated by God's spirit.  Then you won't feed the compulsions of selfishness.  For there is a root of sinful self-interest in us that is at odds with a free spirit, just as the free spirit is incompatible with selfishness.   These two ways of life are antithetical, so that you cannot live at times one way and at times another way according to how you feel on any given day.  Why don't you choose to be led by the spirit and so escape the erratic compulsions of a law-dominated existence?" 
Man that totally Rocks!  Theres what I decided to do with my Blog....not bad huh?

Saturday, July 24, 2004


Ok I am still testing this thing out.  Why are the times looking all screwy?  I'll figure it out.  This is going to be a great place to discuss reality TV you know.  I can send everyone here to discuss who to hate this week. Ha Ha!

Holy Cow!

Ok this is stinking cool!  Howcome everyone doesn't already have one of these.  It looks nice and imagine the fun I will have.  This isn't the last you've heard of me.  Ok a little something about the picture I just posted.  That is from when we went to Kings Island for Ohio Nationals (my place of employment) company picnic.  We took Maddie (my best friends little girl) with us so Perry would have someone to ride rides with.  They had a blast and this picture is so cute!

Perry and Maddie at Kings Island June 2004 Posted by Hello

Let the fun begin

Ok so my life isn't all that interesting that I would even need a blog.  But who knows every now and then I may have something wonderful to share about my life, or I might even want to just make something up.  Now I have a place to do so.  I'd like to test out if I can add images to this thing because that would be super cool.  Ok I'll have to test that out somemore.  Check back soon and see if I've got anything interesting to say.