Thursday, July 29, 2004

Life keeps moving.

We have this enormous picture window in our living room, you can see everything that's going on in front of my house without a problem.  Our house is right next to the path that goes back to a park that's right behind our house so in the summer theres quite a bit of activity that usually goes on outside.  I'm sitting on the couch eating my dinner.  (because that's the best place to eat dinner)  and I see this cute little boy maybe 2 yrs old riding along on his radio flyer red bike. With what appears to be his grandma walking behind him.  She's carrying a baby that is maybe 6 months old.  Suddenly I see her try to help the little boy turn the bike around in my driveway, to go back home.  He doesn't want to, he wants to keep going I guess.  Well he starts crying.  Remember she's carrying a baby.  He's on the bike, off the bike, balling his face off. And just standing there.  So she trys to pull the bike, then go back and get him.  He's not moving.  She trys to pick him up.  That's a lot of kid a baby and a solid 2 year old.  And here I am sitting on my couch.  So I go outside (thank God I had pants on) and ask her if she needs help.  Shes saying something about getting him home and his daddy wants to go to a concert, and "if people would close their garages he wouldn't see the toys and want to play with them."  ::::::tires squealing in my head::::::::::::  My inner voice says, um yeah not sure if you noticed but there are very few garages on this street, they all have carports.  My house included which is probably the one she's referring too, since Perry had his little tykes car parked out front.  Inspite of her rude comments, I offer to help.  I'm pulling this 8 inch teeny tiny bike, while she attempts to drag this tantrum having toddler a block home.  That wasn't happening.  He has not stopped crying.  This is the worse fit I've ever seen and I am now a part of it.  Why didn't I stay in the house?  So I look at this pitiful women who had not lost her cool, and say (God help me) "will he let me pick him up?"  What was I thinking?  She muttered something, but didn't stop me, so I pick up this screaming kid who is now being handled by a stranger.  His body goes stiff and he's kicking.  I walk a couple feet and stop to make sure the Grandma is making it ok with the bike the whole time she's yelling his name for him to stop.   While Perry is following behind her with his hands over his ears yelling "this kids driving me crazy"  Yeah right......We get to the corner (I am in the middle of the block) and she hollars for Jeff (the dad) I then put this precious child down, and he trys to follow me home, running from the grandma, still screaming.  I believe the women said thank you, I don't know I was out of there to go home in the peace and quiet, thanking my child for never having a fit like that.  That right there was a strongwilled child for real! 

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Stacie said...

Holy poo - if people would close their garage doors?! Sorry. I lived in Fairfield, remember, on a street where EVERYONE had garage doors. And everyone's garage door was almost open during the daylight hours when the weather was warm. To top it off - I have a two-year-old and would never expect his behavior to depend on someone closing their garage doors. That's funny.

It was nice of you to help, aside from the fact that you didn't mention anything back to her about having a carport. In her defense, I'm sure she felt embarrassed to begin with... but still. You win the "Saint of the Week" award - St. Jodi, patron saint of July 25th-31st.