Sunday, August 01, 2004

Loooong Day!

Well we went to Kings Island today, for my sister in law's company picnic. Apparently half a million people had the same idea. So we went to the picnic, Perry rode one ride, we stood around in the HOT sun for 20 minutes watched the parade (well worth the wait, it was very cute). Road the train back to boomerang bay and went home. You know what when theres that many people at Kings Island, you just don't stay, because what's gonna happen is you get all hot sweaty and you just end up being nasty to strangers. We have season pass's so we only paid for the meal anyways. Perry didn't seem to protest, so he was hot and crabby too.

On the way home Ron dropped me off at Carraba's and I met my scrappin peeps (friends who scrap) for dinner. Very nice resturant and the food was very good. There was 10 of us and we always have fun when we get together. We then decided to go over to the Handcraft in Hamilton, since tonight was there last night, after 25 years of business, and they were open till midnight. Surely there was something we could find, and at 70% off. I got some safety pins, and magnet strip, you can always use that. It was fun, seeing pictures from back in the day, and saying goodbye to the Handcraft staff...sniff sniff...Well then we got to talking about some cool ribbon one of my friends had used on something, and had to have some....she got it at Walmart, so off we went to Walmart. I had a fun day spent time with family and friends....

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