Thursday, March 31, 2005

C is for Cousins.....

Cousins- Wow I miss that connection. I can remember kicking it with cousins all the time when I was growing up. Going camping with Grandma and Poppie with my cousin Jennifer almost every summer. Then when we became teenagers we'd hang out and Grandma and Poppies for a whole week. I can remember seeing my cousin Susan on the weekends also at Grandma and Poppies. She is 6 years older than I so she'd hang on the phone with boys and I'd listen. I thought she was so cool. I can remember visiting my cousins Leah and Aimee in florida one spring break. So now what has become of all my cousins. You get older and have your own life, and everyones scattered all over. Jennifer lives in KY not too far away, I've seen her once or twice in the past 8 years. I am probably the only one in my family who trys to stay connected. Man is it hard. I miss the connection, and the fun relationships.

Enough with the C's on to the


Directions- Man am I directionally challenged. If I am not on familiar roads, you better believe I am going to get lost. I've lived in Cincinnati for most of my life and have been going downtown on my own since before I could drive. Still to this day I get lost all the time.

Doing Nothing- Sometimes it's ok to just do nothing like right now I am not feeling overly creative, although I have scrapped 2 nights in a row. Notice, I did not post anything scrapbook related? That would be because they pretty much suck. Should have chose to do nothing. Like this blog right now is not overly creative or humorous, should have chose to do nothing. See how that works? Wonder if that could catch on as a new slogan? Instead of "Just do it!" It could be,
"Do Nothing", and it would be a picture of me vegging on the couch, channel surfing. Ok maybe that wouldn't be such a good picture.

Ok I am at a loss for D's, so those of you who aren't leaving comments, need to come out come out where ever you are and give me some D words that you'd like my comments on or that could stir up some creativity in me. This is open to usual comment givers as well.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

C is for Cool......

Of which I once was. All having a blog and all. Then all these famous scrappers discovered blogging. And frankly they are way cooler than I, so now I don't feel quite as cool as I once was. But honestly I'm fine with not being cool, I'm 36 years old, if I'm not cool now I may never be cool. Who cares anyways.......but I had a blog first!

CD's- I got 2 new ones this past weekend, first it was Prince-Musicology why did I buy this, the reviews say it all. He'll never do anything like Purple Rain ever again. I keep giving it another try, and it still only has like 2-3 good songs and that's it. Then at the recommendation of some other people's blogs I checked out some Sting- Sacred Love I decided to get it since it had been recommended by respectable folks then the lyrics were quoted during Easter Sundays had to have it. It's really really good, and I've never been much of a Sting fan.

Cleaning- man I hate to clean. But it has to be done. I can't live in a messy house forever. So this weekend it's time. We are going to spring clean! So look out stuff getting thrown out.

Crazy- My schedule is starting to look crazy for April. Just when I thought it was wide open stuff keeps getting scheduled. It's fun to be busy, but sometimes I like to just veg and not have to do stuff.

Ok sorry my blogs been lame lately. No one has posted anything for C in the comments, once that happens I'll move on to D! So come on people surely somebody has something to say!

Comments- Yeah I got lots of love for Melinda and Stacie, but they can't be the only ones showing me some love. The cool scrapper blogs get like 10 or more comments per post. Told you they were much cooler than I. (said in a whiney Napoleon voice)

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Alphabetical break.....

Ok I was doing a little blog surfing. This thing is quite popular with the scrappin crowd now. But came across this website. And am I alone here thinking this is a great idea? I'd totally join in. I'd definately sport some boxers, I'd play along for real. Ok seriously I'm so done blogging for the night, time to go play easter bunny!

C is for cute! Posted by Hello
And for chapstick of which Hannah likes to eat. Prime example of Mardie is way more laid back than any of us. I said "um should she be eating chapstick?" Mardie said, "yeah she likes to eat chapstick, it's non-toxic." LOL.....ok have at it then.

C is for Crack Posted by Hello
As in Baby butt crack, how stinkin cute is this picture??? This is my friend Mardie's little girl Hannah. I'll post a picture of her cute face too. But this is definately a cute butt!

Friday, March 25, 2005

C time!

Crucified: Of which Jesus was this very night a long time ago. In my opinion Good Friday is the most significant night of the holy weekend. And now that there is the passion, those images will be forever embedded into my brain. How could I not be eternally greatful with all that I am for what Christ did for me? Went to church tonight. Good Friday service is always so somber, as well it should be. Last years service they show'd a short movie called the Train. Very meaningful, wish I could find it. I'll do more C's tomorrow or later, tired.

Last of the B'! Kylie is now 16 weeks old and I swear she weighs 20 lbs! Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Beat-down: What you threaten one with if they don't do things your way. "Clearly so and so needs a beat-down". Or you could threaten a child with a beat-down, "Straighten up or you're gonna get a beat-down.

Beat-down can also be an adjective. Such as right now I feel extremely beat-down. My child has me at my wits end. He is a prime example of uncontrolled ADD. I am praying that he will find a way to channel all this energy, to function in a normal world. Because right now whatever it is we are doing IS NOT WORKING. My mom got me this book today for my birthday and I hope it has all the answers I am looking for. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way. Otherwise just pray for Perry. He's definately not unhappy. But he's a little too oblivious to the world around him. If he could only do whatever he wanted all day long then there wouldn't be a problem. But at this point that is not an option. I promise to start some C's tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Bling: Term often used to refer to fancy jewlery, or money.

Bing: As in Crosby, great movies, and christmas music. As in cherrys, love those.

Biatch: Another curse word. I got issues. This one usually used for females, I'm really annoyed with. Mostly used when joking around with my friends.

Boxes: Alot of my stuff is still in boxes from our move over a year ago.

Basic Grey: Stacie mentioned this, probably my most favorite patterned paper used in my scrapbooking and book art stuff.

Blessed: Even though I am incredibly frazzled at the end of the day from dealing with all I have to deal with. A kid who is charming and funny, which he uses against me to stay out of trouble. A husband who works really hard, gets little sleep, but still is able to remember to take care of a few of the domesticated duties around here. A job that is NOT my dream job, but I got one and that's a good thing. Great net work of friends, those who I share a hobby in common with and my church peeps, plus those who have had my back for years. I could go on for days about being blessed. How bout we say I got a cool immediate family, cool friends, so therefor I am BLESSED. (Geez some of you were like get to the point already)

Butt: Just a fun word to say. Go on say it.....funny isn't it.

Bookstore: I could sit in a bookstore for hours and just read stuff. I love a good bookstore with comfy chairs, and cool magazines and books.

Bebo: As in Bebo Norman, great worship music. Ever wonder if that's his real name?? I do, I mean Bebo, how many could there be?

Belly: My mom wouldn't let me say belly when I was a kid. Wierd, why is that anyways. She always said it was an ugly word. Ok maybe in the 1950's but it was the 70's and belly is a perfectly exceptible term. Now I can say it all I want BELLY! Love being in charge of my own life. At least most of the time. There are some days though, wow, not so much! Ever have one of those days? When everything is going crappy and you are screaming ok I'm done being a grown up someone else take over. Like last week was like that. And this weeks kinda crazy too. I could use a personal assistant.....I'll have applications ready next week for those who'd like to apply.

Monday, March 21, 2005

B time!

On that note....adorable, which is by child, I'll move on the the B's. Maybe this time I'll get more B comments. Come on people I know you are out there my tickers ticking...(see below) but you people are saying nothing. Thanks to my faithful following Stacie and Melinda. Who are the rest of you stalkers??

Birthdays: Yeah I had one this past week on friday, yeah thanks for the card! Ha Ha....I did get a whole lot of love this year on my birthday. It's almost like I am celebrating the whole month. Those of you keeping score....I'm 36. Abby hooked me up with a set of wine glass's....felt sorry for me since at my christmas part, all I had was Winnie the Pooh wine glass's. OMG stop laughing they are functional! I just learned the art of wine drinking, why does there need to be a special glass?? Well no longer a problem I now have 8 beautiful wine glass's.....why must one have a glass anyways?? If it's Boones Farm your gonna drink the whole bottle anyways!!! Ha Ha Ha.....Ok I officially gave up the boones farm many years ago, trust me I can afford better now. Calm down people I'm not some crazy wino an occasional glass is it, and only among friends while socializing. Riesling Spatlese if you still need to get me a gift....I may even share, I got glass's for it now.

Bible: From wine to the bible...go figure! Hey it's in there. Ok Ok, I'm on Bible now. Just heard a AWESOME talk tonight by Justin on the bible. I've been a christian for over 20 years and that very short talk he gave was the most educational talk on the bible I've ever seen. And it's only 20 minutes. Goes to show doesn't take much just important stuff crammed in a short period of time. I'd have to say scripture meditation has been for me the most effective way to read the bible. This book Read, Think, Pray, Live is a great book on scripture meditation, it's published by the same folks who publish The Message, so it's pretty modern.

Bubba: My son's nickname. Not sure why, sounds like a nickname you give to some big bully type kid, of which he is not. He's tiny. Poor thing only weighs 44 lbs, and he's 45 inches tall. I really do feed him. He doesn't realize he's so small so that's good. Hopefully he'll never had the short kid syndrom, you know those punk kids who have an attitude, because they are short, so they make up for it by being a punk. Perry is not like that at all.

Bubba Gump: From Forrest Gump. I have a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company baseball hat, I used to wear it all the time, and everyone loved it. I wore it when I went to Mexico, on a mission trip. The kids we worked with in some of the city churches thought it was a cool hat.

Blog: Man you can get sucked into some blog reading. You feel like it's a waste of time, but it can be so enlightening when you come across a good one.

Boobalicious: Term used to descibe someone who dress's unnessesarily sexy. Or a women with too much clevage! Not sure I've ever heard anyone use this term other than myself and a few close friends, so if you use this word, use with caution because you could get smacked.

Business Casual: Defined differently by many people and it depends on where you work. For me it means no jeans, sweat pants, shorts, or gym shoes. Everything else is fair game!

Bombdigity: Term used when something is REALLY cool. Such as "that shirt is the bombdigity." again it's a good possibility this term was also made up by someone I know, so use with caution.

Buca Di Beppo: Only the best resturant on the planet!

ADORABLE: My son in his Tiger cub uniform, getting his Tiger Cub patch at the Blue and Gold banquet.  Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ahhhhhhh......hee hee the weird noise Napoleon makes when he's sighing. Still trying to figure out why I love this movie so much?? Probably because it wasn't funny the first time, but then you watch it again, and you laugh because it's just so freakin STUPID. Then after you watch it the third time, and you have friends who have also seen it this many times or more, and you start quoting it. That, right there is when a movie becomes incredibly funny.

Taking a break from the encyclepedia thing for a momet. Went to scrappin time this saturday, I am in a major creative funk. I got nothing. I did 2 pages and I hated them both. I made 3 cards and they looked like crap. Maybe it's scrappin time?? I need to clean my scrappin table and just make some time to scrap at home. Sometimes other people can just suck the life out of you, and then you just don't feel like scrappin I guess??? Or you just feel like socializing with folks and you can't scrap. I just got sucked into reading blogs, man that can be addicting, but you find cool stuff, like cool music to listen to, and cool books to read. So I'd encourage a little blog surfing every once in a while, you won't be sorry.

Friday, March 18, 2005


Abstanence: Best form of birth control. And very hard I might add. But I'd have to say it's how God intended it to be, for you to wait till you are married. For some reason, I've always felt weird telling people I waited. Don't know why?? I should celebrate the fact that I waited, but I figure the majority of people I encounter either don't understand or they don't believe me.

ADHD: How is it, that is seems like this was only discovered a few years ago? Or is it more widely accepted? I obviously am ADD, my son has actually been diagnosed. I think most people if they just embrace it and accept, hey that's just who I am they can and will be very successful and secure people. Most folks I know who are this, are VERY interesting people, myself included.

Artist: I wish this was my profession.

Alpha: Only the coolest ministry team at the Vineyard ever. I love being part of the Alpha team, I feel like I've found my niche for now. I say for now because being a part of this thing called the vineyard for nearly 18 years, things are evolving and changing all the time, and sometimes your niche gets shifted and moved. But for now this feels right.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

More A's...........

analytical: Of which I am not. Man I am in the wrong job.

Asshole: Most favorite curse word that I use to describe someone I am extremely mad at.

Analyst: I know people with this title, why do I know these people. If this title is all that was used to describe them, I would not want to know them. Numbers are not my friend I do not like numbers. Refer to job reference.

Army: Melinda mentioned the Army in her comments....hummmmm.....this word conjures up many feelings of ill will. Don't get me wrong I am all for folks being in Iraq and being deployed for the reasons that I trust are good reasons. But the Army I have found to be full of leaders who are disorganized morans who haven't a clue about what the hell they are doing as far as administration type stuff. The only Army personnel that can be trusted are WOMEN!

Anthropology: Most amazing store in the whole world. Everything about that store makes me feel happy. And what a cool name Anthropology


Albatross....first word that comes to mind. Theres a song that goes to it, but the last time I sang that little tune the person thought I was nuts. When my brother entered kindergarten, and I was in the 4th grade. My parents decided to put us in a Christian school. Immanuel Baptist Church. We had been going to daycare there for years, and they just started a school that went all the way to 12th grade. So in Kindergarten that is how they learned their letters, I only remember A and B. And my brother didn't even learn how to read, we went there just 2 years, and when they put us back in public school. My brother was terribly behind and had to repeat second grade. So so much for their nutty alphabet songs.

Fun has begun!

Previously my life seemed boring and uneventful. Until my husband took me to dinner at my favorite resturant and we went shopping in my favorite store. And at that store I bought my now new favorite book. This book is so awesome. Because I am unable to come up with my own creative ideas, I am going to take this concept and use it on my blog. I mean after all it is a book about an ordinary life, and my life is just that Ordinary. So I'll start with A and write all the meaningful stuff I can think of that start with A. And those few people who leave comments please feel free to join in, comment on something that starts with A and so on. So here goes!

Friday, March 11, 2005

In Search of Fun!

My friend Weezer and I went to Columbus last weekend and visited a friend. It was a lovely time had by all. We watched chic flicks, drank wine and margarita's, and ate way too much. Abby made me a birthday cake, like she does every year, spice cake with Penucci icing. that stuff. Not at all WW friendly, but it's my birthday month and I'm celebrating the whole month. Hopefully there will be a weight loss tomorrow, or I will have to cut down on the celebrating. Sorry nothing else fun and exciting has been going on. It's fairly boring around here. Sure would like some excitement!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Good News Please!

Ok enough already. When you go to 2 funerals in one week, somethings wrong with your week. I've cried enough tears in the past week to last me a good while. A friend had a baby this week, only it was born too soon. It had a genetic birth defect that didn't allow it's brain to grow. So she gave birth to baby James, at only 24 weeks. He lived for 53 minutes. She said if he was born alive, she'd celebrate that life no matter how long it was, and that she did. There was a beautiful memorial service on Tuesday night. So therefor, Jodi is spent, done finished through! I need some shoe therapy. There seems to be a void of sadness that needs to be replaced with a new pair of shoes. I'll let you know if that happens. In the mean time I could use some good news please!