Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Bling: Term often used to refer to fancy jewlery, or money.

Bing: As in Crosby, great movies, and christmas music. As in cherrys, love those.

Biatch: Another curse word. I got issues. This one usually used for females, I'm really annoyed with. Mostly used when joking around with my friends.

Boxes: Alot of my stuff is still in boxes from our move over a year ago.

Basic Grey: Stacie mentioned this, probably my most favorite patterned paper used in my scrapbooking and book art stuff.

Blessed: Even though I am incredibly frazzled at the end of the day from dealing with all I have to deal with. A kid who is charming and funny, which he uses against me to stay out of trouble. A husband who works really hard, gets little sleep, but still is able to remember to take care of a few of the domesticated duties around here. A job that is NOT my dream job, but I got one and that's a good thing. Great net work of friends, those who I share a hobby in common with and my church peeps, plus those who have had my back for years. I could go on for days about being blessed. How bout we say I got a cool immediate family, cool friends, so therefor I am BLESSED. (Geez some of you were like get to the point already)

Butt: Just a fun word to say. Go on say it.....funny isn't it.

Bookstore: I could sit in a bookstore for hours and just read stuff. I love a good bookstore with comfy chairs, and cool magazines and books.

Bebo: As in Bebo Norman, great worship music. Ever wonder if that's his real name?? I do, I mean Bebo, how many could there be?

Belly: My mom wouldn't let me say belly when I was a kid. Wierd, why is that anyways. She always said it was an ugly word. Ok maybe in the 1950's but it was the 70's and belly is a perfectly exceptible term. Now I can say it all I want BELLY! Love being in charge of my own life. At least most of the time. There are some days though, wow, not so much! Ever have one of those days? When everything is going crappy and you are screaming ok I'm done being a grown up someone else take over. Like last week was like that. And this weeks kinda crazy too. I could use a personal assistant.....I'll have applications ready next week for those who'd like to apply.


Stacie said...

Butt-CHEEK is an even better word! My sister was in college with this girl who would reference her own butt-cheek quite a bit. Her left butt-cheek, actually. As in "My left butt-cheek could cook a better meal than THAT!" or "My left butt-cheek could sing WAY better than that woman did", etc. I'm thinking she had an exceptional left butt-cheek. But then, I'm easily impressed.

*Note to self: if you say "butt-cheek" enough times, it starts to sound like a fake word

Stacie said...

P.S. Perry in his uniform? THE cutest thing. Ever.

Jodi said...

The fact that I just said "butt-cheek" to myself outloud more than once is fairly amusing.