Thursday, March 31, 2005

C is for Cousins.....

Cousins- Wow I miss that connection. I can remember kicking it with cousins all the time when I was growing up. Going camping with Grandma and Poppie with my cousin Jennifer almost every summer. Then when we became teenagers we'd hang out and Grandma and Poppies for a whole week. I can remember seeing my cousin Susan on the weekends also at Grandma and Poppies. She is 6 years older than I so she'd hang on the phone with boys and I'd listen. I thought she was so cool. I can remember visiting my cousins Leah and Aimee in florida one spring break. So now what has become of all my cousins. You get older and have your own life, and everyones scattered all over. Jennifer lives in KY not too far away, I've seen her once or twice in the past 8 years. I am probably the only one in my family who trys to stay connected. Man is it hard. I miss the connection, and the fun relationships.

Enough with the C's on to the


Directions- Man am I directionally challenged. If I am not on familiar roads, you better believe I am going to get lost. I've lived in Cincinnati for most of my life and have been going downtown on my own since before I could drive. Still to this day I get lost all the time.

Doing Nothing- Sometimes it's ok to just do nothing like right now I am not feeling overly creative, although I have scrapped 2 nights in a row. Notice, I did not post anything scrapbook related? That would be because they pretty much suck. Should have chose to do nothing. Like this blog right now is not overly creative or humorous, should have chose to do nothing. See how that works? Wonder if that could catch on as a new slogan? Instead of "Just do it!" It could be,
"Do Nothing", and it would be a picture of me vegging on the couch, channel surfing. Ok maybe that wouldn't be such a good picture.

Ok I am at a loss for D's, so those of you who aren't leaving comments, need to come out come out where ever you are and give me some D words that you'd like my comments on or that could stir up some creativity in me. This is open to usual comment givers as well.


Michelle said...

Hi Jodi

You are doing just what I was talking about on scrapability - a personal encyclopedia. You are so ahead of the times, I bow to your advanced blogginess, lol.

Now, I'm thinking about starting up a scrap encyclopedia on Scrapability - sort of an anti-Creating Keepsakes one (as they are publishing their Scrapbooking Encyclopedia at the mo') - but with humour.

Enjoyed reading your blog entries. I'm going to come back!


Melinda said...

D is for...
Daughters I have two of the best ones I've ever seen and I am a pretty good one myself.

Drowsy What I am at the moment after taking a dose of Benadryl to get rid of some hives that have appeared for no apparent reason.

Dogs Of which I also have two and, imho, that's two too many.

Decisions What I seem to be making alot of lately, but what I'd love desperately to avoid.

Leah Yourstone said...

D is for DAG. My favorite word that Jodi uses. She's so cool!

D is for Doughnuts. What I wish I had right now. Yum... Krispy Kremes are the reigning champ IMHO. I adore those suckers. I used to be able to gobble down a whole box in one night. Really! Ask Rich if you don't believe it.

D is for Drugs. Why oh why do I need to go to the doctor's just for a simple anitbiotic RX. I know when I need one. I just wish I could pop in to the drug store and pick one up and my pussy tonsils will be back to shape in no time. Instead, I avoid the DR office at all costs and what could have been a couple days of slight discomfort, turns into weeks of agony for the whole dag family!

Love ya cousin,

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