Monday, March 21, 2005

B time!

On that note....adorable, which is by child, I'll move on the the B's. Maybe this time I'll get more B comments. Come on people I know you are out there my tickers ticking...(see below) but you people are saying nothing. Thanks to my faithful following Stacie and Melinda. Who are the rest of you stalkers??

Birthdays: Yeah I had one this past week on friday, yeah thanks for the card! Ha Ha....I did get a whole lot of love this year on my birthday. It's almost like I am celebrating the whole month. Those of you keeping score....I'm 36. Abby hooked me up with a set of wine glass's....felt sorry for me since at my christmas part, all I had was Winnie the Pooh wine glass's. OMG stop laughing they are functional! I just learned the art of wine drinking, why does there need to be a special glass?? Well no longer a problem I now have 8 beautiful wine glass's.....why must one have a glass anyways?? If it's Boones Farm your gonna drink the whole bottle anyways!!! Ha Ha Ha.....Ok I officially gave up the boones farm many years ago, trust me I can afford better now. Calm down people I'm not some crazy wino an occasional glass is it, and only among friends while socializing. Riesling Spatlese if you still need to get me a gift....I may even share, I got glass's for it now.

Bible: From wine to the bible...go figure! Hey it's in there. Ok Ok, I'm on Bible now. Just heard a AWESOME talk tonight by Justin on the bible. I've been a christian for over 20 years and that very short talk he gave was the most educational talk on the bible I've ever seen. And it's only 20 minutes. Goes to show doesn't take much just important stuff crammed in a short period of time. I'd have to say scripture meditation has been for me the most effective way to read the bible. This book Read, Think, Pray, Live is a great book on scripture meditation, it's published by the same folks who publish The Message, so it's pretty modern.

Bubba: My son's nickname. Not sure why, sounds like a nickname you give to some big bully type kid, of which he is not. He's tiny. Poor thing only weighs 44 lbs, and he's 45 inches tall. I really do feed him. He doesn't realize he's so small so that's good. Hopefully he'll never had the short kid syndrom, you know those punk kids who have an attitude, because they are short, so they make up for it by being a punk. Perry is not like that at all.

Bubba Gump: From Forrest Gump. I have a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company baseball hat, I used to wear it all the time, and everyone loved it. I wore it when I went to Mexico, on a mission trip. The kids we worked with in some of the city churches thought it was a cool hat.

Blog: Man you can get sucked into some blog reading. You feel like it's a waste of time, but it can be so enlightening when you come across a good one.

Boobalicious: Term used to descibe someone who dress's unnessesarily sexy. Or a women with too much clevage! Not sure I've ever heard anyone use this term other than myself and a few close friends, so if you use this word, use with caution because you could get smacked.

Business Casual: Defined differently by many people and it depends on where you work. For me it means no jeans, sweat pants, shorts, or gym shoes. Everything else is fair game!

Bombdigity: Term used when something is REALLY cool. Such as "that shirt is the bombdigity." again it's a good possibility this term was also made up by someone I know, so use with caution.

Buca Di Beppo: Only the best resturant on the planet!


Stacie said...

Basic Gray.

Brad. As in "Pitt".

And yes, I am a dork. Thank you. Good night.

Melinda said...

Brian--the love of my soul destiny.

That's all I have for B...why is that? Should be more, shouldn't there!?

How about blue? It's a good color. :o)