Friday, March 18, 2005


Abstanence: Best form of birth control. And very hard I might add. But I'd have to say it's how God intended it to be, for you to wait till you are married. For some reason, I've always felt weird telling people I waited. Don't know why?? I should celebrate the fact that I waited, but I figure the majority of people I encounter either don't understand or they don't believe me.

ADHD: How is it, that is seems like this was only discovered a few years ago? Or is it more widely accepted? I obviously am ADD, my son has actually been diagnosed. I think most people if they just embrace it and accept, hey that's just who I am they can and will be very successful and secure people. Most folks I know who are this, are VERY interesting people, myself included.

Artist: I wish this was my profession.

Alpha: Only the coolest ministry team at the Vineyard ever. I love being part of the Alpha team, I feel like I've found my niche for now. I say for now because being a part of this thing called the vineyard for nearly 18 years, things are evolving and changing all the time, and sometimes your niche gets shifted and moved. But for now this feels right.

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