Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Meant to Live for So much More

I think I love him. Now I know I love him. Ron doesn't mind, it's rockstar kind of love. Partied like a rockstar last night. Must crash pronto so no one gets hurt. I'm way to old for partying such as that. Switchfoot was one of the best concerts I've ever seen.....and I've seen my fair share, Billy Joel and Garth Brooks to name a few. Switchfoot by far the absolute best more tomorrow......ZZZZZZ..... Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 30, 2006


May I suggest when carving a pumpkin you make the opening at the bottom. I can't claim the idea as my own I learned it from Martha Stewart. I don't care what you think about her she's freakin brilliant. I've been doing it that way for years.

Fun fall weekend. Was suppose to go camping but bailed since it rained all day on Friday and was cold and windy saturday, but today was beautiful, and more of the same for tomorrow....when I go to columbus to see.......

SWITCHFOOT!!!! Posted by Picasa
I can't wait I've not been this excited about a concert in ages. I hope Abby's as excited as I am. I just hope I don't cry, which I sometimes do when I get overly excited. So pray I hold it together and don't lose my dignity. Oh and that I get to meet the band!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

15 Years and counting.....

Good thing I married a man who gets better looking with age. 15 years and he's way better looking than when we first met. Heck we both are better looking. I'm just fatter, and he loves me anyways. He's balder, but he'd look funny with hair. He's got a nice head to be bald.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY....um 2 days ago....my bad!

*hug report. No hugs recieved, other than my husband and my kid.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hug Therapy

Ok so Abby (one of my best friends) says I give off this ultra violet "don't hug me vibe", that scares people. Fact is I'm not much of a hugger. According to Abby I need to be....a hugger. Quite the scary concept to me. So heres the thing, if you are reading this you have permission to give me a hug, when you see me.
Couple of rules:
1. If you are a co-worker, you may not hug me, cause that's just plain wierd.
2. If you are married to me, it's a hug and that's it....nothing more.
3. If you are my kid you can hug me anytime, no questions asked.

Free Hug Video

Ok so operation HUG THERAPY is in full effect.

*This can be canceled with no notice.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mean Reds....

I had a major case of the mean reds today. It was brewing all weekend, but came on really bad today at work, ecspecially towards the end of the day when I'm all alone. Thankfully Abby was e-mailing me keeping me in check so I didn't fall apart and lose my mind, which I suppose would have been ok since after 5pm no ones around to see. I did hold it together and as soon as I got outside, and got some fresh air, they were gone. Not sure what all that means, but hopefully I don't need medicated.

Sometimes I get this overwhelming sense that God is preparing me for something really big. Like right now thinking about how big it could possilbly be is almost too overwhelming so I choose not to think about it. Theres so much knowledge tucked away inside this small (very small) brain of mine it's amazing I can even sleep at night. And it's not just all God stuff, it's Learning disability stuff, therapy for that stuff, memories of high school days, pop culture, music, scrapbooking, details about scrapbook celebrities lives I pick up from looking at layouts, end-time stuff, prophetic stuff, biblical stuff.....good Lord....Life insurance stuff, marital stuff, finanicial stuff, cub scout stuff, it goes on, and on.....nutrition stuff, dog stuff, cat stuff, seriously there are days when I think my head is going to explode. I went and heard some cool missionaries speak tonight, and was thinking the whole time wow this is great information, and prophetic and biblical, but wow I know too much, now I got this burden to tell people what I learned...yet could I ever do it justice and not look like a babbling idiot. God's doing something, not sure what, and why me....but here I am use me....whatever that looks like.

And then theres this....CUTE KIDS ALERT.....It was so cold yesterday but they had fun walking around Kings Island anyways.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

2 Dogs?

I suppose having 2 dogs is better than having 1 dog? At least my husband is trying to convince me of that. Poor Maizy....she looks frightened doesn't she? She rarely is behind the gate alone with Kipper, cause Kipper thinks she is a chew toy.

Posted by Picasa Kippers not too terrible he's just a big dog. And to think I used to not like Maizy, now I do. I really prefer the kitty, but I'm trapped in the house with 2 dogs, and 2 boys....UGH....

And now I present to you Peter from Chronicles of Narnia, his clothes are a bit to big, but fighting that battle caused him to lose a bit of weight. LOL

Friday, October 20, 2006


TO SWITCHFOOT BABY!!!!!!! 10 DAYS! I totally can't wait. I've not looked forward to a concert so much in many years. Probably since....Billy Joel...which was a very long time ago. Seeing Bono on Oprah last weekend closely matches the excitment. That was flippin sweet. And to be able to share the excitment with my peeps was priceless. Connie is a big U2 fan just like me, so it was way cool that we got to watch Bono together. I think I may have scared Cyndi with my excitement, she's not known me for very long....now she knows. Hee Hee....I was over the top. As I will be when I see Switchfoot!

I had a meeting at school today to go over the OT/PT goals. Which was more interesting than the other academic related stuff. Appears he has weak trunk musles. Which you'd never know unless you knew what you were looking for. He tends to compensate pretty well for his weakness's which I guess anyone would. Weak trunk muscles relates to a weak pencil grasp which translates into handwriting difficulties among other things. So we have a whole list of things we can do at home. Love people who know what the heck they are doing, makes me feel like my kid is cared for.

Ron made it through his 6 weeks of small group....he came through unharmed and not divulging any of his dark secrets....ha....as if he had any. I'm proud of him for hanging in there, and I think he'd even do it again someday. In the meantime you'll find him hanging out with the Handiman crew at church, helping out low income folks fix things. Check him showing God's love in a practicle way. He's showing me up, better do some outreach!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hi-Lo discoveries

So today was another DTMT, and I was wiped out. Still not totally recovered from the weekend, plus Daddy and Perry got home from a den meeting just before I did at 9:30...long night for everyone. So we skipped homework, every once in a while due to busy lives this is ok, besides he got an A on his spelling test last week after a few weeks of not doing so good, so it's all good. We took some time before bed to share "Hi-Lo", High point of your day....and Low point of your day. He shared the high point of his day today was going to Mrs. Copelands room and putting on his weighted vest, and then the low point this is when I decided "Hi-Lo" is a good idea.....he said the low point was when the kid on the bus who sits next to him keeps hitting him and hurting him, and he doesn't know how to make him quit cause no matter what he does he can't hurt him cause he's stronger......yikes.....so my kid appears to be being bullied. I don't know the full story since it's hard to get everything out of him. So send up some words for Perry, he's a small kid and I can see where bigger kids would mess with him. Had we not done Hi-Lo he may have never told me, and just delt with it. I sent the assistant principle an e-mail, lets hope he's not the one whose starting it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hung Over.....

And I only had one glass of wine all weekend. Which was on Friday night. I have a scraphangover, and well I should I did 14 pages and 1 card. Madness! Not to mention a HUGE case of "strange-bed syndrome", and I am beat down, tired. I think I've slept 4 hours in 2 days. Would have had much more sleep last night had it not been for some exstrenuious circumstances and the fire alarm going off at 6 am at the hotel we were staying at. My good heavens did that stir up a lot of drama among other things for those with an upset stomach (it wasn't me). Thanks to my friend Cyndi for making me evacuate the building, had there been a fire I would have felt safe and cared for. But since there was no fire I was delirious and annoyed staggering around the parking lot like a drunk....of which I was not. Thanks to Layni for going back into the non-burning building with me while others continued to stand outside and freeze. She then rechecked to make sure it was all clear, and I went back to bed....only to be awoke again a few short hours later by Layni's mother (BC) looking for the conference room key......arrrghhhh....and then again an hour later by housekeeping......DAMN IT PEOPLE I JUST WANT SOME SLEEP....so that's where I'm headed now....I leave you with a layout from the weekend.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Those Moments....

Ok it's the end of another DTMT, and I'm alive and full of energy. Why yes I am aware that it is almost midnight.....whatever I'm not tired. Ok heres a question to ponder. Why is my kid still awake for one.....for two....why is he talking to himself and then cracking up laughing? My first instinct is to yell "go to sleep".....but then I'd miss out on the free spirited cute laughter.....I'll just let him go he'll fall asleep eventually.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Man I love music. The right music can make or break your day! I was lucky enough to catch Austin City Limits saturday night and it was coldplay, it's the second time I've seen that one, last time being on Christmas Eve. The song with Michael Stipe and Chris Martin is priceless (the video above) that is an amazing song, that I'll probably have on repeat tomorrow. I love Chris Martin, not for his good looks, because he ain't all that handsome, but for the passion he appears to have for his music. He's not trying to look good, he's just enjoying what he's doing, and sings from his gut....Michael Stipe that's pretty much a given, everybody knows that....right?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fun Day!

This is one of those shots that's just perfect. The lighting....everything. I love this picture from the Renessance Festival today. Thankfully we had free tickets. (I know the Mayor)....otherwise

We would not have gone. This is a people watchers paradise. Theres plenty of normal folks and way way more freaky folks. If my "do not draw attention" husband hadn't been with me I would have been taken pictures of freaky folks all day long. I did manage to take one picture of a stranger. Posted by Picasa When you zoom in on this one, you can see the layers of this womens outfit....and her crazy hat. Plus she was in need of some dental work. I do not think she worked there, but you never know. If you notice Perry is in the left hand corner of the photo.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


So there was a bit of induced panic the other day. I was stressed and tired. It happens. Plus I've been a procrastinator this week. Majorly. So I waited too late to begin homework, plus I made him write too many words. Anyways we made it through the week, tomorrows friday, and he did a practice test and got them all right with very little help, so the agony we went through the other night is well worth it. Tis Hell no more. Lets just say we defeated hell with a little HG action. That's Holy Ghost for those of you just joining this party. Just means we pray....we are praying type people. Thus the reason Perry's got awesome teachers this year. Good kind caring people who seem to understand he's different and willing to work with that, and do whatevers necessary. I can't help but think about those parents who have a kid in Kindergarten or 1st grade, who have just figured out their kid has learning difficulties, and they are completely lost like I was. Fairfield really needs an advocate, just someone whose willing to point these people in the right direction. Some parents just give up way too easy. I'll pray for them, it's what I do.....

Because of procrastinating this week, it seems every dish in my house is dirty. So I should get to that.....domestic duties are never done!

It's Cold.....

And I sent my child to school with shorts and a t-shirt....and crocs. Is that bad? It was hot yesterday, now it's cold. I pay no attention to news reports or weather reports. Oh he did have on his rain coat too. I didn't know there was a school shooting at an amish school. I don't know, nor do I care about politics. Thanks mom, for the good laugh about what Hilary said....really sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut.

Ron's made it through week 4 of The Call small group, and he was actually more comfortable last night. And even said so, said that last night wasn't as deep as the week before. I think he's mistaken. Life stages is far less deeper than surrender. But maybe coming to terms with what stage you are at and where you'd like to be, has a whole lot to do with surrender. Yikes.....

I've had a couple folks mention they read my blog due to the mass e-mail I sent informing people of popcorn sales. Although they weren't able to leave comments without joining blogger and then could do so. I have it set up so that crazy people trying to sell me stuff can't leave anonymous comments. So if you wanna give me a shout, or leave me a comment send me an e-mail or call me.....ahhhhh the dreaded phone call.....I too rarely talk on the phone anymore, but theres some peoples whose voice I like to hear from time to time. I sure miss hanging with my friends and family, everyones lives are so busy it seems. But I love you all even if I don't get to see or talk to you. Send me an e-mail and let me know your thinking about me....I love that!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Conversation had after midnight on Saturday after a YMCA lock-in......

"Mommy I can't wait until I go back to the "new" Y again so I can lock myself in a locker again because that was so fun!"
"Um lock yourself in a locker? You locked yourself in a locker? Do you think that's a safe thing to do?"
"Yes, it's fun...you get inside and you close the door, and you just breath and breath, and talk, and then a nice lady hears your voice and opens it and lets you out. That was so nice of her wasn't it?"
"Right....I'm thinking that's a bad game to play....."

So at the next lock-in when we can't find Perry we should probably check the lockers, he's probably in there breathing, and talking.

He's extremely lucky he's charming. Otherwise one might just leave him in that locker!

Monday, October 02, 2006


Wanna know what hell is? Hell is 13 words 3 times each by a child with ADD and his medication has worn off. Yep that's what I'd like to call hell. Unless I sit on top of him....meaning directly behind him looking over his shoulder....otherwise we'd be up till midnight as he daydreams in between letters. Praying for patience here...but dang I'm tired and annoyed. I asked politely if the man would do some of my laundry, since I'm on homework patrol. He didn't protest so that's cool. He certainly didn't volunteer for homework patrol. Which is for the best really since his patience is less than mine, and he'd let him spell words incorrectly and call it done.

Erwin did a talk a few weeks ago on Hell. Man that man is truely blessed with God's word. I've learned so much from listening to his podcast. I feel like I'm finally starting to "get it", but not completely I'm not completely there. I'm definately being molded into something far greater than I can imagine I'm sure. Why else would I have all this awesome knowledge in my head. Just so Life Insurance would seem insanely boring, because my head is filled with far more interesting things. Like how God desires a relationship with every human being, but he will not force himself on us, it's completely our choice. God will never override your will. It's completely our choice. I think that's pretty cool. I wouldn't think it was cool if I didn't choose God because well then I'd have to live with the consequences. Which the way I see it would be Hell....for real Hell. Which would = a room full of kids with ADD writing spelling words 3 times each for many many many hours. Thank you God for loving me enough to gently knock and wait for me to open the door. So that I might have patience for the small mind I am helping to form.
"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me."
Rev. 3:20