Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Conversation had after midnight on Saturday after a YMCA lock-in......

"Mommy I can't wait until I go back to the "new" Y again so I can lock myself in a locker again because that was so fun!"
"Um lock yourself in a locker? You locked yourself in a locker? Do you think that's a safe thing to do?"
"Yes, it's fun...you get inside and you close the door, and you just breath and breath, and talk, and then a nice lady hears your voice and opens it and lets you out. That was so nice of her wasn't it?"
"Right....I'm thinking that's a bad game to play....."

So at the next lock-in when we can't find Perry we should probably check the lockers, he's probably in there breathing, and talking.

He's extremely lucky he's charming. Otherwise one might just leave him in that locker!

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Heather said...

That's so funny! (Not so funny if he were in there observing a vow of silence, though!) Bless his heart!!