Saturday, October 21, 2006

2 Dogs?

I suppose having 2 dogs is better than having 1 dog? At least my husband is trying to convince me of that. Poor Maizy....she looks frightened doesn't she? She rarely is behind the gate alone with Kipper, cause Kipper thinks she is a chew toy.

Posted by Picasa Kippers not too terrible he's just a big dog. And to think I used to not like Maizy, now I do. I really prefer the kitty, but I'm trapped in the house with 2 dogs, and 2 boys....UGH....

And now I present to you Peter from Chronicles of Narnia, his clothes are a bit to big, but fighting that battle caused him to lose a bit of weight. LOL

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Julie S. said...

Actually it looks like Maizy would like to bite Kipper in the butt!