Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fun Day!

This is one of those shots that's just perfect. The lighting....everything. I love this picture from the Renessance Festival today. Thankfully we had free tickets. (I know the Mayor)....otherwise

We would not have gone. This is a people watchers paradise. Theres plenty of normal folks and way way more freaky folks. If my "do not draw attention" husband hadn't been with me I would have been taken pictures of freaky folks all day long. I did manage to take one picture of a stranger. Posted by Picasa When you zoom in on this one, you can see the layers of this womens outfit....and her crazy hat. Plus she was in need of some dental work. I do not think she worked there, but you never know. If you notice Perry is in the left hand corner of the photo.

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stinkowoman said...

Ah, Ren Fest. I know we have one in Cali somewheres... Psssst- your link off Xanga to this website is wrong. It's missing an "s". :)
Dude, Perry is huge! I haven't seen him in forever!