Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hi-Lo discoveries

So today was another DTMT, and I was wiped out. Still not totally recovered from the weekend, plus Daddy and Perry got home from a den meeting just before I did at 9:30...long night for everyone. So we skipped homework, every once in a while due to busy lives this is ok, besides he got an A on his spelling test last week after a few weeks of not doing so good, so it's all good. We took some time before bed to share "Hi-Lo", High point of your day....and Low point of your day. He shared the high point of his day today was going to Mrs. Copelands room and putting on his weighted vest, and then the low point this is when I decided "Hi-Lo" is a good idea.....he said the low point was when the kid on the bus who sits next to him keeps hitting him and hurting him, and he doesn't know how to make him quit cause no matter what he does he can't hurt him cause he's my kid appears to be being bullied. I don't know the full story since it's hard to get everything out of him. So send up some words for Perry, he's a small kid and I can see where bigger kids would mess with him. Had we not done Hi-Lo he may have never told me, and just delt with it. I sent the assistant principle an e-mail, lets hope he's not the one whose starting it.

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