Monday, October 02, 2006


Wanna know what hell is? Hell is 13 words 3 times each by a child with ADD and his medication has worn off. Yep that's what I'd like to call hell. Unless I sit on top of him....meaning directly behind him looking over his shoulder....otherwise we'd be up till midnight as he daydreams in between letters. Praying for patience here...but dang I'm tired and annoyed. I asked politely if the man would do some of my laundry, since I'm on homework patrol. He didn't protest so that's cool. He certainly didn't volunteer for homework patrol. Which is for the best really since his patience is less than mine, and he'd let him spell words incorrectly and call it done.

Erwin did a talk a few weeks ago on Hell. Man that man is truely blessed with God's word. I've learned so much from listening to his podcast. I feel like I'm finally starting to "get it", but not completely I'm not completely there. I'm definately being molded into something far greater than I can imagine I'm sure. Why else would I have all this awesome knowledge in my head. Just so Life Insurance would seem insanely boring, because my head is filled with far more interesting things. Like how God desires a relationship with every human being, but he will not force himself on us, it's completely our choice. God will never override your will. It's completely our choice. I think that's pretty cool. I wouldn't think it was cool if I didn't choose God because well then I'd have to live with the consequences. Which the way I see it would be Hell....for real Hell. Which would = a room full of kids with ADD writing spelling words 3 times each for many many many hours. Thank you God for loving me enough to gently knock and wait for me to open the door. So that I might have patience for the small mind I am helping to form.
"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me."
Rev. 3:20


Heather said...

I have some suggestions to make spelling a little more fun if you'd like {or at least less hellish} - e-me!

stinkowoman said...

I didn't know that you listened to Erwin! I was sitting in the second row!