Sunday, May 29, 2005

I is for Interesting 8 year old......

Am I even on I? I think I've lost track.

Ah yes, he's 8 years old. His actual birthday was last thursday but we always celebrate it this weekend. He had a star wars birthday party. Then Ron and I topped it off and went and saw the new Star Wars. Posted by Hello Thoughts on the new Star Wars? I couldn't put my finger on it, what didn't I like about it? I mean I love all the stuff going on, and Yoda, he's the bomb! When I got to my brothers house afterwards to get Perry, he said..."isn't the dude who plays Anikan a terrible actor? BINGO....that's what I didn't like. He's a bad actor and makes all the other folks who are great actors, look bad. Glad he's Darth Vader now, since you don't have to see his face anymore when he does the bad acting. Him becoming Darth Vader was way cool. Nice that everything comes together now.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


VERY stressful day to say the least. Not even worth repeating! Lets just say a whole lot of Limp Bizkit got listened to this afternoon to help me through my day. It's not work people it's life. You're probably thinking whats a nice girl like me doing listening to Limp Bizkit? Sometimes you just gotta yell, say bullshit, and the F word a whole lot. And Limp Bizkit can help you do that. That's all I'm saying. Good Night Posted by Hello

Monday, May 23, 2005

I is for I forgot to mention.

See back on track already! Wanted to mention my latest blog I enjoy's funny funny stuff! Laid-Off Dad.

Bathroom Bandit!

This one's totally for the scrapbook. I may need to take a picture of the school bathroom if I'd like a photo to reinact it, or it may just be a page in his small book about ADD. 2 weeks left in school, almost made it the whole year with a clean record. Other than the wrong bus incident one day, he's been good all year. As if my week with meeting with the intervention team, psychiatrist, and the child psychologist wasn't stressful enough, he comes home with a detention slip. I was devastated! Just my initial reaction if soon wore off. Confronted the child, the child who rarely cares what people think about him, didn't want to talk about it, and his reasoning? I might tell his teacher and she'd think he was a bad kid. Um....hello she's the one who wrote you up dude. Not sure what he was getting at, but he wasn't talking. The detention slip said for crawling under the bathroom stalls. Which seemed fairly amusing to me but 2 days lunch and recess detention for a first time offender seemed a bit much. So I had to talk to his teacher anyways regarding end of the year stuff, so I got to ask her over the phone. I got the whole crazy story.

Big conspiracy going on at West Elementary. For several days someone had been going into the bathroom stall locking the door, then crawling out under the stall. Announcement made over the PA system through the whole school. "Whoever you are cut it out", and "if you see the perpetrator, please tell a teacher." Friday Mr. Perry goes into the bathroom to do his business, or maybe not even to do his busniness maybe to cause a little mischief, goes into the stall, 3rd grade student walks into the bathroom, sees Perry's little head crawling out from under the stall.....Being the school rule abiding 3rd grader he was contacted the nearest teacher, who busted the bathroom bandit, which so happened to be my kid. So he's on lock down for yesterdays lunch/recess, and tomorrow. Hummm....did he act alone? Was their a reward? Will this be on his perminent record?

Not to worry people , I did not make light of the situation in front of the child. To him it was serious offense, and not likely to do it ever again. But away from the kid, that right there is some dang funny stuff. Poor thing, he said after his shower tonight. {after shower time is good talking and singing time} He said "Mommy I'm 8 years old now, am I gonna get any taller? Everyone is taller than me." I told him "yeah you'll get taller eventually maybe when your in 2nd grade. " Good heavens I think I just lied to my kid. I mean I'm only 5'4" and my husband is only 5'6" so it's quite possible the kids not going to be a tall person. Unless he takes after my side of the family, my brother and uncles are tall. But I doubt Perry will be tall. I promise to get back to my alphabet listings, I had to share the latest Perry antics. Never a dull moment.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I got to scrap today. I did 5 pages and this one is my favorite, it's got the lyrics to that wonderful Sarah Mclachlan song Answer. It REALLY spoke to me this week. This page turned out great. It was good to get to scrap with my peeps all day today.  Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005

H is for Honesty........

Thats what my blogs for. Keeping it real. This is my life, and I got nothing to hide. Hopefully somewhere along the way I'll say something that means something to someone else. Or helps them along their journey. This has been a busy busy thought provoking week. Wednesdays bible study was on the major profits, Isaiah, Ezekial, Sammuel, and Jeremiah. Man if those folks were around today, making the predictions they made....holy cow, they'd be complete wackos. Reading Isaiah, and some of the prophecies that are about Jesus, and are right on target, wow that's some good stuff.

Dealing with schools, psychologist, pediatricians, childrens no joke people, makes you grow up real quick. I have never had an assertive personality, but the minute I think my kids not getting the best he can get, wow I become a women with power. And I start making phone calls and sending e-mails to get to the bottom of things, amazingly it works and you get answers! Who knew? Perry met with the child psychologist this morning. Truely, God was all up in the mix. I prayed briefly before I got there, that he would be a christian. Not a christian psychologist practicing in a christian practice, but a mainstream psychologist that just so happens to be a christian. Big difference, the other can be a bit too churchy, and have a hard time getting to the scientific stuff that causes whatevers going on, I feel you need that and it gives you the bigger picture. of the first things he asked us what if we went to church. And he knew of the Vineyard, as a matter of fact he attends Clovernook Christian which is where a lot of Vineyard folks leave and go there and visa versa....he's gone there for 30 years. How cool is that? May not mean alot to some folks, but if someone can understand what makes me tick and how I am raising my kid to begin with because my spiritual life plays such a huge part in everything in my life, that makes a world of difference.

Thanks so much for the great support I have gotten from the 2 people who can admit they read my blog, your comments mean a lot. I have become aware of a few fans who are addicts of my blog......I know who you are, and how about some love every once in a while! Ha Ha just kidding silent lurking is perfectly acceptable. I am sure there are many who do that.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

How cute is this face? God truely has given me more than I asked for. Tonight he had a monster of a headache when I got home so I prayed for his little head. "Dear Jesus make Perry's headache go away." So when we got home from his birthday dinner his headache was gone, and mine was hurting, so I asked him to kiss my head....and he said "Dear Jesus make mommy's headache go away...amen." I love you mommy and kissed my head. That right there is the "voice of truth" in a rather stressful day. Posted by Hello

H is for HELP!

Ok so maybe I asked for a kid that was slightly different. Maybe I said to myself or God, hey it'd be cool to have a kid that wasn't your average, "everyone's got one" kind of kid. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR. That's always well and good until they have to adjust to real life. Or the life that your average kid can adjust to easily. From what I gathered from the intervention meeting at Perry's school today, yes they are going to send him on to 2nd grade, with some additional help. Something called and IEP, Individual Education Plan, which is more help (I hope) than what he got this year. This year we honestly had no idea what we were dealing with. We thought, ok so the kids got ADD or ADHD, give him some meds we'll turn a passing kid into an honor roll student, at least thats what I heard can happen. Not so much the case with Perry, We have done 4 different meds, 3 of which he's on all together now. None of them have helped really. There were signs of improved focus for maybe a few days then, whatevers going on inside of him, laughed basically at the meds, and this demon if you will said I am much stronger and I'll be the winner. Whoa.....looking at it that way makes it sound scary but it makes sense. Again the initial request for a different child, bad idea. He's not even your average ADHD kid! He's a horse of a different color, honestly I like him that way. Why must we change him, why can't we work with what we have? He's not harmful to others, or defient. Granted we can't tell if he's learning or not, because it's almost impossible to test him with a standardized test. Today, and really this could just be today, I'm convinced theres something other than and maybe even instead of ADHD. Ok so we see a therapist tomorrow, and hopefully we can go to Childrens and get some testing done so we can create the best plan for Perry. Continued prayers for this truely blessed child I requested.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Noticed something interesting whenever you post a picture through hello...and you hit publish it drops a little icon through your screen. The first time it did it it was an heart dropping down over Switchfoot, then when I did the second switchfoot picture it did a little sign that said LOL.....thought I might be losing it, sleep deprived here some more photo's from Abby's birthday, wine, fondue and Jane Austin Party. Posted by Hello

Oh well will you look at that? There they are again. LOL.....they are dang cool.  Posted by Hello

H is for HOT....cause I look HOT in pink. It started with the the skirt...A-line skirts are an amazing creation! Got this hot little number at walmart, it looks nice and slimming on as well.  Posted by Hello

Oh Hey....HELLO! Not only are these boys amazingly talented....but.....they are kind of fine, don't ya think? That's right people, my all time favorite band of all time.......why has this picture not made the blog until now?? Man I'd love to see them live! Posted by Hello

H is for.....EXHAUSTED

See I can tell what letter I am on but can't spell, because I am so tired. WW was not my friend this week and I gained 2 lbs which is the most I've gained in the 16 or so weeks I've been doing this "eat right" program. Frankly it's rather shocking I've not gained before, since like anything else in my life, I am super organized about the whole thing at first, counting points eating only the right foods ect.....then when I think I have it all figured out I slack off and stop counting, because I don't need to because I have it all figured out.

The ipod is a lovely, amazing, and beautiful piece of equiptment. But I've decided it's the devil. It and itunes kept me up way too late several times this week. I have absolutely NO "go to bed" discipline. I'd like to take this moment right here to blame my parents, for strictly enforcing a bedtime on me as a child. So now since I've been incharge of my own life for like 16 years....I don't think I've had a good 8 hours of sleep! It's a free for all people. My mind tells me sleeping is a waste of time theres 8 good hours you could be downloading music or scrapping....what would you be doing otherwise but laying lifeless in you bed sawing logs....BORING....! Theres really something I need to do to change my attitude, my body is telling me....."dude you need some sleep yo!" Any advice for changing my attitude is very welcomed.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

H is for Holy Crap.....

Ok things I can say Holy crap...or Holy cow, depending on the mood.

Holy Cow, ipods are the most amazing invention ever! 205 songs on that bad boy and room for like THOUSANDS more! Amazing. Songs on repeat today? Take me away. Kind of feel like that. I found myself realizing something this week......Holy Cow I love my kid a whole lot. I get so frustrated because simple tasks are soooo hard for him, like 2 task instructions, or doing a few math problems. In my head I am saying, JUST DO THEM already so we can get on with our lives. But it's not that he doesn't want to, he can't "just do" anything. Unless it's drawing or singing. Oh that he can do. I asked him to stop singing just so we could get through some math problems, and he got so frustrated, and said "mommy, I try to stop the singing and I can't, it won't stop." I can illiminate all music from his life, but how torturous would that be? Music is just a way of life, I have music in my head too even when it ain't on, but I've learned in my 36 years how to tune it out (for the most part) so I can accomplish tasks like getting dressed or paying bills. Imagine how frustrating it would be to not be able to tune out the music, so instead you sing a long, sometimes delightful to those around you and sometimes.....not so much...same song gets kind of annoying after a while. Imagine, a lovely concert continuously, you're enjoying it whenever you want, except theres this annoying voice calmingly (for now), saying "please stop", "Perry please stop singing"......Interrupting the concert, but you keep singing......and then the annoying voice gets loud....PERRY PLEASE STOP SINGING.....In Perryland, that can be a bit frustrating.....guess what people, mommy has to live in that land, and a girl can only take so much!
Saw a child psychologist today, more of a specialist in the field of ADHD, I liked him. He suggested adding back strattera (I liked it when he took it before) with the concerta he's already taking. So maybe that'll allow him to tune out the concert, just tune it out so that it's always there whenever he wants to tune in.
I did a mid-week spark for the art journal, but I'll wait to show off the second assignment I am contemplating. Stay tuned.........

Saturday, May 07, 2005


I am taking a Art Journal class online here Posted by Hello
It's very fun and cool to see what folks come up with! I really enjoyed creating the first page, it's the first I've been creative and loved it in a while. I so needed this! You can see what other peoples first pages look like here.


Geez, I've been on the G's for a while now. But I am going to make an attempt at doing a psalm of goodness. Here goes, it's gonna be lame I can feel it.

God how amazing are you
You created smart people
Amazing are you God
Smart people who make really cool things
Like Ipods
Of which you can load up with tons of tunes
for that life is amazing
Smart people who create marketing gimmiks
like cool colored Ipods
Like Metalic, green, blue, and more importantly
You are amazing Oh God!

Ok so again, I never claimed to be David, but I bet with the right music I could dance like him. That's right I got me a Pink ipod! Ok so ultimately I wanted the green one, and my husbands real mad because he doesn't understand the concept, but I do, and had to have is good. Ok so the green ones have to be special ordered, and I wanted a cool color, blue is, white, silver......Lame......but pink very unpredictable and flashy....and it's very pretty. So any of you folks out there in blog land got any ipod tips....send them my you use the calender? Is it hard? I'm a happy happy girl.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Greater Story Part 2

G is for....more of the Greater Story.

Tonight Allan led us through a study of Psalms. Holy cow who knew all of that was in there? 3 types of Psalms.....Goodness, Lament, and Hope. Goodness is your just there, nothing happening all is fine. Lament is going through crap, and Hope is what comes from the crap. Interesting, I've completely simplified what took him an hour and half to teach. He's the bomb by the way, very real, a bit of a spaz, but real. Which I can relate to real. He challenged those of us who may be writers, which I don't consider myself much of a writer, although I write here and have been writing since I was 12 in a journal. Once was a creative writing major in college, but all of those thing do not make me a writer. Not sure what that makes me, maybe a writer wanna-be. Ha! Ok so maybe I could try my hand at writing a psalm? I can only think of a lament right about now, just the mood I am in I think. Lemme give a try.

God I seek your face
and see nothing
I pray for help
and just get more troubles
You trust me with your creation
and I often feel I am failing
Why do you hide
why must I dig further
I trust that you are there
but often do not feel your presence
disorganization haunts my every turn
God you are probably under all that rubble
rubble of disorganized living and chaos.
Yet I continue to seek your face, and
believe you will show up.

Hey I never claimed to be David. Tomorrow I'll try my hand at a happy goodness filled psalm.
PS I don't think Connie is a regular blog visiter....hee hee...I've not been yelled at for the posting of the lovely picture. I am sure she'll show up at some point. I'm not telling her shhhhh.....

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Connie's going to absolutely kill me! But this picture is freakin' hilarious! This would most definately be defined as G is for GOOD WINE! Posted by Hello
For a lovely photo of Connie go to Memory Creators, that's how she looks without a bottle of Riesling. Ha Ha Ha! Oh man don't kill me! See you Wednesday, unless you hate me!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Good Stuff!

Don't feel much like writing anything readable today. So check out this blog entry, pretty much how I feel. And I am not even remotely baptist. It's actually kind of shocking to me a baptist is some much like me in how they think. Guess I've never given it much thought. My house is clean, at least the parts that is open to the public is.....very unusual for my house to be clean, maybe I can keep it that way for a while.