Wednesday, May 11, 2005

H is for Holy Crap.....

Ok things I can say Holy crap...or Holy cow, depending on the mood.

Holy Cow, ipods are the most amazing invention ever! 205 songs on that bad boy and room for like THOUSANDS more! Amazing. Songs on repeat today? Take me away. Kind of feel like that. I found myself realizing something this week......Holy Cow I love my kid a whole lot. I get so frustrated because simple tasks are soooo hard for him, like 2 task instructions, or doing a few math problems. In my head I am saying, JUST DO THEM already so we can get on with our lives. But it's not that he doesn't want to, he can't "just do" anything. Unless it's drawing or singing. Oh that he can do. I asked him to stop singing just so we could get through some math problems, and he got so frustrated, and said "mommy, I try to stop the singing and I can't, it won't stop." I can illiminate all music from his life, but how torturous would that be? Music is just a way of life, I have music in my head too even when it ain't on, but I've learned in my 36 years how to tune it out (for the most part) so I can accomplish tasks like getting dressed or paying bills. Imagine how frustrating it would be to not be able to tune out the music, so instead you sing a long, sometimes delightful to those around you and sometimes.....not so much...same song gets kind of annoying after a while. Imagine, a lovely concert continuously, you're enjoying it whenever you want, except theres this annoying voice calmingly (for now), saying "please stop", "Perry please stop singing"......Interrupting the concert, but you keep singing......and then the annoying voice gets loud....PERRY PLEASE STOP SINGING.....In Perryland, that can be a bit frustrating.....guess what people, mommy has to live in that land, and a girl can only take so much!
Saw a child psychologist today, more of a specialist in the field of ADHD, I liked him. He suggested adding back strattera (I liked it when he took it before) with the concerta he's already taking. So maybe that'll allow him to tune out the concert, just tune it out so that it's always there whenever he wants to tune in.
I did a mid-week spark for the art journal, but I'll wait to show off the second assignment I am contemplating. Stay tuned.........


teri fode said...

Love all your alpha-bloggin'! The g's were great...h is fun...oh. And F!!! Don't get me started on F!!! Fode indeed! :)

Just stopped by to {check} you out!!! {LOL}!!!


Connie P. said...

Okay, notice that I used Holy Cow in my comment about needing to get my big mug off this page.

And yes, my mug is STILL on this page. I think it is time I moved on to the Archives, already.